TMA SoftStar News: November 2012

by Hank Friedman

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Beware of Windows RT Devices

In order to provide the users of tablets, laptops, and other new computing devices with a consistent user interface, Microsoft has created different versions of Windows to run on each device. Unfortunately, however, while they all look very similar, none of the stripped down versions of Windows will run any of your astrology programs.

So if you see a tablet or laptop featuring Windows RT or Windows 8 RT (RT stands for Run Time), do not purchase it. Only on tablets, laptops, and computers running versions labeled Windows 8 (i.e. without the RT) or Windows 8 Pro will you be able to use your current astrology software.

[But what if you already purchased a Windows RT device? You have two choices: use an online service like AstroApp to do your calculations, or install remote desktop software like LogMeIn on your RT device and your main PC, and then as long as your PC is turned on, you can access all of its software on your RT device.]

Timaeus 8 Pro
Timaeus 8 Pro web page

Curtis Manwaring, a pioneer of software for Traditional Astrology, has released the latest version of his Timaeus software for Windows PCs (for $75.00). Timaeus was originally designed to alert astrologers to current astrological events, but has evolved into a very powerful set of tools for the Traditional astrologer.

When you run Timaeus, it places itself in the System Tray (the strip at the right bottom of your Windows screen), and shows you the planetary hour and rising sign for the moment. If you place your mouse over the symbol of the planet whose hour is current, it indicates how many minutes are left to go in its hour. Placing your mouse over the rising sign symbol shows you the exact position of the Ascendant and M.C.

When you double-click on the tray icon, it can show you either Interpretation of the Planetary Hour and more (and other astrological information), or pop up a full astrological chart for the moment. You can define your current location, as well as quickly change the setting for a different city. The latest version has Swiss Ephemeris accuracy and includes the Terran Atlas database with coordinate and time zone lookup for over 13 million locations.

But the program does much more. It can alert you to when a new sign rises, when a planet crosses any of the angles (with a different sound for each angle and each planet) or reaches a specific degree of a specific sign.

The latest version of Timaeus adds a number of additional functions including some not available in any other program. For example, The Timaeus Graphic Ephemeris is the only one that is "live", i.e. if you click on any place in the ephemeris, a quad-wheel pops up with the planetary positions for that date and time, and more importantly, it is the only one that shows heliacal rising, setting, and acronycal phenomena. Well done!

In addition to offering standard Solar, Lunar, and planetary returns, Timaeus offers Solar Revolutions as described by Umar Al-Tabari; its listing of Distributions of Solar Revolutions table is both extensive and again live (clicking on any line places the planetary data for that date and time in the outer rung of a quad-wheel).

Timaeus can calculate sortable Al-Firdaria time lord listings with nocturnal variations, and other important Traditional functions such as Almuten table and Degree Attributions table according to Bonatti, Essential Dignities tables, and additional tables showing heliacal risings and settings within 7 days of the birth, dodekatamoira, monomoiria, Valens eminence indicators , Arabic Parts, asteroids, Primary Directions, and more.

Timaeus is an excellent resource for Traditional and Horary astrologers who wish to monitor the current changes in the sky, and who wish to utilize the advanced Medieval features available in the program.

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