Jyotish Studio 4

by Das Goravani


review by Hank Friedman

Goravani Jyotish was one of the first Vedic astrology programs for PCs. Over time, the program has been steadily improved, and the latest version, now called Jyotish Studio 4, is available for both Windows and Mac computers. Besides the ability to import AAF, QuickChart, and Parashara's Light files, it's the only program I've seen that can also import files from the IO program (on the Mac).

Jyotish Studio is a very visually appealing program, with graphs of Shad Bala, Vimshopak, Sarvashtakavarga, Ashtakavarga Bindus, and the Varga signs, houses, elements, mobility, house types, dispositorships, and strengths (by sign). Customizing the software is quite easy, e.g. one can choose and adjust the colors for planets, signs, backgrounds, etc. as well as chart style (North Indian, South Indian, and round) with little effort. There are many lovely color choices and backgrounds for charts, e.g. the House Chart.

In the Chart Window, you can click on the different tabs to see planetary placement by sign and speed, Nakshatra and strengths, Bhava Madhaya Bala (by Sripati and Equal), aspects to planets, signs and houses, elements and modes and temporal relationships, Panchang and Sarvashtakavarga charts, transit information (including ingresses, rising times, lunations, and aspects), and readings. There's also a very useful Varga Degrees table showing placements by sign and degrees/minutes for all points for 18 divisional charts.

Jyotish Studio offers many readings, including extensive delineations for the natal chart (with yogas), and current transits, Of course, like all interpretations via software, some sections may contradict others, and some may be negated by others, but these can be very useful as learning tools. You can even search the readings database for verses that delineate specific placements (e.g. Mars in the 8th house). Bravo!

Among the program's strongest features are its reference section and educational materials. In the Karaka List (configured for all of the planets and houses in a person's chart), one can see the planet, sign, and house significations for each planet, and the house, sign and planetary lord significations for each house. There is also a very large alphabetical listing of karakas.

Besides tables of the qualities of the Nakshatras, signs, houses, planets, and Vargas, and there are truly excellent screens of The Planets of Jyotish and The Wheel full of valuable information. But best of all are the Jyotish classical texts.

In Jyotish Classics, you can read any chapter or verse of 9 classical Vedic works, or select a book and search it for a single word or two words at a time. As if this isn't valuable enough, the program even gives you the ability to add additional books to the program. Wow!

Jyotish Studio also has extensive compatibility features. In addition to an initial screen that compares both people's Moons and Ascendants to each other in detail, there is a table of Line Ups showing the interactions between all of the planets in both charts, a Kuta table, and the ability to compare multiple people in one batch.

For predictive work, there are kakshya listings, and a Panchang with many choices including finding planetary stations, risings, planetary placements, transit hits, and the current Panchang and transit chart. You can also view a biwheel of transits around a natal chart, and a daily ephemeris (that can easily be shifted forward and backwards in time).

The program is filled with nice touches. For those using the same cities frequently, the Recently Used Cities screen provides fast access to those locations. And the Aspect Table is the most comprehensive and useful one that I've seen.

All in all, Jyotish Studio is a very worthwhile Vedic program for both beginners and advanced astrologers (and for both Windows and Mac users). And the forthcoming version 5 will have many great new features, including readings for Varga charts, print to a single PDF, and popup readings for each planet.

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