TMA SoftStar News May 2013

by Hank Friedman

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Major Win*Star 4 Calculation Bug Fixed

When entering a new chart in Win*Star 4, if the Auto box -- which enables auto-lookup of time zones and coordinates for the birth place -- is checked, it often used the wrong time zone to calculate the chart (even if the correct time zone appears in the atlas window). As a result, many charts were calculated incorrectly. (Users could avoid this problem by unchecking the Auto box.)

In early March 2013, Matrix Software fixed this bug, and therefore all Win*Star 4 users should download the latest update to the program.

Making Windows 8 run "normally"

If you find yourself owning a new computer with Windows 8 installed and dislike the tiled screen and user interface, there's good news for you.

You can purchase an inexpensive ($5) utility called Start8 that will return the Start Button to Windows, and boot directly into the Windows desktop instead of the Windows 8 Metro screen.

AstrolDeluxe Report Writer 8.3
Halloran Software

John Halloran, the author of the Windows program AstrolDeluxe, continues to polish and add features to his flagship program. Since version 8.0, he has focused on harmonics, composite charts, and Sabian Symbols.

The latest revision has very well written delineations for all 360 Sabian Symbols for planets and house cusps, and can produce a complete Planet Degree Symbolism report. The excellent Aspect Patterns add-on report is the culmination of lengthy research and delineates 35 different aspect patterns with 392 variations.

Drawing upon his research for a new $100 interpretation report called Composite Couples, Halloran has added a new Composite Compatibility table showing an assessment of the Composite chart (between two people) for friendship, business, and marriage, and for a large number of personal qualities and functions, like independence, compassion, exploring the world, creative projects, and more.

Perhaps the innovations in harmonic analysis are the most powerful features of the update. In the research module, one can now search one's collection of charts for charts with harmonic planets in natal houses or aspects to each other in any harmonic. You can also search for a planet in a natal chart in aspect to a planet in a harmonic chart, and continue conducting additional searches on the results of any search (i.e. on the charts that meet the criteria of the first search).

The program can also show a biwheel of the natal chart and any harmonic chart, and display and sort the interaspects between them, and easily switch to displaying the aspects within the harmonic chart. You can even add a third chart, e.g. the current transits, in order to see the transits to both the harmonic and natal charts.

You can also search for charts with any of 16 Lunar Phases : 1) New, 2) New-Crescent Cusp, 3) Crescent, 4) Crescent-First Quarter Cusp, 5) First Quarter, 6) First Quarter-Gibbous Cusp, 7) Gibbous, 8) Gibbous-Waning Cusp, 9) Waning, 10) Waning-Disseminating Cusp, 11) Disseminating, 12) Disseminating-Last Quarter Cusp, 13) Last Quarter, 14) Last Quarter-Balsamic Cusp, 15) Balsamic, 16) Balsamic-New Quarter Cusp.

Other additions include the ability to search by longitude and latitude in the Geo Names Atlas add-on (which contains about 3 million cities worldwide), which can be quite useful if you don't know the exact spelling of a foreign city's name and the ability to calculate Solar Arc Progressions on Declination Equivalent (and Declination Antiscia) charts.

AstrolDeluxe Report Writer has always had a unique set of capabilities, and its author continues to improve and extend its value signficantly.

Maitreya 7.0.3

Maitreya is a delightful free Vedic and Western astrology program for the PC, Mac, and Linux operating systems. It offers lovely graphical dashas, customizable data tables, and much more.

The latest version adds a huge atlas of placenames and coordinates, colored Western and Vedic charts, dynamic daylight savings time changes (e.g. for transits, eclipses, ephemeride, etc.), a compact Dasa table, and the ability to choose colors for planets, signs, and houses.

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