TMA SoftStar News March 2011

by Hank Friedman

Regulus Platinum

by Cathar Software
$225 (discounted price through the above link)

Regulus Platinum is a huge update from the previous version 1.6, and has leapt from being the top Windows Huber astrology software to become one of the most powerful professional astrology programs for Windows.

This version offers incredibly comprehensive capabilities for Vedic, Medieval, Horary, Hellenistic, Modern Western, and Huber astrological approaches, and for working with Fixed Stars and Arabic Parts. It is beyond the scope of this mini-review to elaborate upon all of the features of each of the aforementioned modules, but I'd like to describe some of them:

The Fixed Star module has a detailed table of Fixed Star positions (from a choice of 9 different groups of Fixed Stars), an excellent Fixed Star chart, a detailed Fixed Star aspects table, Fixed Star interpretations, and a very advanced Fixed Star Parans table.

The Medieval calculations include Firdaria, Profections, Lord of the Nativity, Annual Rulers, Septenarious, Hyleg and Alcocoden Analysis, Almudebit, Planetary Strengths, and both round and traditional (square) Medieval charts.

The Vedic module is a model of efficient design, with the ability to view up to 12 divisional charts plus a Rasi chart and the current chart, and a table featuring Panchanga information, all on one screen. You can also view any of four types of dasas and bhuktis, tables of alternate lagnas and upagrahas, and more.

The program has a well-done monthly astrology calendar, incredibly powerful astromapping, complete with editable theme mapping (e.g. maps of the places to go for romance, education, etc.), one of the best eclipse maps, and one of the most useful predictive graphs (which can place planetary stations in each event line).

Unique functions include the ability to re-view the charts and tables from all previous sessions, to modify the appearance of printouts using over 100 image tools, and to view wonderful extra ring wheels (showing Arabic Parts, midpoints, Nakshatras, Terms, or Sidereal signs, etc.).

You can design your own wheels and pages, create new Arabic Parts, pop up any number of resizable floating charts, and can search chart files (with AND/OR logic) using both Huber factors (like aspect patterns) and modern Western astrological factors.

The program introduces many new techniques, such as Alexander Marr's Ascensional chart, several unique types of progressions (including the keys method, and the Evolution Point of Don Neroman), and Barbault's Planetary Cyclic Index.

Regulus Platinum has wheel and page designers, both tabular and graphic ephemeride, sortable predictive hit lists, an eclipse finder, diurnal charts, a planetary node table, three sets of degree symbol interpretations, two planetary hour calculations, an astro-clock, and easy to use animated single, bi- and tri-wheels.

There are even natal and transit reports built in, and templates for creating your own reports.

Regulus Platinum is a very impressive and multifaceted program. It offers such a wide range of astrological functions, from traditional astrology to Jyotish, the Huber method, Cosmobiology, and modern Western approaches, that it will serve most astrologers very well. Its unique features and top-of-the-line implementations of many astrological tasks will win the hearts and minds of those who explore the program.

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