TMA SoftStar News: July 2012

by Hank Friedman

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Astrology in the Cloud

Cloud computing, according to, means "services offered over the Internet" where "Any user with an Internet connection can access the cloud and the services it provides." A new company called has created the first full-fledged astrology program for the cloud.

What this means is that as long as you can connect to the Internet, i.e. via phone, iPad, netbook, tablet, eBook Reader, public computer, or home computer, you can have access to all of your chart files and a wide range of astrological capabilities.

This is a truly revolutionary concept. There are many advantages to an online program, e.g. you can do on-the-spot consultations anywhere in the world, without connecting to your home computer. There are even differently designed screens for smart phones than for larger devices, so that, for example, a person with an Android phone can execute astrological tasks that were previously unavailable to them.

The new website is called, and it provides quite a few free functions, such as creating natal charts and printing and emailing them, aspect tables and element graphs, and tables of planetary ingresses and profections.

But you can also subscribe to, i.e. get a monthly, quarterly, yearly, or lifetime subscription, and then import/upload your chart files, and perform a much wider variety of astrological functions. In case you're worried about security, your chart data can be encrypted.

The application allows you to set your default chart wheel, preferred house system, rulership, exaltation, tripicity, decans, terms/bounds, and Almuten systems; orb, line style, color, and visibility (in different aspect sets) for ten aspects; choose what points to display in charts and their color and moiety, whether to use aspect orbs or moieties, and what Arabic Parts to show (and what formula to use for each). You can also add new Arabic Parts. The program saves all of your settings for future use.

In order to appeal to a wide range of astrologers, AstroApp offers 7 styles of round wheels, 5 types (+ custom) Uranian Dials, 2 types of Medieval Charts, Mayan, and North & South Indian Vedic charts including Varga charts. You can also view biwheels, and for Synastric work Composite, Davidson, and Coalescent charts. Additional chart wheels include one showing Gauquelin sectors, Harmonic charts, Antiscia and Contra-Antiscia, Draconic, Horary rotated charts, and more.

There are many, many additional astrological features provided by AstroApp, including a detailed planet table (showing celestial longitude, latitude, declination, speed, phase, and much more), a full aspect grid, a table showing house cusps for 17 house systems, and additional tables of nodes and apsides, Heliacal Events and Heliacal Phenomena, sorted midpoints, and Rising Sign times.

The author of AstroApp is well-versed in Traditional Astrology, and has included Hellenistic and Medieval features like tables of Dignities, Mutual Receptions, House Almutens, Fixed Stars, Arabic Parts, Lunar Days, Dispositor Chains, Parans, Temperament, Sect and other chart details, and Planetary Hours, and the predictive techniques: Distributions, Solar Return Distributions, Firdaria, Profections, Decennials, Zodiacal Releasing, Planetary Ages, and Primary Directions.

For modern predictive work, AstroApp offers Transit biwheels and hit listings, Planetary Returns, and a variety of types of Progressions, as well as Ingress charts, and the ability to search for astrological events (i.e. when specific aspects form in the sky). provides an excellent set of tools for astrologers on the go, and even for many who stay at home! It is continually being improved, with new functions like astromapping, a graphic ephemeris, and interpretive reports just around the corner. Well done!

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