TMA SoftStar News

by Hank Friedman

Since May of 2010, I have started writing a regular software news column in The Mountain Astrologer. I try to make each column both timely and interesting, and will be posting each column on this website (after the next TMA issue comes out).

November 2013 Frequently Asked Questions about Astrology Software, and more.

September 2013 My review of the Delphic Oracle 7.0

July 2013 Review of Regulus 7.0, Pluto's Moons Named, and more.

May 2013 AstrolDeluxe Report Writer 8.3, Maitreya 7.0.3, a major Win*Star 4 calculation bug fixed, and more.

March 2013 The Vedic Bookshelf, Free Astrology Fonts, Word Processing and Astrological Glyphs

January 2013 Windows 8 and Astrology Software

November 2012 Beware of RT Devices, and my review of Timaeus 8 Pro

September 2012 Matrix Web Services and the new Blue*Star program

July 2012 Astrology in the Cloud -- Preparing Charts on the Web

May 2012 The Scale of the Universe, Sirius 1.3, & How to protect your Mac from Malware, and more

March 2012 Getting help with your astrology software & where to find astrology software tutorials

January 2012 My review of Sirius 1.2

November 2011 Astrology on the Go: Astrology Apps for Mobile Computing

September 2011 Important free updates, and reviews of AstrolDeluxe version 8 and Regulus Platinum version 6

July 2011 A Review of Solar Fire Gold version 8

May 2011 A free KP astrology program, an incredible photo of the Moon, an eclipse paths map, the Universe Sandbox, and more.

March 2011 The amazingly powerful new Regulus Platinum Professional program

January 2011 the free Astronomy software from Alcyone, how to get free Demo versions of the major astrology programs, and Lunabar revisited

November 2010 AstroDatabank Revisited, Kepler 7 on Vista/Windows 9, and A new astrology program-- Planetary Aspects and Transits

September 2010 A Powerful, Free Vedic program: Jaganattha Hora, the best Time Changes resources, and free astrological fonts.

July 2010 The Lovely Desktop Earth program, Stellarium and Solar Fire, new software updates, and more.

May 2010 My First Issue: Current Time Zone Issues and how to resolve them, plus about AstroDatabank

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