Astrology Software Demos

I have often been asked to provide links to free demo versions of many astrology software programs.

Note: before getting any of the demos, please remember to also explore my websites devoted to specific astrology programs, for my reviews, video & written tutorials, and the best pricing:

Solar Fire Gold


Regulus Platinum

Shri Jyoti Star


Janus Light


Here are the links to the free software demos:

Click here to download a demo of Solar Fire Gold.

Click here to download a 10 day/10 time trial of Regulus Platinum.

Click here to get a 10 day free demo of Prometheus Astrology Software

Click here to learn how to download a 30 day free trial version of Janus 5.

Click here for instructions on how to get a free 30 day trial demo of Janus Light

Click here to download two Halloran Software demos: of Astrology for Windows and AstrolDeluxe Report Writer.

Click here to download the freeware version of ZET called ZET lite -- which introduces you to the functioning of ZET.

Click here for a demo of the Vedic astrology program Shri Jyoti Star.

Click here for a demo of the Vedic astrology program Kala

Click here to download a demo of the Vedic Astrology program Jyotish Studio. And see videos about the program here.

Click here to download a 30 day trial of Win*Star Express 3.0.

Online (not downloadable) Software Demonstrations

Click here to see new tutorial videos on Sirius.

Online demos of the Kepler Program can be watched here.

You can see a set of videos tutorials on the full range of A.I.R. programs for Millennium, here.

To see a web page demonstrating many of the features of Parashara's Light 6, click here.

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