Two new astrology programs for the iPhone and iPad

by Hank Friedman

The latest trend in astro-computing is the use of tablets and smart phones to perform astrological calculations.

The iPhone and iPad have revolutionized smart phones and tablet PCs, and created a large enough user base that a couple of really excellent astrological apps have been written for them.

The two programs are called Astrolgo ($9.99) and Astro Gold ($24.99) and both are available at the iTunes store.

These programs share a number of features:

Accurate planetary calculations, Tropical and Sidereal options, single wheels and biwheels, aspect grids, many choices of house systems, several wheel styles, and Transit, Solar Return, and Secondary Progressed charts, plus combined (synastry) charts.

The Unique Features of Each App


Astrolgo is capable of creating declination charts, Vedic Rasi and divisional charts, Dasa/Bhukti listings, and tables showing dignities, planetary hours, and hemispheres and quadrants.

It can also create charts for ingresses, lunar phases, and synodic cycles, as well as employ up to 30 asteroids, 15 Centaurs, many Arabic parts and Hermetic lots, and an extensive list of Fixed Stars.

And you can save and email charts and tables in PDF format, and look up the coordinates and time zones (but not time changes) for about 3800 cities.

Astro Gold

Because Astro Gold is the creation of the authors of Solar Fire, it has the priceless ability to import charts from Solar Fire via email, as well as to export charts to Solar Fire.

It also has the full ACS US and World atlases built in, for automatic retrieval of the coordinates, time zones, and time changes for over 250,000 cities and towns worldwide, and the Swiss Ephemeris for unparalleled accuracy.

In addition, you can customize planet and sign colors, toggle proportional houses on and off, and see planetary degree and minute positions in chart wheels, and sorted aspect lists.

While both programs are amazingly powerful for the price, the built in time-change atlas in Astro Gold is an essential feature, and its import of Solar Fire files a great asset. In addition, Astro Gold is a bit easier to use.

Nevertheless, Astrolgo offers many unique calculations, and I highly recommend that astrologers who have iPhones or iPads get both.

The world of mobile astrology has suddenly gotten incredibly rich.

[Important note: both programs are in the process of being further enhanced, and so the differences between them shown above may change over time.]

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