TMA SoftStar News May 2011

by Hank Friedman

New URL for downloading the Jagannatha Hora Program

The creator of the very powerful free Vedic astrology program Jagannatha Hora has separated the program file from the atlas and ephemeris files, and you can now download any or all of them at:

I decided to test the latest atlas provided by Jagannatha Hora, and used the tests from my Optimal Use of Astrology Software article (available at /optimal.htm). I found that while the atlases did provide correct coordinates and standard time zones, they failed to provide daylight savings corrections, so always use other programs, or online sources, to get the correct time zones for using with Jagannatha Hora.

An incredible photo of the Moon

How would you like to view and/or download the sharpest picture of the Moon ever created (from NASA's Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter)? Go to this link: and click on any area to zoom in, or click on this link: to download the full image. Wow!

Eclipse Paths for 2001 to 2025

Here's a World map showing all of the Total Solar Eclipse Paths for this century through 2025. The following website link shows the paths of totality for all Solar Eclipse events on one map. Now you will know where to travel to, if you'd like to see a total eclipse of the Sun. The link is:

A Free KP Astrology Program

Krishnamurti Paddhati is a set of techniques used by many Vedic astrologers for mundane predictions (e.g. the stock market) and is growing in popularity. The new free program KPStarOne has an accurate and detailed KP-oriented ephemeris, KP significators tables, house rotation, advanced event finder, Muhurta selector (i.e. electional astrology), Varshaphala (Vedic Solar Returns) and much more. You can read about the program and download it at:

Outer Planet Transit Tables

Interested in world transits, ala Richard Tarnas? Peter Meyer, the author of the Planetary Aspects software, has posted five sets of mundane tables showing transiting to transiting aspects between Jupiter and Uranus, Saturn and Pluto, Saturn and Uranus, Saturn and Neptune, and Uranus and Pluto. All but the first planetary pair include the current decade's events. You can view these tables at:

The Universe Sandbox

Would you like to explore the Solar System in unique new ways? View the paths of 100's of asteroids? The Universe Sandbox is an incredibly innovative free program that allows you to watch the effects of gravity upon planets and galaxies, compare the size of planets and moons, and much more. You can learn more about it, and download it at this link:

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