TMA SoftStar News September 2013

by Hank Friedman

The Delphic Oracle Astrology Software v. 7.0

by Curtis Manwaring

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Curtis Manwaring has been a pioneer in exploring Traditional Astrology and programming software for it since the second Project Hindsight conference. His Delphic Oracle Astrology Software is the most powerful astrology program for both Hellenistic and Medieval astrological work, and runs on both Mac and Windows PCs. As a bonus, it comes with the Timaeus program, which I reviewed in the February/March 2013 issue of TMA, and also includes the newest Terran Atlas database of over 13 million locations (complete with time zones and time changes). The program can import chart files from most other astrology programs (via the Quick*Chart format).

The Delphic Oracle offers everything that one might expect of a Traditional Astrology program, like the extensive Dignities and Almuten Figurae tables, square and round chart wheels, Hellenistic and Modern Solar Revolution charts, and listings of Firdariyyah cycles, decanates and faces, dodekatamoeria, aspects and testimony, asteroid and Fixed Stars, planetary speed, comprehensive Heliacal Phenomena, Valens Lot Eminence Indicators, and over 160 Hellenistic Lots.

The Primary Directions section is based upon the work of Martin Gansten and includes many Primary Directions Options and themes, grouped according to historic usage (to help novices choose the correct method). Delphic Oracle can calculate Primary Directions for all of the Fixed Stars, and filtered by ecliptic latitude, declination, magnitude, or a combination of magnitude and coordinate system.

The Delphic Oracle is completely customizable, allowing you to specify which Hellenistic and Medieval approaches to use for every technique. For example, there are hundreds of options for calculating Time Lords. In addition to being able to customize the colors of all of the chart factors (decans, points, lots, signs, etc.), you can select from 35 different "skins" which change the entire color scheme of the program. Delphic Oracle also has a very powerful Chart Designer, which enables you to completely design chart wheels to your own specifications.

The newly released version 7 of the Delphic Oracle has stunning capabilities. The right pane of the screen can show a Time Lord Graph,(or any of the above-mentioned listings) while the left side shows a Delphic Oracle chart wheel. The Time Lord Graph and all of the lists are"live", which means that if you click on any place in the graph or listing, you immediately see the chart wheel, at the left, for the moment in time clicked upon. This is incredibly outstanding!

It is especially useful because the program allows you to select exactly which astrological predictive methods are shown in the Time Lord Graph, from over 80 choices including Decennials, Lunar Quarters, Zodiac Releasings, Circumambulations, Profections, Monomoiria, Balbillus, Annual Divisions, the 129 Year System, and 9 Years of the Moon, and the ability to save different sets of methods to use for different purposes.

This is enhanced further by Delphic Oracle's capacity to create custom chart wheels with as many as 5 rings, such as Secondary and Tertiary Progressed, Transit, and Solar Arc Directed, as well as a choice of various Profected and Zodiacal Releasing points to the central natal chart.

I particularly love how the Delphic Oracle chart wheel can display the Fixed Stars (and asteroids and additional points) precisely placed above and below the ecliptic.

The software has a graphic ephemeris that shows Heliacal and Acronical settings and risings (oriental and occidental) and indicates with line breaks when there are curtailed passages or planets under the beams. It also has a chart rectification tool, a powerful chart designer, the ability to rotate chart wheels, .

Another truly groundbreaking feature is the magnificent set of transit interpretations. Unlike all other astrology programs, Delphic Oracle gives different delineations based upon which houses the transited planet rules. This adds a level of precision missing elsewhere.

Finally, Delphic Oracle has a set of wizards to use the System of Hermes, using a nautical theme - - e.g. who's the captain of your ship - - as an analogy for the role of different planets in the chart. Each wizard helps you navigate the evaluation of each planet for each role, including the Kurios, Predominator, Helmsman, the Weather, the Second Officer, the Destiny, the Political Officer, the Cooperating Officer, the Trigon Lords, the Host, etc. It also has a Natal Analysis wizard that helps you evaluate all of the qualities of each of the planets.

The Delphic Oracle is the gold standard of Traditional Astrology programs, far and away more powerful and better designed than any other software. If you wish to explore Hellenistic and Medieval techniques, the Delphic Oracle is a priceless resource.

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