Astrology Software -- The Complete Guide

I've been involved with astrology programs for over 40 years, and have helped most of the companies develop, debug, design, and improve their astrology programs.

I also have published astrology software reviews in many astrological journals and on my websites, as well as tutorials, comparison articles, and almost 200 free lessons in Western & Vedic astrology.

In order to help you find what you need, here are links to some of my most important astrology software web pages and websites:

My Main Astrology Software Web Pages

The Ultimate Guide to Astrology Software

The Latest News on Astrology and Astrology Programs

Free Astrology Programs
The Most Comprehensive list

Astrology Apps for Mobile Devices

The Quick Guide to Finding the Best Astrology Programs

My Astrology Software Websites

explore my websites devoted to specific astrology programs, for my reviews, video & written tutorials, and the best pricing:

Solar Fire Gold


Janus Light
The Best Introductory Astrology Program

Regulus Platinum

Shri Jyoti Star


and my web pages on:

Astro Gold for the Mac

Parashara's Light
(for Windows and the Mac)



Nova Chartwheels

(for the PC and the Mac)


StarTrax Millennium 7.2


The Delphic Oracle

Jyotish Studio 4



You can get free demos of most of these astrology programs here.

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