TMA SoftStar News: March 2012

by Hank Friedman

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Getting help with astrology software

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Today's astrology programs are remarkably powerful, with a wide range of features and functions. It can be hard for beginners to learn how to use their software, so it's fortunate that there are many resources available to pave the way.

Initially, you can read software reviews and comparison articles in order to learn what programs can do, and visit each company's website for descriptions and feature lists. Better still, most companies have demo versions of their programs, so you can try them out before you purchase them.

You can also read my article: "The Optimal Use of Astrology Software", originally published in The Mountain Astrologer in February 2000, but subsequently revised many times, to test your software's accuracy, learn about potential pitfalls, protect your chart data, and more.

One you have purchased a program, remember that most have built-in help menus, with the ability to search for assistance in using specific techniques. And every astrology software company offers free technical support. Here are their tech support numbers:

ACS: Electronic Astrologer 603 734 4300

A.I.R. Software: StarTrax Millennium 860-232-6521

Astrograph: TimePassages 831-425-3686

Astrolabe: Solar Fire Gold, Nova Chartwheels, JigSaw 508-896-5081

Astrology House: Janus +64 9 421 0033 (in New Zealand, also

Cathar Software: Regulus Platinum 305 572 5172

Cosmic Patterns: Kepler & Sirius 352-373-1504

Geovision Software: Parashara's Light 641-472-0855

Halloran Software: AstrolDeluxe 818-901-1221

Kala Vedic Astrology Software: Kala 760-420-5648

Matrix Software: Win*Star 231-796-4183

Shri Source: Shri Jyoti Star 434-973-2779

TimeCycles Research: IO Edition 860-444-6641

Astrology Software Tutorials

Sometimes the easiest way to learn to use a program is to watch a video explaining it. The following is a list of the great videos offered to help you learn your software.

I offer my website visitors many free written and video tutorials on each of my websites devoted to specific astrology programs: for Solar Fire Gold, Sirius, Janus, Regulus Platinum, Kepler, and Shri Jyoti Star.

A.I.R. Software offers a huge set of free video tutorials for StarTrax Millennium.

Cathar Software has a video tour of Regulus Platinum.

Cosmic Patterns offers a set of online videos on how to use Kepler 6.0.

Madalyn Hillis has just created a new set of DVD video tutorials on Solar Fire Gold version 8. The set is available via download for $150 and shipped on DVDs for $165.

There are two additional resources you can use for learning and resolving issues with Solar Fire Gold: The Astrolabe website's Tech Support Knowledge Base, which you can use to search for answers to a wide variety of questions.

And for my readers I am providing a link to the Solar Fire version 5 manual, which goes into much greater depth on many of the programs features than the current manual.

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