TMA SoftStar News September 2010

by Hank Friedman

A Powerful and Free Vedic Astrology Program

Want an amazingly powerful free Vedic astrology program? The latest full version 7.4 of Jagannatha Hora includes many more time changes for the U.S. and Canada, day and night formulae for Sahams (aka Greek lots or Arabic Parts, Vedic style), transiting planetary stations, and planetary aspects on each house in Rasi and divisional charts.

(If you have any doubt about any time zone provided by the program, you can verify it at by entering a birth place, verifying the location on the next screen, and then entering the date and time and hitting the TAB key. The correct time zone will be shown on the bottom right of the screen.)

For those unfamiliar with the program, Jagannatha Hora originally was an advanced commercial Vedic astrology program for Windows, whose author, P.V.R. Narasimha Rao, decided to distribute instead for free. It offers a huge amount of information about birth charts (Jaimini karakas, alternate Lagnas, ashtakavarga, etc.), graphs using 8 different methods of ascertaining planetary strength, many different dasa systems, several chakra charts (e.g. sarvato bhadra chakra), a completely unique transit calendar, analysis of the Parashari and Jaimini yogas in the chart (with short interpretations), and much much more.

Beginners will delight in the extensive set of lessons in Vedic astrology built-in to the software, while advanced Jyotishis will love the huge range of features and the right-click menu options.

In order to get Jagannatha Hora with the atlas, go to this link: (Note: some of the files are quite large, so you will need a fast internet connection to download them.)


The best resource for Time Zone Changes

Would you like to know about the latest time changes in the U.S. and the World? Did you know that Indiana hopes to move to Central Time Zone? Go to this link for the latest time changes information:


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