The Quick Guide to Finding the Best Astrology Program

Chosen from all major astrology programs for Windows

by Hank Friedman

"Hank Friedman is the only person on Earth who understands astrology software better than I do."
Mark McDonough, creator of AstroDatabank

Every astrologer and student of astrology wants to get exactly the right program for their needs.
This page is devoted to helping you do that as effortlessly as possible.

Best Astrology Program for specific schools of astrology

13 Sign Zodiac -- The ability to create chartwheels with 13 signs: Prometheus

Huber Astrology -- Charting, research, tables and graphs along Huber principles: Regulus Platinum

Mayan Astrology -- The Mayan Life Path Report from Astrolabe

Modern Western Astrology -- Many programs are great but Solar Fire has the best implemented features.

Modern Western with Interpretations -- Janus has full interpretations plus a wide range of features.

Traditional Astrology -- Hellenistic and Medieval astrology: The Delphic Oracle

Uranian Astrology -- Cosmobiology aka Symmetrical Astrology: Nova Chartwheels

Vedic Astrology (extensive) -- Research, Page Design, Astromapping, Graphs, etc.: Shri Jyoti Star

Vedic Features (basic) in a Western Astrology Program: Janus

The astrology software with the best implementation for the following functions:

Atlas -- Sirius has the largest and most accurate time-change atlas.

Auto Jobs -- Creating sets of charts, tables, graphs to print out in a batch: Solar Fire

Chart Animation -- Single and bi-, tri-, quad-wheels and pages, inc. tables: Solar Fire

Ease of Use -- Brilliant design and great flexibility: Solar Fire

Eclipse Searches: Solar Fire

Ephemeris -- Create ephemeris tables for a huge range of points: Prometheus

Fixed Star Report -- A Tie: Solar Writer Fixed Star Report (greatest depth) and Sirius (more stars)

Heliacal Searches: Prometheus

Interpretive reports built in -- Full Natal, Transits, Compatibility, Relocation -- (& licensed to sell): Janus

Interpretive reports, Add-ons or Standalone: To get links to samples and learn more about these, please email me.

Page Designer -- Design your own pages with charts, tables, etc.: Solar Fire

Planetarium -- Beautiful Celestial Spheres with aspects, and many choices: Prometheus

Points in Charts -- Maximum number and choices: Solar Fire

Points in Predictive Searches -- Most points in Transit and Progressed listings and graphs: Prometheus

Predictive Graphs: Most professional astrology programs have excellent predictive graphs, including:
  Solar Fire, Janus, Regulus Platinum, Prometheus, Win*Star, and Sirius.

  Prometheus has many more options, including interpolated Planetary Stations and more points.

  Millennium StarTrax has the best cumulative transit graph: adds all of the + and - events into one graph.

Prenatal Charts -- Solar Fire has the most types of Prenatal Charts.

Sky Search -- Find when planets make aspects, occupy houses or signs, form shapes, etc.: Solar Fire

Theme Maps -- Create accurate theme maps -- where to find love, career, etc.: Janus

Wheel Designer -- Make your own custom chart wheels (Western, Traditional, and Vedic): Janus

Astrology programs with unique capabilities

It is beyond the scope of this article to list all of the techniques of all of the programs, but the following programs have many unusual features of interest:

AstrolDeluxe Platinum -- Degree Strengths, Ebertin Life Diagram, Angles Graph, Vocational Ranking, Hermetic Minor Progressions, and unique interpretations, e.g. for the Black Moon Lilith.

Janus -- Octoscope wheel, Midpoint Weighting Analysis, Arabic Lunar Mansions, Planet/Asteroid/Fixed Star catalog, best Eclipse map, Venus Phases, Collection of Light, etc.

Millennium StarTrax -- Speed of Planets graph, Hoff's Tables, Occultations, Davidson charts for Groups, Planetary Phase aspects, Extensive Chart File Searches, etc.

Prometheus -- 13 sign Zodiac, Void of Course Moon Report, Astrological Calendar with a huge number of points, Out of Bounds search, Extensive Primary Directions, etc.

Regulus Platinum -- Life Scan, Atacirs, Persona Chart, Ascensional Astrology, extensive Hellenistic module, add-on Rectification methods (e.g. Marr), Harmograms and Harmonic flowers, etc.

Solar Fire -- Aspect Highlighting & Filtering, Multiwheel Superimpostion, Stellarium, Sabian Oracle, multiple Pop-up Charts, powerful Astrologer's Assistant task recorder, page animation, etc.

Sirius -- Compatibility Patterns, extensive Degree Meanings, extensive Asteroid and Fixed Star reports, Lifetime predictive listings, Electional Astrology graph, Music of the Spheres, etc.

Win*Star -- Nicest looking Astromaps, Paran points, Stars on maps, A.T. Mann's Lifetime Arcs, Day*Scan, Phase Chart, excellent Day Watch astrology calendar, etc.

ZET: Septa-Wheels, Embolismic Lunations, Persian Directions, Condensations Rectification method, House Table for 28 house systems, Cosmos module, Beautiful Astromaps, etc.

What about programs for the Mac?

There are only a couple of astrology programs written for the Mac, TimePassages and Astro Gold for the Mac.

In about six months (hopefully before or by March 2020), Solar Fire should become available for the Mac. If you wish to be kept apprised of its development, email me.

Learn more about programs

You can get free demo versions of many astrology programs here, and you can click on any of the names below to go to my websites or web pages devoted to each program:



Millennium StarTrax

Nova Chartwheels


Regulus Platinum

Shri Jyoti Star


Solar Fire Gold

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