How to Install AstroDatabank on a Windows 7 PC

I was recently on the AstroDatabank online forum and discovered this set of instructions from François Carrière in Montréal for installing AstroDatabank on a Windows 7 computer.

I have annotated his instructions [in brackets], and highlighted important points, to elucidate the process.

Important Note: This procedure is not for the faint of heart or those not very well versed in tinkering with Windows. I cannot answer questions, if they arise, so please do not contact me about this procedure. Remember always backup your PC before undertaking a procedure of this type.

Here are his instructions (with extra insights from me):

[You have to have a registered copy of AstroDatabank on CD with your registration code to follow this procedure.]

* Astrodatabank was installed after a fresh reinstallation of Windows 64 bits and before any Windows internet updates. This _may_ make all the differences, whether it will work or not. [Since everyone has Windows 7 with an update, or even Windows 8, some features of AstroDatabank are very unlikely to work after this installation.]

* ACS Atlas will not be installed in any case (16 bits?). [That is my experience too.]

* I am not able neither to create new files on the installed ADB software. I only use the Webupdate and regular ADB functions (filters, etc).

[On my updated Windows 7 system, I could get Webupdates to work, and to view reports, and I could get Filters to work by hitting cancel when crash reports came up after creating a filter.]

[Step Zero: I had to disable my anti-virus in order for these steps to work, and I suggest that you do so too.]

[1] First thing, you _must_ unzip the MS-ACCESS 2000 module (ART2KMIN.EXE) from an older 32 bits architecture computer and save its directory and content somewhere else, whether you burn it on a CD-ROM or copy it on an USB Key. This is the heart of our installation.

[An easy way to get it online is to click on the words ART2KMin.exe

on the bottom of the screen at this link]:

[2] Install MS-ACCESS 2000 on c:\astrodatabank4. Do not use any program files directory because of Windows Security properties (which make the installation process more complicated than it should I believe).

[3] Install Astrodatabank [from your program CD] as usual, still on c:\astrodatabank4 directory. Ignore the pop-up boxes which appear and tell you ACS Atlas could not be installed.

[4] Set Windows Registers as explained on Astrodatabank Webpage:

[I did NOT have to do this step to get Webupdate to work. See if Webupdate works first before doing these steps.]

WebUpdate function: The WebUpdate feature of the software continues to work. Astrodienst provides new database updates in the same way as previously, there is no difference in the established update procedure: just run Tools->Webupdate. Since April 2012, the WebUpdates follow the changes on the wiki edition, which are pushed to WebUpdates at least twice per week. IMPORTANT: If your Astrodatabank installation has not been updated frequently, the WebUpdate function will fail after the download, with an error message similar to: error 3052, File sharing lock count exceeded. There exists a way to work around this problem.

* From the Windows start menu, select 'run Program' and type: regedit * Search for this key HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Microsoft\Jet\4.0\Engines\Jet 4.0 (on some windows installation it may be at this key: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Jet\4.0\Engines\Jet 4.0) and identify the value MaxLocksPerFile within this key. * select decimal values, and set the value to 200000 (two hundred thousand). Save and quit regedit. * Restart Astrodatabank, and run WebUpdate again.


Whether installing ADB on an already web updated Windows 64 bits system will also work, I can not tell. I just know that with my fresh Windows reinstallation, I had to grant permission to the ADB Webupdate module from Windows Seven Pop-up box. When I installed ADB on my previously updated Windows system, this pop-up box may have skept my attention and I then believe webupdate was not possible. So, it may be worth a try.

If you already use ADB on an older 32 bits version of Windows, it may be simplier to copy the content of ADB directory from this computer to the newer version of Windows system (after a webupdate). First, delete the just installed content of c:\astrodatabank4 directory from the Windows 64 bits system then copy the content of the 32 bits system in its place. Remember, MS-ACCESS and ADB are called from the ADB shortcuts. So, as long as the shortcuts find the programs and files they look for, it does not matter where they were installed on an other computer (program files directory, for instance). Next webupdates should work fine on 64 bits systems. In any case, I suppose Mark programmed ADB to set Registers against piracy: so that the software works _only_ with your own software key.

Or may just want to update from internet, although it will be a long process (ADB has 40650 entries by may 2014).

Hope it will works just as fine for you as it did for me.

Best regards,

François Carrière

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