AstrolDeluxe Platinum 9.5

by Hank Friedman

With my current shelter-in-place sale, in addition to my already discounted price for the full program (below), I giving everyone an additional $15 rebate (or you can have me donate that amount to the needy).

After much work, John Halloran has released a major upgrade to AstrolDeluxe.

This upgrade is also almost double in price, so those who want to run his add-on reports or don't need the new features can still purchase AstrolDeluxe ReportWriter version 8 here instead.

And see my exploration of the AstrolDeluxe reports (add-ons and built in) here.

Ordering Information

For U.S. Orders only: You can purchase the latest version of AstrolDeluxe Platinum (for the discounted price of $270) by clicking on the following button:

Note: like most computer software, astrology software cannot be returned for a refund.


For International Orders only, via download: You can purchase the latest version of AstrolDeluxe Platinum (for the discounted price of $290) by clicking on the following button:

The New Features

Many of the new features in the Platinum version have been added at user's request, while others are ground-breaking new techniques in astrology.

Here's a brief list of the features, as mentioned on his website:
(I have also written a review for The Mountain Astrologer that I will be publishing here in a few months.)

1. Planetary Cycles:

A graphic depiction of the hard aspects of transiting planets to natal planets, a technique developed by Tom Ward, indicating periods of growth and rest, complete with a timing report.

2. Planetary Resonance Phases:

Using a method by Dorothy Oja in her book Planetary Resonance, this calculates times when particular life phases will occur.

3. Heliocentric:

Astrologers can now calculate charts and transits and progressions using Heliocentric coordinates.

4. Eris:

This new transplutonian body can now be added to points.

5. Famous charts:

The 5317 Famous charts collection is now included in AstrolDeluxe Platinum, instead of being an add-on.

6. Moon Wobble:

When the Sun has a hard aspect to the Nodes, it is called the Moon's wobble, and you can calculate a table of when this is occurring.

7. Time Search for Planets in Aspect:

You can search for times when any two planets form a particular angle or aspect.

8. Progressed Lunation Cycles:

Here you can calculate progressed New and Full Moons, and progressed Lunar Phases.

9. Retrogrades and Stations:

In the Chart Analysis table, the program now shows in how many days a planet will change direction. Stationary planets are now shown in charts, too.

10. Eclipses and Lunations:

You can now create listings of Solar and Lunar Eclipses or New, Quarter, and Full Moons for any range of dates.

11. Wheel with Grids Page:

The program can now create a page showing the graphic chart, aspect grid, house table, and planet table.

12. Moving Graphic Ephemeris:

You can watch the transiting planets move in an animated fashion in a graphic ephemeris.

13. Pop-up Aspect Interpretations:

When you click on an aspect in a natal wheel or biwheel, an interpretation appears.

and more...

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