by Jean Cremers

Planetdance is a free astrology program with a surprising number of capabilities. I am reviewing the Windows version, and you can also a version of it for the Android platform.

Exciting News! The Windows version of Planetdance now has a full time-change atlas for the entire world!

Planetdance is one of the top astrology programs for the Android platform, and with the addition of the new Diary transit graph, it is a priceless Android astrology app.

The New Diary Feature in Planetdance

   Jean, the author of Planetdance, has worked with me to add an excellent transit graph to the app.

   This feature, called the Diary, allows you to specify the transiting and natal points, aspects, orbs, and time range, and to save and load different configurations for reusing (e.g. inner planets only, outer transits, transit-to-transit, etc.).

  First it displays a hit listing, and then you can see the graph, and even sort the graph by transiting or natal points or entering date, and capture a screenshot to use in articles, email to others, etc.

   The graph is color-coded by aspect (and yes, colors are user-customizable), and show the exact date of each event.


The program uses the Swiss Ephemeris, and has excellent accuracy, with a calculation range from 1 BC to 5300 AD. The Android version includes coordinates and time zones for over 90,000 locations, and time changes for Germany, Belgium, and the Netherlands, and the Windows version now has a full time change atlas for the World.

Planetdance can create natal charts, antiscia charts, progressed, Return, harmonic, and synastry and composite charts, and progressed and transit biwheels. Planetdance offers several listings: Fixed Stars aspecting natal planets, dozens of Arabic Parts, and midpoint trees, planet and house rulership chains, and monthly ephemeris pages. It can add major asteroids and transneps and Gauquelin sectors to charts, too.

The Diary feature is a transit-to-natal hit listing where you can specify both sets of planets, the aspects to use, and starting date, and get both a listing and a grid showing the transit hits. The program's file manager lets you quickly see which charts have a planet in a sign, house, or aspects another planet (by a single aspect or any aspect set). It can also sort any chart file by the person's name, birth date, time, or place, or a planet's house, longitude, latitude, speed or size. Bravo!

Perhaps the most outstanding feature of Planetdance is that it includes a programming language called Astrobasic, which can be used to create your own program modules. Planetdance includes a suite of modules which add valuable features to Planetdance including importing Quick*Chart files, quickly view each of the charts in any file, a decan calculator, Excel import/export functions, a list of the Sabian symbols, and a graph showing the strength of each planet in a chart.

The Count module tabulates all (or any selection of) planets' positions by sign, house, and aspect (all aspects or any set of aspects), e.g. find the charts with Mars square Saturn. The excellent and speedy transit-to-natal search program that lets you choose the transiting and natal planet(s) and the aspect(s) and orb, and date, to see who in your chart file has the event(s) occurring.

The Integrative Transit Force module allows you to assign a weight to each transiting, natal, and progressed planet, and to each transiting and progressed aspect. After setting the time range, it creates a beautiful time graph of the cumulative effects of all of the events. In the animated transit-to-natal biwheel, you select one or more transiting and natal points and aspects, and animate the chart by one day or one rising sign at a time, and you can switch house systems (from a selection of 15 choices) instantly.

Planetdance is one of the most impressive free astrology programs that I've ever encountered and I encourage you to explore it.

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