The Top Eight Astrology Programs

by Hank Friedman

Many astrologers get overwhelmed trying to choose from the large number of great astrology programs available, so I created this page focusing on the very best. These eight programs are truly outstanding and are the ones that are most often purchased by astrologers:

Solar Fire Gold

1. Solar Fire Gold. Probably the best-designed astrology program in existence, Solar Fire Gold has both incredible ease-of-use and unparalleled capabilities.

It is designed for astrologers who want wonderfully implemented features, easy customizing, and great graphics, and has very brief interpretations built-in.

Its top features include superbly executed chart animations, an easy to use and versatile Page Designer with the most choices of tables and listings, phenomenally powerful chart and sky searches, the most user-friendly astromapping, and a great predictive graph.

You can learn more about it here and here and here,   watch my tutorial videos on YouTube and order it at the best price here.


2. Janus. Janus is the "best buy" of astrology software. It has much of the power of the more expensive programs but is incredibly inexpensive. The latest version is a huge upgrade, with Vedic features such as a Dasa report, improved transit graphing with interpolated stations, the very best theme astromaps, expanded Traditional Astrology features, a much better interface, and much more.

In addition, it has many unique features including full natal, transit, compatibility, and relocation reports built in, an extensive bibiography, a powerful astro-calendar, and more.

You can read about it here, watch my introductory video on YouTube and order it at the best price here.

Shri Jyoti Star

3. Shri Jyoti Star. Shri Jyoti Star is the most powerful Vedic astrology program in existence. It has phenomenal accuracy, two incredibly great page designers (for the screen and for printing), more tables of information than any other program, phenomenal research features, Vedic astromapping, advanced rectification functions, Muhurta graphs, Vedic time searching, and much more.

(Note: Vedic programs cannot interpret Vedic charts, because they can't take enough factors into account.)

You can learn all about it here, watch my tutorial video on an earlier version on YouTube and order it at the best price here.

Regulus Platinum

4. Regulus Platinum. Regulus Platinum is inexpensive and has amazing modern Western, Fixed Star, Arabic Part, Asteroid, Vedic, Astro-Mapping, Midpoint, Harmonic, and Lunation modules, the first predictive graph that inserts stations into the time lines, and more.

Designed originally for astrologers using the Huber approach, its set of features for Huber astrology are extraordinary, even including research features. It is also the only professional astrology program to offer its interface in English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, and Italian.

(It has only short natal and transit interpretations and no add-on reports, and so is not for the astrologer looking for delineations in their software.)

You can also purchase very powerful add-on modules for rectification, Traditional astrology (very powerful), Astrogenealogy, and others. Learn all about Regulus Platinum here, and order it at the best price here.


5. Sirius. Sirius is a powerful astrology program with the largest time-change atlas, and a newly added giant database of mundane, event, and famous people's charts donated by AstroDatabank.

Sadly, its search charts for individual factors are very limited compared to Solar Fire and other programs, but it does have powerful astrological modeling tools for those willing to spend the time to work with them.

It is nevertheless deeply versatile, and has pioneering harmonic techniques (including harmonics for synastry), pop-up charts, artistic chart wheels, 47 basic lessons in astrology, and full astrological encyclopedia, and more, plus functions for many schools of astrology including modern Western, Vedic, Huber, Hellenistic, Cosmobiology, Fixed Stars, Asteroids, Harmonics, and more.

Sirius also offers many abstruse techniques used by only a few astrologers, because its author has responded to requests.

(Sirius has very short interpretations for transits, etc. and so requires add-on reports for interpretations, which can be purchased.)

It has a Rectification module (for advanced astrologers only), a what-you-see-is-what-you-get Page Designer, a Business Manager, full Fixed Star, and Asteroid reports, and much more.


6. Prometheus. Prometheus is a surprisingly comprehensive astrology program with some incredible strengths:

You can use many more points throughout the program -- e.g. in charts, predictive searches, and astromaps -- than any other astrology program, including House Cusps, Planetary Nodes,Arabic Parts, Asteroids, Fixed Stars, Eclipses, etc.

It also has the best Planetarium, Heliacal and Out of Bounds searches, Astrodynes, Gauquelin Sectors, and 13 sign charts.

One can create powerful searches for past and future events, not only transits but directions and progressions, complete with AND NOT and OR operators and brackets for all of the points offered in the program.

The predictive graph also has many unique features, including the ability to select different aspects to use for each transiting planet and the best depiction of stations within orb.

You can learn more about it here and purchase it here.

Janus Light

7. Janus Light. Janus Light is the premier astrology program for beginners, those on a tight budget, and for those who want to sell astrology reports.

It has single wheels and biwheels, including animation, a full astro-calendar, Vedic Ashkoot compatibility, and extensive astro-mapping.

And amazingly includes full natal, compatibility, transit, and relocation reports that are well done.

You can learn more about it here and purchase it at a special introductory price here.


8. PlanetDance. Finally, PlanetDance is a remarkably powerful and extensive free astrology program complete with a very large and accurate time-change atlas, for Windows computers.

It has a huge range of features including those for Classical, Mediaeval, Harmonics, Planetary Nodes, Asteroids, Fixed Stars, Arabic Parts, Vedic, Eclipse searches, and more.

It's graphics are a bit rough, and navigating its menus takes time, but it's definitely worth exploring.

You can get it here.


Software Demos

You can download free demo versions of most of these programs (except Sirius and Kepler) here.

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