Astro Gold for the Mac

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With the end of Time Cycles Research, the company that created the original astrology programs for the Mac, comes a rebirth of astrology software for the Mac created by the original creators of Solar Fire.

Astro Gold is available in several editions, one for iOS (iphones and ipads), one for the Android platform, and the most powerful version is called Astro Gold for the Mac, and it has many more astrological capabilities and is rapidly being enhanced.

And just recently a set of report programs have been released as add-ons for Astro Gold for the Mac.

Note: Astro Gold will work on the upcoming Big Sur OS (macOS 11.0)  and new Apple Silicon Macs.


Purchase Astro Gold for the Mac

Important Note: Residents of Australia need to order Astro Gold directly from Esoteric Technologies.


You can get the latest version (currently version 5) of Astro Gold for the Mac (via download) for the special price of only $205 by clicking on the following button:

Note: After you purchase Astro Gold for the Mac, I post your order with Esoteric in Australia, and they will send you an email with the links and codes and instructions within a day or two.


Purchase Report Add-ons
for Astro Gold for the Mac

You can get individual reports for Astro Gold for the Mac, as well as further discounted bundles of reports, at this link:

Get Astro Gold Reports


Getting the Demo version of Astro Gold

It's really great to try out a program before you buy it, and you can download a free demo version of Astro Gold for the Mac here.

The demo version does have a few limitations:

You can only cast new natal charts for dates in the 1930s, and you cannot save any.

You cannot step a chart forward in time beyond the current date.

The list of recently used charts is deleted each time you exit the app.

But it gives you the opportunity to test out the program and see if it works for you.

These limitations are removed when you purchase Astro Gold (above).


How to import Solar Fire files into Astro Gold for the Mac

I've been asked if astrologers can bring their Solar Fire chart files over to Astro Gold for the Mac.

The answer is Yes! and the instructions are here.


New Features: October 2021:

New Astro Sheets in latest Update!

Syzygy and Eclipses, Progressed Lunar Phases and Planetary Sect are all now available in our latest Astro Gold v5 macOS.

At the click of a button you can get the New Moon and Full Moon information, as well as the nearest Eclipses, of the Chart that you have highlighted. So you can see the Lunar information for a Birth or Event chart, or you could select Current Transits and see the current Lunar Weather.

You can also select a new Astro Sheet for the Progressed Lunar Phases AND another for Planetary Sect. Traditional astrologers place importance on whether a chart is Diurnal or Nocturnal. Now you can see this on your Planetary Sect sheet and an additional traditional sheet. Your Planetary Sect Sheet even includes the unique condition called Munakara, based on the work of traditional astrologer Joy Usher.

If you already own Astro Gold v5 macOS then you can update for free via Astro Gold/Check for Updates. Your Astro Gold will automatically update if you have AutoUpdates checked in your computer settings.


Astro Gold 5.0 for the Mac

New Version 5 Features

Sunday, October 11, 2020

The latest added features in Astro Gold include:


Astro Gold v5 macOS is now available with new features, improvements and updates. The main new feature is the ability to add hundreds of Extra Points directly to your Chart! Exciting and Oh So Easy! You can now put several different kinds of additional points in Astro Gold chart wheels and include them in calculations.

Adding them is easy. First, click on Preferences. Now, there are two tabs you will want to tap. If you want the points to appear in charts, dials, and many of the Sheets, click the Displayed tab, while if you want aspects to these points to be calculated, click the Aspected tab.

Once you choose the tab you want to work on you will see all the standard points you can select – Moon, Sun, various planets, nodes, angles, etc. But if you look to the lower right you will see a button labeled Add Extra Points…

When you click on the button a new screen opens. The first thing to do is use the dropdown on the top right to choose from the Available Extra Points. Click the dropdown and you can then select from any of the following:

Minor Bodies (such as asteroids)
Lots/Arabic Parts
Fixed Stars
Fixed Positions

Select from the list and you will then see all the available points in that category that you can add to your charts. For example, select Midpoints and you will see, on the right, all the available midpoints, such as Moon/Sun; select Minor Bodies and a list of Minor Planets will appear on the right side.

Go through the list you have chosen and double click each one you want to include, and it will appear on the left side. You can draw on more than one list, so you could add the Asc/MC midpoint, minor planet Chariklo, the Part of Boldness, and the fixed star Achernar if you want to. In addition, you can add a fixed position, so perhaps you want to include 15 degrees of the fixed signs to your charts.

Once you have your list of points on the left, you can click the Add button and they will all appear in charts. However, if you would like to also include them in aspects, tick the box to the right of each point under the Asp column before you click the Add button. It is that easy!

Other new and improved features in Astro Gold v5 include:

NEW - Additional progression types Tertiary (Mean), Tertiary (True), Minor (Mean) and Minor (True) have been added as new subsidiary chart options, and dynamic method types for dynamic listings.

Latest Astro Gold 5 Improvements

IMPROVED - Dials and Midpoints - you can now access more options i.e. 22.5, 30, 45, 60, 90, 120, 180, 360 degrees.

IMPROVED - Astro Sheet Midpoint Trees listing is now scrollable, allowing trees of unlimited length (no longer ever gets truncated to tightest orbs).

IMPROVED - Chart Search - when searching for chart names, the folder that was searched is now displayed.

IMPROVED - Charts in pinned sheets now adopt any custom point selection that had already been applied to the base chart from which they were being copied.

IMPROVED - Graphic Ephemeris - Added convenience button for easier date selection.

IMPROVED - Lots/parts - now have their speeds calculated and their latitudes are also now calculated using A+B-C formula (previously their latitudes were set to 0).


Astro Gold 4.0 for the Mac

New and Improved Version 4 Features

Friday, August 7, 2020

The latest added features in Astro Gold include:

NEW Eclipse Search module which allows you to search for any eclipses from 1200BCE to 2400CE! These are selectable or sortable by eclipse type, date, longitude, saros number, magnitude or by number of aspects made to a selected radix chart.

NEW - Dynamic transits listings now as an option to include eclipse events

NEW - Astro Maps now has the ability to plot solar eclipse paths for any eclipse in the year range 1200BCE to 2400CE.

IMPROVED - Astro Maps module now allows equator, tropics and ecliptic lines to be plotted.

IMPROVED - New menu item and shortcut keys to allow quick changing of number of selected charts

IMPROVED - Dynamic listings have reduced line spacing make it easier to browse and print long listings

IMPROVED - The Astro Sheet listing minor planets and asteroids has been extended with an additional 25 bodies, each with brief interpretation text, and this listing is now also fully sortable and printable.

UPDATED - Swiss Ephemeris has been updated to latest release

UPDATED - ACS timezones updated to latest available version

New Features in version 4

Added multi-chart window capability via Pinned Astro Sheets. You can now pin any currently displayed wheel/grid/dial and any Astro Sheet with Pin button at top right of the views. These pinned views can be resized and moved, and are remembered across sessions, until you choose to close them. There is also a new Pinned Astro Sheets Manager which keeps lists of all recently pinned sheets and any you mark as favorites, and allows you to close them all with one click or re-open all your favorites with one click, or individually re-open any previously listed view.

Added new standalone Event Search feature - accessible via a new toolbar icon

You may now optionally select default displayed point sets for transits, progressions, directions as well as the existing overall default for natal and other charts. (New "Inners/Fast" and "Outers/Slow" default points will be already present to be selectable for new installations - existing users can create their own.)

You may now apply custom displayed point selection to any selected chart, or chartwheel or grid in an Astro Sheet. The selection is available via popup menu from rh mouse click on a chart's caption or inside a chartwheel ring, or on a grid's caption, in addition to via the Select... menu for any selected chart.

Wherever user needs to enter chart location details there is now a popup menu allowing selection of a recently used place or a saved favorite place, making it quick and easy to re-select previously used locations rather than having to re-enter details manually or search the atlas again.

Added "Wheel & Grid" sheet - also improved grid appearance - finer lines.

Added Lunar Mansions sheet.

Some new Astro Sheet list types are now scrollable, and can be exported into a multi-page PDF by clicking on the list's title bar (with gear wheel icon) and choosing menu item "Save Full List as PDF".

Midpoints List Astro Sheet (Scrollable, sortable, by modulus, mode, sign etc).

Life Time Arcs Astro Sheet as per A.T.Mann (Scrollable, events from conception to beyond 100yo).

Arabic Lots List Astro Sheet (Scrollable, sortable, by name, longitude, house, three different lists supplied, some with brief interpretation notes).

Profections Astro Sheet (Helenistic, Annual and drill-down date selection to Month).

Stars List Astro Sheet (Scrollable, sortable, by name, lon/lat/ra/decl, magnitude).

A menu item on Astro Gold menu to "Clear Displayed Data...", which prompts the user whether to set all selected charts to transits, clear mru charts and sheets lists and close open sheets. This is to help protect client confidentiality when screen sharing.


Added a prompt to choose whether or not to allow all stepping of a natal chart.

Added Now button to date selector popover

Added a new Composite Houses option to Calcs tab of Preferences dialog.

Most items such as chart wheels, when printed or saved as PDF now have portrait oriented pages. Certain Astro Sheets whose layouts cannot be displayed well in portrait mode still create landscape oriented pages.

Chart captions now display any non-default Coords, Zodiacs and House Systems so that users can more easily distinguish different versions of chart with same names.

Popup calendar date selector control now has a Radix button allowing easy selection of radix chart date (in addition to existing Now button).

The pinned sheets manager window now has a Clear button to enable users to clear the list of most recently used sheets.


Astro Gold review

[Note: Underlined words in The Mountain Astrologer article below indicate graphics that you can see at:]

Astro Gold for the Mac version 3.0

Since Macintosh computers were first released, there have been only a very few astrology programs written to run on them. For years, many astrologers were forced to install Windows (and Parallels) on their Macs in order to run the astrology software that met their needs.

But a change is in the wind, and Esoteric Technologies, the creators of Solar Fire, has released a new Mac-native program with capabililties that many astrologers are looking for, while having the ease of use of a true Mac program, called Astro Gold for the Mac.

[Astro Gold will run on any Mac running macOS (OSX) 10.9 or higher. A screen size 1024x768 or higher is also required.]

There are already versions of Astro Gold for iOs (iPhones and iPads) and for Android devices, and all versions, for premium accuracy, use the ACS atlas and the Swiss Ephemeris in their calculations (with the ability to create charts from 1200 BC to 2400 AD).

I have already reviewed Astro Gold for iOS and Android in my article, "Astrology Apps for Mobile Devices" in the August 2015 issue of The Mountain Astrologer, but the version for the Mac has many added features and deserves a review of its own. The Mac and iOs versions of Astro Gold can share chart files with each other using the iCloud, which makes using the apps on many devices a breeze. They can also read files from and share files with Solar Fire, which is a great boon.

As one might expect, all of the basic astrology features are present in Astro Gold for the Mac including:

Single chart wheels, bi-wheels, tri-wheels, and quad-wheels (and dials too) with a choice of many lovely styles for each.

You can choose from a very wide selection of natal and moving points: Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, North Node, South Node; Chiron, Ceres, Pallas, Juno, Vesta, Hygeia, Astraea, Sedna, Eris; Vulcan, Lilith, Selena, TransPluto, Cupido, Hades, Zeus, Kronos, Apollo, Admetos, Vulcanus, Poseidon; Ascendant, Midheaven, Vertex, East Point, Part of Fortune, CoAscendant, Polar Ascendant, Aries Point, and Libra Point. When you click on any point in a chart, the program gives you interpretations for its sign, house, and aspects.

Astro Gold for the Mac calculates natal, transit, Secondary Progressed, Solar Arc Directed, Composite, Davidson, Solar & Lunar Return, Lunar Phase Return, and Draconic charts, and gives a choice of 11 different customizable aspect sets.

And, as a real boon to Modern Western, Traditional and Vedic astrologers, Astro Gold for the Mac offers a very wide range of house systems: Campanus, Koch, Meridian, Morinus, Placidus, Porphyry, Regiomontanus, Topocentric, Equal, Zero Aries, Solar Sign, Whole Sign, Bhava, Alcabitius, PF on 1st, Asc in 1st, Vertex on 7th, and Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune, Pluto and Node on 1st.

It also has a Graphic Ephemeris, with many customisable options, including degree span (harmonic 1 to 12), time span, transiting, progressed or directed planets, sign ingresses, radix planet lines and aspects, and lunation points.

And remarkably easy to use chart animation, where selecting the duration of each time step is simple to do.

Perhaps the most valuable module in Astro Gold for the Mac is called Astro Sheets, which are a large set of pages that can be viewed, printed, emailed, and shared, and have a wide range of styles, graphics, and information. Among the Astro Sheets are: Midpoints, Essential Dignities/Horary, Firdaria (a predictive technique from Traditional astrology), superb Synastry, Wheel & Basics, and Fixed Star Aspects & Fixed Star Parans (using up to 513 Fixed Stars).

There's even a Beginners/Client page showing all of the astrological factors in English (something many astrologers are asked to provide for their clients).

The program can generate dynamic hit listings, using any or all of its predictive tools: transits, Secondary Progressions, and Solar Arc Directions, with entering and leaving orbs, and showing when stations and ingresses by sign and house occur. You can create (and save to reuse) many sets of search criteria, which is very thoughtful, and sort the listings in many ways (e.g. date, entering, moving point, natal point, etc.).

Astro Gold for the Mac is rock solid, and continues to be improved. A recent addition is the astromapping module, which can display both regular astromaps and satellite images, and draw on them both Astro*Carto*Graphy and Local Space lines. You can measure the distance between cities, zoom in to specific areas on the map, pop up interpretations, and even generate complete relocation reports.

Finally, there are both natal and transit interpretations included, and for those who want more extensive reports, add-ons for Natal, Child, Synastry, Predictive, Solar Return, and Pet.

Because of its lovely design, compatibility with its mobile sister apps and Solar Fire files, and wide range of features, Astro Gold for the Mac is a very welcome Mac-native program that both beginners and advanced astrologers will be thankful to have.

P.S. Some of the recent added features are: Asteroid and Minor Planet listings of position data and aspects, Harmonic, Age Harmonic, Antiscia and Contra-Antiscia charts, an optional transits bar showing nearest sign ingresses and planetary stations, and Dynamic listings and graphic ephemeris now include option to include transits to transits and progressions to progressions.

Screenshots from Astro Gold for the Mac

Astro Gold Single Wheel

Astro Gold Triwheel

Astro Gold Astro Mapping

Astro Gold Graphic Ephemeris

Astro Gold Astro Sheets

Astro Gold Essential Dignities List

Astro Gold Natal Interpretations

Astro Gold Preferences Screen

Astro Gold Midpoint Tree

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