TMA SoftStar News July 2010

by Hank Friedman

Astrology Software and Windows 7

The latest version of Windows, called Windows 7, is now installed on most new computers (although you can usually ask to have Windows XP installed instead, and you should do so if you have older astrology programs that you want to reinstall).

Most older versions of astrology programs will simply not install under Windows 7, but the latest versions will install, and run on the new operating system. Some astrology software, however, like AstroDatabank, cannot be installed on either Vista or Windows 7 unless special procedures are followed (covered in other SoftStar News articles).

ACS has just released new versions of its Electronic Astrologer series of inexpensive interpretation programs that are compatible with both Windows 7 and Vista. They also now include the full ACS U.S. and World atlases, and nicely designed charts with color.

Esoteric Technologies, Inc. has recently released Solar Fire Gold version 7.3, which also has better compatibility with Windows 7. It also has improved importing of previous versions' settings as well as expanded natal, transit, and progressed interpretations, a Sabian symbol report, and house and sign delineations for Sedna, Eris, Selena and the Black Moon Lilith. Finally, the new version has a temperament table displaying the hot-dry-wet-cold qualities of the rising sign, chart ruler, Moon sign, Moon phase, and planets aspecting the Moon, and a total score and temperament assessment.

How did the sky look on the day I was born?

One of the charming features of Solar Fire Gold is its ability to send a birth chart's data to the powerful free astronomy program Stellarium, which then depicts the sky exactly as you would see it, even including landscape. I discovered, however, that the latest versions of Stellarium do not work with Solar Fire. To get the most recent version of Stellarium that does work with Solar Fire Gold, click on the following link, and download version 0.9.1: Stellarium

A Lovely Real-time View of the Earth

Speaking of astronomy, Desktop Earth is a wallpaper generator for Windows. It updates your desktop's wallpaper with an accurate representation of the Earth as it would be seen from space for each moment. There is a new image for every month to accurately depict snow and foliage changes, and the night view is simply stunning. To download Desktop Earth, use this link: Desktop Earth

Notes from last issue's columns:

Owners of AstroDatabank software should run the program monthly to ensure that you have downloaded the latest and most accurate data. Also, Cosmic Patterns actually incorporated the new time zone data for Venezuela earlier than mentioned. Just run the test to see if your version of Kepler 7 or Sirius gives you the correct results.

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