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Aries Nox 2022

Astrolog 7.30 free astrology software


Planetary Moons module

Planetary Moons report

Saturn's Rings

Transit Graph

Solar System Orbit (logarithmic scale)

Gauquelin Sector wheel

Transit-to-transit Calendar

The Dispositors page

Graphic Ray Chart

Triple Sun Chart

Capricorn Solstice 2021

Morinus and Valens freeware

Download Morinus

Download the older version of Morinus for the Mac

Download Valens

Valens screens:

Hellenistic Chart

Two Speculum

Rise Times of the Signs

Find Times

Primary directions options

Electional Chart Controls

Valens Appearance screen

Morinus screens:

Morinus Appearance screen

Morinus chart with Terms and Decans

Morinus Symbols for the Signs

Morinus Speculum option menu

Almuten calculation screen

Morinus Aspect Orbs

October/November 2021

Where to find samples of astrology reports

August/September 2021

Prometheus Heliacal Search options

Solar Fire hit list

Janus Hit List

Prometheus hit list

Sirius/Kepler Hit list

Winstar hit list

Regulus Platinum hit list

AstrolDeluxe Platinum hit list

June/July 2021

Searching Time and Astrology Software
                        Part Two

Solar Fire Electional Search

Prometheus Electional Search

April/May 2021

Searching Time and Astrology Software

Vedic astrology software: here and here and here.

Huber approach software

Cosmobiology/Symmetrical astrology

Traditional Astrology program

Mayan Astrology

February/March 2021

Shri Jyoti Star 10

Shri Jyoti Star 10 Atlas

Shri Jyoti Star Name Lookup

Point-and-Click Mini Report

Point-and-Click Dasha Report

Vedic Calendar

New Tables and Graphs

December 2020/January 2021

Janus Light

Janus Light Single Wheel (1 of 11 styles)

Janus Light Biwheel (1 of 7 styles)

Janus Light Synastry Grid

Janus Light Astro Map

Janus Light Relocation Report

Janus Light Monthly Calendar

Janus Light Calendar Features

Janus Light Ashkoot Compatibility Screen

October/November 2020

StarTrax Millennium 7.2

Astronomy Screen

Dynamic Astrology Graph

Occultation dates and map

Lunar Eclipse Map

My earlier reviews of StarTrax Millennium

Fast Election

Best Asteroid

Profile Chart

Black Box Choices of Criteria

August/September 2020

Astrodatabank research

Full vs Partial Access information

The Astrodatabank research screen

Concise listing of search results

Expanded listing of search results

Extended Chart Selection screen

June/July 2020

Parashara's Light 9.0

Point-and-Click Interpretations

Vedic Dictionary


1001 Yogas

Horoscope Interpretation Report

Dasha Effects

Natural, Temporal, and Compound Relationships

Multiple Dasa Systems

Yearly Transit Overview

Jaimini Screen

Research Module

Jyotish Calendar

April/May 2020

Astrological Calendars

Astrology Calendar Comparison Table

My The Mountain Astrologer review of Day Watch

Day Watch Calendar

Janus Calendar

Kepler Workshop Calendar

Solar Fire Calendar

Prometheus Calendar

Sirius Calendar

Regulus Platinum ISAR Calendar

Regulus Platinum Calendar

Millennium Calendar

Jyotish Studio Calendar

Parashara's Light Calendar

February/March 2020

AstrolDeluxe Platinum 10

Nested Time

Monthly Graphic Aspectarian

Yearly Graphic Aspectarian

Yearly Graphic Aspectarian (uncollapsed)

Planetary Strengths Graph

Which Aspects are positive in the Strength Graph for Uranus

House Modalities and Elements

Separate Wheels

Map of Degree Strengths

Aspect Grid

Vocational Ranking

Life Diagram

December 2019/January 2020

Janus 5.1 & 5.2 Upgrades

Fixed Star module

Fixed Star table


Arabic Lunar Mansions

Chart Search tool

The Timeline


Munkasey Midpoint Weighting Analysis

October/November 2019

Goravani Jyotish Studio 4

Shad Bala graph

Chart Window

house chart

The Main Planets of Jyotish

The Wheel

Karaka List


Aspect Table

August/September 2019

PlanetDance 5/19

More Aspects

Chart Scopes

Objects Ephemeris

Temperament Calculation

Kabbalistic Degrees


Prenatal Forecasting System

Mercury Elemental Year

Lunation Mandala

George Bode's Horoscope Analysis

Venus Star

Harmonic Analysis

Graphical Chart Analysis

Planetary Mandalas

April/May 2019

Astro Gold version 3.0 for the Mac



Graphic Ephemeris

Astro Locality Map

Astro Sheets:





Wheel & Basics


Fixed Star Aspects

Fixed Star Parans

February/March 2019

Synastry Biwheel Page

December 2018/January 2019

Jyotish Tools Pro

Jyotish Tools Pro Main Screen

Jyotish Tools Pro Wheel Chart

Jyotish Tools Pro Ephemeris

Jyotish Tools Pro Graphical Ephemeris

Jyotish Tools Pro Information Page

Jyotish Tools Pro Planetary Strength Graph

Jyotish Tools Pro Triple Transits

Jyotish Tools Pro Bhukti Periods

Jyotish Tools Pro numerical Aspect Table

Jyotish Tools Pro Muhurta Tool

October/November 2018

Predictive Graph

Get Software Demos

October/November 2017 Janus 5.0 for Windows PCs

Calculate Aspects Screen

Firdaria Table

Solar Eclipse Map

Comprehensive Theme Map

Yearly Calendar of Major Mundane Events with abbreviations key

Monthly Transit-to-Natal Calendar

pop-up Quick Interpretations

Four Vedic Chart Screen

Ashtkoot Compatibility

Creating your own set of buttons


Calender Options -- types of events

August/September 2017

Screenshots from The free Time Nomad app for iOS:

Chart with both Tropical and Sidereal Zodiac Rings

Interactive Heliocentric Chart

The Dashboard

Scrollable Data Screen

General Aspect Information

Transit-to-Natal Biwheel

Transit Hit Listing

Transit Graph

June/July 2017

Screenshots from Parashara's Light 9.0:

Aspect Graphs

Auspiciousness Graph

Rectification Tool
   (with events and time-shift function)

Planet by House interpretation sample

Animated Transits

Krishnamurti Page

Muhurta Page

Yearly Transits overview

Interpretations Hints example

Monthly Transit Calendar

Kakshas page

April/May 2017

The AstroConnexions App

Wheel with Terms and Triplicities

Dignities Table

Composite Chart

Eclipse Search and Listing

Fixed Stars listing

Chart Data

February/March 2017

Screenshots from Regulus Platinum version 8:


Regulus Harmonic Wheel

Atacir Radix/Radial Wheel

Atacir Date Table

129 Years System

Dual Harmonic Flower

Planetary Cycles

Divider and Participant Planet

December 2016/January 2017

Kala Transit Predictive Screen

The new Gochara report

Grahas in houses from themselves

Bhava Chalita Deities

ShodasaVarga Deities printout

ShodasaVarga pop-up screen

Mutual Agenda Table

North and South Indian chart module

The Cards of Truth

The Video of Kala 2016 Advances

October/November 2016 Charts and Images:

Fixed Star Chart

Arabic Points Chart

Aspect Circle Chart

Gauquelin Sector Chart


Graphic Ephemeris

Transit Cyclogram

Transit Rhythmogram

3 Dimensional Chart


August/September 2016

the Delphic Oracle TerraChron 4D/HD animation

TerraChron control panel

Time Wheel in Delphic Oracle 9

Delphic Oracle YouTube tutorials

Juno's mission to Jupiter: Video1 and Video2

First Photo from Juno

Animated GIF of Jupiter shepherding the asteroids

Getting the AstroDatabank database

June/July 2016

New features of AstrolDeluxe Platinum:

Planetary Cycles

Planetary Resonance Phases

Time Search for Planetary Aspects

Moon Wobble

Moving Graphic Ephemeris

Find Eclipses and Lunations

April/May 2016

TimePassages 6 Arabic Parts listing

TimePassages 6 Eris Interpretations

TimePassages 6 Transit to House Rulers delineations

Cosmic Watch Main Features

Cosmic Watch World Clock

Cosmic Watch Solar System View

February/March 2016

Astro Gold chart wheel

Astro Gold bi-wheel

Astro Gold Dignities Table

Astro Gold Graphic Ephemeris

Astro Gold Transit hit listing

Solar Time's Planetary Hour Clock

December 2015/January 2016

Learn about Astrology for Windows

Download Astrology for Windows

TimePassages Basic

Free demos of astrology programs

my websites

Email me for help in choosing the right program for you

Amazon's Parallels and Windows bundle
(select with Windows 7 Home Premium)

October/November 2015

Shri Jyoti Star Choices and Options Menu

Dashas and Events 2015 Graph

Ingresses Graph

Collated Transits Report

Kakshyas Report

SarvatoBhadra Chakra Biwheel

Dasa Listing

Rectification Table

June/July 2015

Metodo Salas/Trigo compatibility table

AstroCalc's advanced aspect settings

AstroCalc's transit graph

Harmonic Contacts

April/May 2015

Astroclock screen

AstroClock download

Zodiac Freeware screen

Get Zodiac Freeware

OpenAstro screen

Download free Linux software

Allen Edwall's website

Horary Helper

Astrology scripts for websites

February/March 2015

How to Install AstroDatabank on a Windows 7 PC

How to conduct Boolean Searches in Sirius

December 2014/January 2015

Planetdance Arabic Parts listing

Planetdance Rulerships screen

Planetdance File Manager

Planetdance Count Module

Planetdance Integrative Transit Force module

Hard Disk Sentinel

Core Temp

October/November 2014

AstrolDeluxe Local Space Map

Sample delineations of the Chiron report for AstrolDeluxe

Macrium Reflect Free

Toshiba external hard drives

Online Armor Free

Avira Anti-Virus

BitDefender AntiVirus 2014

HD Earth Viewing Experiment

August/September 2014

Kala 2013 Progressions

Kala 2013 Yoga Judgment

Kala Avasthas Calculated

Kala 2013 SarvatoBhadra Chakra

June/July 2014

Prometheus Planetarium

Prometheus Primary Directions Search Screen

Prometheus Transit Graph

Prometheus Heliacal Events Report

Prometheus Heliacal Phases Screen

Prometheus Calendar

Prometheus Star Globe

Getting a free 10-day trial of Prometheus

April/May 2014

Prometheus First Chart

Prometheus Planetarium Wheel

Prometheus Page Designer

Prometheus Astrology Settings

February/March 2014

The Astro Gold Astrology App

The Jyotish Tools Vedic Astrology App

The StarFisher Free Astrology Program

December 2013/January 2014

The Delphic Oracle Dignities Table

Almuten Figurae Table

Primary Directions Options      (click on it to enlarge the image)

Time Lord Graph

Delphic Oracle Chart Wheel

October/November 2013

Harmonic Wheel and Harmonic Flower Biwheel

The Harmogram

Solar Return with Progressions

Ascensional Transits Page

Multiple Cycles Chart

The Five Moons of Pluto

August/September 2013


Planet Degree Symbolism report

Composite Compatibility table

Harmonic Search

Maitreya 7.0.3

June/July 2013

PopChar for Windows and Macs

Euro Hamburg Symbols

Zodiac Hellron Zodiac Sign font

April/May 2013

The Nodal Cycle of Incarnation and Return to Spirit

Microsoft Compatibility Center

Windows 8 Touch Screen Pens

February/March 2013

LogMeIn remote software


Almuten table and Degree Attributions table according to Bonatti

Distributions of Solar Revolutions table

The Timaeus Graphic Ephemeris

Interpretation of the Planetary Hour and more

Timaeus System Tray Icons

Getting Timaeus 8 Pro

December 2012/January 2013

from Matrix Web Services:

Yearly Astrological Calendar

Local Space Cities wheel

Planet Cities page

from Blue*Star:

On the Angles

Around The Wheel

Time Scan

Phase Chart

Blue*Star Report Samples:

Life Landscape Report

Pluto - Transformation Report

Life Chakras Report

August/September 2012:

Great set of astrological fonts

The Scale of the Universe

My latest Solar Fire Gold video and written tutorials

Malware and the Macintosh Computer

The Art of Synthesis: The Houses Ruled by Planets

June/July 2012:

The Houses Impacted by Saturn

Astrology Software reviews

articles comparing Astrology Programs

The Optimal Use of Astrology Software

Free demos of astrology programs

My free written & Video tutorials on my websites devoted to specific programs:

Solar Fire website

Shri Jyoti Star website

Sirius Astrology Software website

Janus Astrology Software website

Regulus Platinum website


Video tutorials for Solar Fire Gold version 8 by Madalyn Hillis-Dineen

Astrolabe's Tech Support Knowledge Base

The Solar Fire version 5 manual

April/May 2012:

My website devoted to Sirius -- with tutorials, reviews, etc.

Sirius 1.2's harmonic table

Sirius 1.2's Asteroid Report sample

February/March 2012:

Two new astrology programs for the iPhone and iPad

Android Astrology Apps

The Google free Star Map app for Android

December 2011/January 2012:

Download link for Solar Fire Gold versions 7.0 - 7.3 ACS Atlas Update

Solar Fire Gold version 8

Regulus Platinum version 6

Shri Jyoti Star

AstrolDeluxe Report Writer

October/November 2011:

The Value of the User Interface in Astrology Software

Solar Maps

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