My websites
for many of the top astrology programs

In order to help my readers learn about the best astrology programs, I have designed many websites that focus on a specific piece of astrology software.

Each of these websites is devoted to an excellent astrology program, and I regularly add content to them.

They contain my published reviews, video and written tutorials, screen shots, frequently asked questions, news, links to free demo versions, great offers, and more.

The websites are:

Janus Astrology Software

Prometheus Astrology Software

Regulus Platinum

Shri Jyoti Star -- The Vedic Astrology Program

Solar Fire Gold

The Solar Fire Information Center

Solar Fire 9


Please don't forget to visit:

The Ultimate Guide to Astrology Software

Where I publish my weekly SoftStar News column on the latest advances in astrology software, my articles comparing programs, free astrology software, and more.


In order to give back to you, my readers, for all of your support, I also post new free tutorials in Western and Vedic astrology bimonthly at:

Learn Astrology Free

There are over 150 tutorials and two reading lists on this site.

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