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Note: Nova Chartwheels is a Windows program, and will not run on a Mac unless Windows is installed on the Mac.

Nova Chartwheels is now available via download! This is the best choice by far for International customers, as you won't have any large duty fees, and it is a great choice for U.S. customers too, because you get the program much faster and get the latest version for only $200.

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You can copy the downloaded file to a CD or flash drive for backup, or to installing on another PC.

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Important Note: like most computer software, astrology software cannot be returned for a refund.

The Lamborghini of Uranian Astrology Software

I had the great privilege of watching Gary Christen demonstrate for me a beta copy of the new forthcoming Nova Chartwheels program.

During the three hour demo, I was amazed by the incredible flexibility and power of the program.

The new Nova Chartwheels is a meta-program. Its use and capabilities are limited only by the imagination of those using it.

This article is admittedly only a first look at the program's features. Please understand it can do much more than I'm writing about, and many more modules are planned for it.

One cannot say that Nova Chartwheels is only, or strictly, designed solely for Uranian work, as it has many unique functions valuable to all astrologers.

For example, you can record both your voice and the screens you use during a chart reading directly to a cd to provide for your clients. Imagine a client being able to "relive" the session both visually and auditorily as many times as they wish to. Wow!

You can time your astrology readings, keeping track of "billable hours" as well as keep all of the business details about each client in the program.

The program's file handling is also exceptional. You can not only easily transfer one or more charts from one chart file to another (even from a different type of file to the Nova format), but you can add related people's charts to each person's chart file.

The program has many basic astrological features, such as displaying 5 types of chartwheels, aspect grids, a planetary hour table, a lunar phase table, and an antiscia listing. It also has a full dignities table, a table of Persian Firdaria, and an almuten values table. You can customize aspects used, orbs, and what points are displayed in charts.

The program also allows you to view charts in 11 coordinate systems including Geocentric, Heliocentric, Right Ascension, Local Space, Regiomontanus Mundo, Campanus Mundo, Placidus Mundo, Altitude, Latitude, and Declination.

Clearly, however, it is the Cosmobiology features of Nova Chartwheels that shine the brightest. In the beta (test) version I was shown, there are three additional "dial" wheels, the classic 90 degree dial, and two exceptionally well designed 360 degree dial wheels.

These 360 degree dial wheels are incredibly well designed. You can move the central octagonal figure to any place in the chart, and instantly see what points are at any 16th harmonic from that place. This enables the astrologer to quickly see an pictures that are being formed, whether between natal points or between natal points and directed positions.

360 dial wheelAs this image shows, the 360 degree dial wheel is beautiful and incredibly functional, with more features than one would initally expect.

For example, the software can display a listing of all of the planetary pictures at a specific place in the chart. It can toggle on and off the display in the chart of progressed, transiting, directed, or Transneptunian points, planetary antiscia, house cusps, or any user created set of points; as well as switch coordinate systems at the push of a button.

The Aspect Inspector shows lists of phase angle returns for any two points, and Solar Arc due dates for the same points. It also shows you a listing of the transits that reinforce the Solar Arc themes, and allows you to see the symmetrical pattern between any two points and the Solar Arc. When you click on any due date, it is displayed in the wheel, along with 8th harmonic markers, which makes it simple to see what other points are involved in the configuration.

While I am admittedly not at all versed in Cosmobiology, I am incredibly impressed with the design and range of features in Nova Chartwheels, and how well it will enable symmetrical astrologers to practice their art.

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