Astrology Software: Comparing Specific Features

I have decided to add a new type of review to this website, where I compare how different astrology software programs implement specific features, so that you, my readers, can be able to choose the programs that have the features you want.

Here are links to my earlier comparison articles, plus additional articles on specific features. Feel free to contact me to suggest features that you would like me to compare.

Transit Graphs and Time Maps in Astrology Software

My Mountain Astrologer review of AstroMapping Programs

My comparison of the eclipse maps features

Astrological Calendars, Part One and Astrological Calendars, Part Two

The Value of the User Interface in Astrology Software   New!

and, of course, my article comparing many of the features available in the top Western Astrology programs:

Great at Every Price: Professional Software for Western Astrology    Updated April 2013

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