How to conduct Boolean Searches in Sirius

My recent conversation with David Cochrane elucidated how to do AND/OR (Boolean) searches in Sirius and other research features of Sirius is given below :

Hank: I'd love to be able to search the database for people who have Factor A and NOT Factor B, etc.


Yes, Hank, that's something that I think a lot of people want to be able to do, and they may not realize that you can do it in Sirius, and that it is easy to do. To help people with this I just made a tutorial video on how to do it. It is at:

In the video I show how you just list the things you want to search for and you can use an "AND" and an "OR" function to combine things together in various ways, and how you can give negative points for things you don't want.

Hank's note to readers: The following are the verbal instructions that David gave me in our email correspondence, but as he pointed out to me, the video at the above link is a much better tutorial than the words below. I invite you to watch it.

David's verbal instructions:

Give the factor you do not want negative points. At the end of this email is a list of singers with AA accuracy that I produced (I stopped it before it was done so the list is not too long) and I assigned 1 point to Sun in Aries and -99 points for Moon in Taurus so the people listed at the top of the list with 1 point have Sun in Aries and Moon is NOT in Taurus. Also, the people at the bottom with -99 points have Moon in Taurus and Sun is not in Aries. If Sun is in Aries AND Moon in Taurus (none of the people in the list below have this) the person would get -98 points.

BTW, the ability to assign negative points allows you to do something like do something like for extroversion give 10 points for Sun in the 10th house, 5 points for Sun in the 11th house, -10 points for Sun in the 4th house, etc.

And after asking David about more complex statements, shown below, he responded:

For Moon in Aries and in the 8th house add these 2 lines:

Moon in Aries (AND with next line) Moon in 8th house

The "AND with next line" is an option near the bottom right of the window where you customize AstroSignatures.

That's all we have to do for that. (As we shall see below, the "or" with the other lines is automatic).

for Mars conjunct Saturn in Scorpio and Jupiter in the 12th house add these 2 lines:

Mars conjunct Saturn (AND with next line)
Mars in Scorpio (AND with next line)
Jupiter in 12th house.

Now we have taken care of the last 2 lines of the 3 lines of logic. If a chart has both sets of things and we assign 1 point to each of them, they get 2 points so only people with 2 points meet all these criteria.

For Sun in Aries without hard aspects, or Moon in Aries and in the 8th house

The first line "Sun in Aries without hard aspects" is a bit trickier. One way to do this is to give negative points (such as -5 points; it doesn't matter very much) if Sun is in Aries and there is a hard aspect. Then we give 1 point for Sun in Aries and only people who meet all the criteria get 3 points.

So we can add this line:

Sun in Aries

Now a person who meets all 3 lines of the criteria get 3 points but we need to now "penalize" someone with Sun in Aries and hard aspects to the Sun. We can do that with lines like this:

Sun cnj Moon OR with next line
Sun sqr Moon OR with next line
Sun opp Moon OR with next line
Sun cnj Mer OR with next line
(etc. to last aspect:)
Sun opp Pluto SAVE

Now we add this line:

Sun in Aries (display if "Save"=True)

I believe that would work. This last condition of not hard aspect and Sun in Aries is too much for most users to think about. They just want to click a button and get an answer. The other lines are not too difficult. Basically you just AND with the next line.

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