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From January 2001 through the end of the weekly channelings
For the Week of Tuesday, September 11, 2001

Dear Souls,

As souls advance upon the path of Light, they are likely to feel more deeply the suffering around them.

It is even possible for them to become discouraged, to see life as a mean place, an unwelcome place, a place of misfortune.

But each soul must work through this stage of their soul's development, and become able to keep their heart open without becoming overwhelmed by or fixated upon the pains of living.

We have spoken before about pain being a great teacher, but let us remind you that those who learn pain's lessons are those who do keep their hearts open, or even become even more real and alive as a result of the pain of living.

It is not so hard to do this.

You just have to remember that life is merciful, and that there are blessings all around you. And that the souls who suffer to the point of death are released to a higher place, not a lower one.

And that the future does grow brighter.

In the midst of your pain, see the beauty of life too. Don't shutter yourself away from life's gifts. And keep above despair by remembering that you are on a journey with an inevitable goal: union with the Divine.

God Bless You.


p.s. Here's what Aderan shares about today's terrorist bombing:

A Call to Reach Out

There is so much suffering and need in the World, and it is all too easy to become complacent and insular when the troubles are far away.

Today's events, the terrorist acts, are an expression of the World's suffering. Everyone needs help, and the only real solution is to help everyone on Earth.

We need to respond to this tragedy with love, and not with hate. And make life better on Earth.


For the Week of Thursday, August 16, 2001

Dear Souls,

The Whole way.

People often value one path or approach towards Unity more than others, and may even reject or judge other methods.

And yet the path to Wholeness requires many learnings, from all sorts of exposures and foci.

We would like to present you with some simpler concepts about what is needed on the Way.

For one, you must accept the ups and downs on the Path. Humans shift back and forth between times of clarity and times of muddiness, times in Essence and times captivated by Ego, and you should never judge or reject yourself if you find yourself less clear again.

Realize that both places are important. Ego times for working free of biases, rooted mental and emotional patterns, and attachments. Essence times for sharing love, healing, and wisdom with others.

You will also at times vary in your commitment to the work. This is natural. Humans are not machines. They are anything but consistent. You are not meant to output the same effort, or get the same results, at all times. Instead, you are meant to flow, and recognize and accept the flows of Time and Nature.

And that means to be receptive to the energies of the moment, and not attempt to go against the flow when you need to go with it. And vice versa.

You life is filled with signs and opportunities, as you inevitably move closer and closer towards the Goal. Even when you feel like you are stuck or making no progress, you are progressing.

Accept every aspect of yourself and your journey, and it will be a very good one.

May your voyage go well.


For the Week of Friday, August 03, 2001

Dear Souls,

The Joy of Alignment.

People often fool themselves, on Earth, into thinking that Earthly pleasures provide the greatest joys.

In fact, those who over-indulge in physical pleasures know, deep down, that they're paying a price, and that the joy they receive is transitory at best.

While we don't want to discourage you (from "having a good time" on Earth), we also don't want you to get lost on your journey.

The greatest joys come from sharing in the Light. From helping others, seeing the Divine Beauty in all things, and in learning to enjoy all of the journey, not just its highs.

The more aligned a person is, the more joy that they experience.

And so the image of the joyless, dry, and crusty monk is a misrepresentation, while the mystic dancing upon the table or whirling in circles in Divine Bliss is not.

Come to develop a taste for the Divine joys, and the mundane ones will lose their hold upon you.

And you will find yourself even happier than you've ever been.

Let this path lead you to joy that is eternal.


For the Week of Thursday, July 26, 2001

Dear Souls,

Heavenly Guidance.

We would like to remind everyone that we are always available for support, healing, and guidance.

So many people look outside of themselves for answers, or make decisions either from emotional impulse or pragmatic considerations only, and forget that they can tune in deeply and receive help from their deeper selves and us.

We are not saying that choices made from impulse or responsibility are wrong, but often they lack an appreciation of or perception of a wider range of choices.

We want your lives to be enriched with meaning, for you to feel on purpose and alive all of the time.

And so we encourage you to allow yourself to avail yourself of our support.

When you are blue, ask for and let us hold you and send you light and love.

When you are confused, ask to be shown the right path.

When you are stuck, let us remind you of alternatives and ways to release the attachments.

Let us help you.

All you need to do is to take the time to quiet your busy mind, close your eyes, and allow yourself to open to the inner world. Then ask for what you need, and patiently wait for our response. It will come.

We are here for a purpose, to help guide you on your road. Let us.


For the Week of Wednesday, July 17, 2001

Dear Souls,

The Deepest Truth.

One of the things sorely lacking in contemporary life is learning how to separate opinion and notions from truth.

People speak "off the top of their heads" and without forethought or any depth most of the time.

In fact, someone who really plumbs their depths before speaking is an oddity.

We would like to introduce you to the idea that the habit of speaking from ego blurs your perceptions, and keeps you from seeing the truth.

Every time a person is in reaction, they may go into "automatic mode." Therein they reflexively blame themselves or others, or get swept away by anger, shame, or other feelings.

But if you practice speaking and thinking with more consciousness, and be careful not to speak just from opinion, your inner world becomes clearer.

Then when you react, the witness or voice of clarity is at hand, to remind you that there are other perspectives than the one that is most stirred up.

We want you to get to a place inside where your ego reactions are very noticeable to you. They stand out because you are not constantly absorbed in them.

When you get there, you will have more freedom than you've ever had before. And more truth.

May you live beneath the storms, in the calm depth within.


[Note: I'm on vacation for two weeks and will resume the Wisdom of the Week channelings on July 18th. Thanks]

For the Week of Wednesday, June 27, 2001

Dear Souls,

Good Heartkeeping.

We have often talked about staying clear, but we want to take the time today to reinforce this understanding.

Living on Earth clutters you up, with obligations, reactions, physiological imbalances and illnesses, pulls towards things, and other preoccupations.

Part of navigating the waters of life effectively is the need to "sweep the decks clean" regularly, so that you can reside in the present with a fresh approach to what comes.

It is hard enough, in most people's busy lives, to clear the external clutter and busy-ness.

But as important is what we call good heartkeeping, the practice of clearing out all of the emotional and mental clutter from past events that keeps you divided, scattered, and even down.

This is one of the reasons why meditation is a part of every mystical tradition.

Because it is universally recognized that inner emptiness is a requirement for being present.

But this emptiness, this clarity, is not dry or cold or boring. It is vibrant, alive, and warm with the embracing of the moment.

After all, it is the distracted person who misses out, not the person who sees, hears, and feels everything around them.

So this week, pay particular attention to your inner state. If feelings or thoughts keep demanding your attention, sit with them until they are complete.

And then return to life, fully.

Welcome back.


For the Week of Wednesday, June 20, 2001

Every soul has many issues with their lives on Earth.

Some of these issues pull the soul in two directions, while others seem to be simply overwhelming.

It is the pattern of the embodied soul to look for reasons for their life travails outside of themselves, whether it be other people, the food they ate, germs, or the environment.

And to see these travails as either punishments, or bad luck, or at least something to put an end to as quickly as possible.

There is little notion of the wisdom of having obstacles in your life, of listening to life's feedback as guiding lights, or of letting yourself live with and even relish the obstacles presented to you.

And we would like you to change your minds about this.

The soul that accepts that Life is wise and a teacher learns so much more than one who reflexively tries to control everything around them.

Just the openness and humility that comes with respecting the detours and re-direction that life throws at you is wonderful.

And to really appreciate, and even thirst, for life to teach and guide you, that is a great achievement.

And it helps you to achieve a much greater peace, knowing that you will get appropriate feedback, that you are not alone in steering your life along its road.

Meet life halfway, and let it lead you the rest of the way.

God bless you,


For the Week of Wednesday, June 13, 2001

The Method of the Journey.

Many souls don't understand just how to progress upon their paths.

One of the ways to progress is to focus upon the difference between the personal and the transpersonal.

You see, each person travels through life spending some time absorbed in personal issues and some time in more transpersonal states.

The personal life is one where you're impacted by external events and internal reactions, where you're caught up in the flow.

The transpersonal moments, on the other hand, are those where you are filled with peace, acceptance, gratitude for whatever comes, and an open heart.

These two types of living intertwine throughout your life, and eventually become united.

It is important to accept the times when you are entrenched in the personal, as well as recognize the teachings of the times you are beyond that.

And to know that this path is wise. The alternation (and eventual marriage) between the two streams brings you to your goal.

And transforms you on the way.

Embrace every aspect of your life. And enjoy the flow.

With love,


For the Week of Wednesday, June 06, 2001

Buried Treasures.

As we have said in the past, each soul travels through many incarnations on its journey to Oneness.

And the achievements of each lifetime carry forward, building one upon another.

On your journey, you develop certain aptitudes, gifts, and strengths. And these become a part of your soul, always there.

You may not believe you have these abilities, or might not feel that you deserve to express them, or might deny yourself access to them, but they are never lost.

All that needs be done is to open your heart and soul to yourself, and the gifts you carry within will emerge.

Let them.

They will emerge fully developed -- you don't have to re-learn them.

That is why it is so important to love yourself, and to recognize who you really are (as opposed to living the role that others handed to you).

This week, be yourself.

And be splendid.

with our blessings.


For the Week of Thursday, May 31, 2001

Note: This week's Wisdom was delayed because my dog of 9 years passed away. She had a wonderful journey, but it was time for her to go. I and many others will miss her incredibly delightful presence.

Dear Souls,


One of the most important things each soul needs to cultivate is right attitude.

And the centerpiece of right attitude is living with the realization that everything happens in Divine Order.

That all events have much to teach us and are rich invitations to grow.

And that there indeed is a very wise Guidance overseeing our journeys, and helping us to have exactly the experiences we need, on the way.

That nothing is completely random. And nothing is meaningless.

The attitude of openness to learning, to facing oneself, to acceptance, and even to gratitude for life's "curve balls", is perhaps a theme we have mentioned again and again.

And we will continue to do so.

Because embodied souls find and lose and find their ways, and reminders are always useful.

Remember then to look for the wisdom and meaning in all that comes your way.

And give thanks for everything that you learn.

God bless you.


For the Week of Wednesday, May 23, 2001

Dear Souls,


Every soul on Earth has had times that have seemed terribly hard.

Times that seemed endless and hopeless.

And yet, in the end, release comes.

As souls, you need to understand that within all moments is the presence of hope.

That even in the "dark night of the soul" there is the coming light.

And that it is important vital to remember this.

That the Light always prevails.

As the proverb says: it takes only one little candle to dispel the darkness.

That shows how weak darkness is and how powerful light is.

And in the same way, enlightenment is inevitable.

Every step of the way, you are learning and growing. And getting closer to your goal.

We never abandon you, and the light is never far away.

When you feel down, remember that joy is just around the corner.

And open to it.

And find your way, again.


For the Week of Wednesday, May 16, 2001

Dear Souls,


The wisest souls approach life with a deep and open acceptance towards all that comes their way.

They understand that everything comes from God, and arrives in order to provide opportunities to learn, to grow, and to rejoice.

They also understand that to make bread rise you have to place it in the oven, and to help souls rise, challenges are also necessary.

In other words, with wisdom comes the understanding that things are not simply good or bad.

That they are all part of the journey towards Union.

Many years ago, Aderan said:

"To the extent that you can get close to another human being, to that extent and no further can you get close to God."

We would add:

To the extent that you can embrace all that God sends to you, to that extent and no further can you become One with the Universe.

Enlightenment is the disappearance of walls, of self, of beliefs, of boundaries. Of becoming the flow, instead of fighting it.

This week, notice what you accept and what you don't accept. Work to clear your rejections, and to open your heart wider.

We'll be waiting to meet you there.

God bless you.


For the Week of Wednesday, May 09, 2001

Dear Souls,

Sanctity. The purity of your life.

There are many people who misuse the idea of sanctity, and others who rebel from it.

The former are those who are self-righteous, and judge others as less pure than them.

The latter are those who pretend that life is a party and that it doesn't matter if you over-indulge all of the time.

As you might expect, neither have the correct approach.

The reason why it is so valuable to attend to your inner state, and learn to live in such a way as to retain clarity and alignment, is that when you are embodied, habits can easily take root.

And if you get in the habit of being "muddy" (or for that matter, of judging others, which is a different form of "muddiness"), you might eventually forget what it feels like to be clear, you might rationalize your state as normal and desirable, and you may lose your way on your soul's journey, for a time.

It is not that we don't want you to enjoy yourselves. We speak of joy often, as a path towards wholeness.

It is that we want you to treat yourself with wisdom. To discover what "brings you down" and what lifts you up.

And what keeps you true to your Self.

Remember. Remember how wonderful it feels to be centered and clear and without worries, judgements, hangovers, or distractions.

And open your heart to yourself by allowing yourself the greatest gift: the gift of Clarity.

God bless you.


For the Week of Tuesday, May 01, 2001

Dear Souls,

Rejoicing (part two).

When you are able to keep your heart open, and your mind clear, even in adversity, you have mastered a certain level of beingness.

It is all too easy for people to engage with adversity in ways that bring them down.

To fight needlessly, to get lost in torment and reaction, to run away in fear, to shut down.

All of these temporarily diminish your spirit, narrow your awareness.

The bravest and wisest thing a person can do during trials is to stay alive and feeling.

And centered in their own beingness.

You know that expression "don't go there"?

Most people don't even realize that they have a choice not to react, not to obsess, not to fear.

They live so completely in their reactions, and are identified with them, and even protective of them, that they give themselves no escape.

Don't go there!

Realize that at all moments, you have a choice how to react or respond to any situation.

You can make it worse, and larger than it is, or you can take it in context, as the next event in a multi-incarnational journey towards enlightenment.

The choice IS yours.

May you choose wisely.

God bless you.


For the Week of Wednesday, April 25, 2001

Dear Souls,


We smile when human beings rejoice in their lives.

Not simple laughter or happiness, but a heart full of joy, openness, and thankfulness.

People must learn how to rejoice, specifically how to rejoice in the trials, the setbacks, and the cloudy days.

And you can do so by allowing your heart to stay open, every day.

Realize that your life is surrounded by, and infused with, Divine Light that teaches you the wisdom in everything that comes.

Every event that "happens" to you can help to set you free.

And to know the true purpose of your journey: Arrival.

Know and remember the many times when you did see the wisdom in the orchestration of your life's events.

And keep that awareness close to your heart, that you may know it continously.

Because remembering you are on a journey, and the purpose of that journey, will keep you on track.

Thank you.


For the Week of Wednesday, April 18, 2001

Dear Souls,

Living in Eternity.

In many of our talks with you, we allude to two different ways of being: living in the transitory. and living in the Eternal.

Many humans act as if this is their only time, that they'll disappear when they die. And as a result, their values become skewed towards immediate dangers and rewards, and they rush towards what they want.

There is another way to Be.

A way built on faith, upon the knowingness that this life is just a short part of your soul's journey, and that your final Return will be glorious.

To live in Eternity means to see and value everything as a part of your voyage, but nothing as the be-all end-all. To not fear anything too greatly, as it is only a blip on the larger journey, and to not get lost in little goals at the expense of the larger Goal.

When you life in Eternity, you have enough time. You also are fundamentally safe, because you know your Spirit is imperishable.

And you know that the more that you grow, the closer you'll be to the Heart of Everything.

We are not asking you to devalue the personal.

Just to orient your life to include an awareness of the Eternal more and more.

That you may be truly happy, truly of faith, and truly knowing.

Many blessings.


For the Week of Monday, April 09, 2001

Dear Souls,


Have you ever noticed how full of wonder young folk are?

Everything is new, everything is interesting, and everything is valued.

And their approach to life helps them to stay close to the Spirit behind everything.

The soul who is inspired has the same feelings towards everything around them.

It's as if life is a symphony full of richness, unexpected movements, and glorious orchestration.

The highest souls feel the pulse of life, the purpose and the meaning within everything.

And so, this week, we ask you to aspire to the same level of engagement with life.

To delight in what's in front of you.

And to see the events that come your way as beautifully orchestrated, instead of random.

And to rejoice in all you're presented with.

God bless you.


For the Week of Tuesday, March 27, 2001

Dear Souls,


We would like all of you to understand the importance of vision.

By vision we do not mean simply or even primarily the functioning of the physical eyes.

We mean the willingness and ability to look at yourself, your life direction, your shadow, your yearnings.

The vision we speak of is not just facing yourself, it's working on deepening your insight, your vision about who you are, why you are here, and where you are headed.

We want you to give your life, and your place in it, a broader scope.

We wish you to be fully able to see more and more about your life's journey.

And more and more about who you really are, instead of what you have habitually identified with.

And to know that in developing deeper and deeper vision, you will get close to becoming who you really are, and be able to live in deeper authenticity and Spirit.

May you take the time, this week, to step back from your life and yourself, and see your place in life more clearly than ever.


For the Week of Wednesday, March 21, 2001

Dear Souls,


Beings on Earth fall so easily into the illusion of separateness.

From Here, we only see Oneness that all consciousness is continuous, and unified in the One.

Many humans don't seem to understand that not only are they so much alike, and so much alike all beings on the planet, but that they are all inter-connected.

That is why it has been stated, "Treat another as yourself". (Which is more accurate than saying, "Treat others as you would have them treat you.")

Because you may be able to fool yourself into believing that you are immune to what happens to others for a while, but eventually your awareness will grow to the point where you can no longer deny the truth.

We are all One.

Therefore, treat each being that you encounter consciously, as Thou.

And know that the more you open your heart to all life on Earth, the closer you get to Heaven.

Let all artificial boundaries of gender, race, nationality, and even species dissolve, and feel the expansion of your heart and the opening of your mind.

May you receive the gifts that come from this awareness.


For the Week of Tuesday, March 13, 2001

Dear Souls,


In today's future-oriented society, people continually obsess about what is coming next, what there is to do, what there is to prepare for.

While it is important to keep up with one's life and its demands, it is even more important to stay connected with yourself and with Spirit.

This is not an either/or proposition. You can stay "on top of things" and at the same time be Present in Spirit.

In order to do so, however, you have to expand your awareness to include, in each moment, both your outer world and your inner one. And most people tend to switch from one to the other.

This expanded awareness often starts with the cultivation of inner awareness, since the modern culture is so outwardly oriented.

But if it stops there, if you learn how to "tune in" to yourself in private moments but don't learn how to keep inwardly connected when you "re-enter the fray", then you have only gotten partway along your journey.

As you cultivate this new skill, you might intersperse attending to externals with attending to internals while in public activities. Eventually, however, you will realize that the division of inner and outer is arbitrary, and that your awareness can encompass everything at once.

It is at this point that your awareness will really deepen and blossom.

And arrive.

May this week bring you a taste of your goal.


For the Week of Wednesday, February 28, 2001

Dear Souls,


We are beginning to emphasize that life on Earth can help you to arrive at your goal.

That being incarnate is a great gift, and one that can, in fact, spiritualize you bring you closer to God.

The Earth is not simply a place of distractions, desires, and delusions. It is also a place of great beauty, deep spirit, and many wonders.

In fact, given the ego's predisposition to focus on the negative, it is important to cherish each day of life, instead of bemoaning the travails of being incarnate.

In order to receive all of the blessings that this life offers you, you need to cultivate and maintain awareness of everything that you receive.

And stay conscious of just how rich this life is, filled with teachings, love, and light.

And share with life, and with others, your rejoicing in having this wonderful opportunity.

This will lead you to a much greater wholeness than you could otherwise achieve.

We become vast from a state of joy, we become wise by learning all that is taught to us, and we become holy by recognizing Spirit in everything.

Embrace your life fully this week. Love it. And let it love you.


For the Week of Tuesday, February 20, 2001

Dear Souls,


Every soul on earth wants to experience a complete sense of oneness with the universe.

People try all kinds of ways to achieve that oneness, including spiritual practices, drugs, and sexual pursuits.

Nevertheless, they usually find themselves feeling disconnected again, separate again.

The only way to achieve a continual state of communion is to work towards that state step by step, instead of trying to get there, and stay there, through one big effort.

One cannot be impatient or greedy to arrive. Nor should one despair of ever arriving.

Instead, trust in your journey, and "keep your eyes on the road."

In other words, allow yourself to know what brings you closer to oneness, and what draws you further away.

Gradually, you will arrange your external life and personal patterns to create a foundation of steadiness upon which to build.

You will achieve more and more detachment from small concerns and attachments, and with a great sense of freedom, take yourself lightly.

And the whispers of communion, the scent of the rose, the opening to all, will gradually strengthen.

Appreciate and savor each stage of the journey, with the faith that you will arrive.


For the Week of Wednesday, February 14, 2001

Dear Souls,

Happy Valentine's Day.

May we wish all of you the ability to feel God's Love around you at every moment.

Especially at those times that are the most challenging and most stressful.

And may you all realize your own true nature.

That, in truth, you have no flaws.

Simply overlays that briefly cover over your deeper and truer radiance.

You are always a part of Us. And never truly apart.

So may this day bring you Love.

And the knowledge that you are fully worth loving.

With our Love,


For the Week of Tuesday, February 06, 2001

Dear Souls,

Many times, we talk to you about life on Earth and what it has to teach you, i.e. how to get ready for Heaven.

Each soul finds themselves (on Earth) in a place that is so different from where they came from, that they become captivated.

We do not suggest walking through life with such detachment that nothing reaches you at all, nor waiting impatiently to return Home.

But once you've "arrived on Earth", you become predisposed to over-value everything around you.

And in the process you forget your Origin.

You were once a spirit free of matter, and will eventually return to that state.

And making the journey through matter, returning to Spirit, is a holy odyssey, a magical journey.

Try not to forget that you're on a journey, because remembering will give your life a meaning that will carry you through to your goal.

Along the way, help your fellow travelers. Remind each other of the journey and the goal. Not to get too settled or attached.

And to keep the Light in sight.

Your time on Earth is finite, in more ways than you can know, but cherish it as the means by which you awaken and align your soul.

Happy traveling.


For the Week of Tuesday, January 30, 2001

Dear Souls,


Each soul is learning how to let go in the face of challenges, obstacles, pain, and fear; and to cultivate the faith that everything that happens is leading you to your soul's enlightenment.

Along the way, as we have said before, there can be many shocks, detours, and unexpected events. Souls need to learn how to deal with both these events and the effects they give rise to.

The Earth Plane teaches people that attachments and expectations cause pain. Because the future unfolds unpredictably, everyone has to learn how to flow, how to respond, and how to meet life consciously.

The most unexpected of all interactions with life are the interactions with other people.

Humans unconsciously expect others to act and react, and value and obey, just like they do. It is very difficult to understand and fully accept that your expectations of how others will act are likely to fail many times in your life.

And that you are not meant to mold others in your own image, nor judge them for failing to meet your expectations, but instead to see everyone as having something to show you, and the differences as a way of waking you up to new perspectives and ways of being.

That everyone is a gift to you, with teachings, messages, and opportunities to open your heart and mind even further.

May we suggest that you allow yourself this chance to see how important it is to treat every person as a face of God, and as an opportunity to see beyond the limits of your own eyes.

Surrender the need to be right, to be in control, and to dictate how others should be, and enjoy the growing freedom of the surrendered spirit.


For the Week of Tuesday, January 23, 2001

Dear Souls,

Self love.

Every soul has deep need to feel connected to both themselves and God.

They often substitute other stimuli and activities to mask the extent of this need, because they don't want to feel the pain of disconnection. And some people don't know how to get there.

The need for a deeper connection abides, always.

People may look outside themselves, to others, just when they need to be looking inside. And then they can't find the permanent connection that they need. They may even blame others for failing to provide this for them, when they -- who are the only ones who can -- are not providing it for themselves.

And because the Earth plane is a dimension of changes and distractions, each person must renew their inner connection regularly, if they are to stay aligned and feeling whole.

And if a person receives a deeper shock or injury, then repairing the connection may take more time and intention.

It is through maintaining your inner union that you can then be connected with everything around yourself, not vice versa. Yes, being in wonderful settings or with magical people can create a very deep feeling of union, but when you're alone again, that feeling only lasts if you have properly maintained your inner space.

That is why so many people have regular practices, whether they be dance, walking, running, chanting, praying, meditating, Tai Chi, yoga, or others that help them to keep freshly connected to their own depth.

Remember. The inner world is more important than the outer one. Developing and continuing your connection with yourself is paramount to your soul's path.

Please don't lose yourself too completely in externals.

Find your way home.


For the Week of Tuesday, January 16, 2001

Dear Souls,

Gratitude, revisited.

There are certain themes that we come back to, again and again, because they are so fundamental to the Spiritual Path. And gratitude is one of them.

Most people don't realize that gratefulness is an attentional process, i.e. that the grateful person sees what they have to be grateful for, and pays attention to all that they are being given.

They also operate from a cup that if full, instead of struggling to fill it, because a person who is grateful is content with their lot in life, and therefore free of angst, of wanting, of feeling unfulfilled.

And there is no greater gift that you can give yourself than the capacity to completely rejoice in your life, just as it is.

And so we ask you, this week, to watch your attention. See when its strays towards thoughts of lack, of pressure, of being ignored or overworked.

And realize that if you master your thoughts and the direction of your attention, then you master yourself.

Don't fight with the sticky negative thinking patterns. Simply notice them, and how, like a broken record playing the same section of the song over and over, they give you no new information, no insights, no solutions, only misery.

And then take a deep breath and let all of the thoughts go. And open, again, to all you are given, all of your gifts and blessings, and the incredible generosities bestowed upon you by Life.

Return to both your grateful awareness and your attention on what works (instead of what doesn't work).

And feel your Spirit open up wide.


For the Week of Monday, January 08, 2001

Dear Souls,

We are continuing this series of weekly transformational exercises today.

Exercise Twenty-nine


"The transitory is the bridge to the Real" the Sufis state, and this means that by aligning yourself properly on Earth, you become ready to be aligned in Heaven.

The quality and nature of your devotion is one such path. If your devotion, to another person, to a cause, to animals, to an interest, is steady, growing, and true, then it helps you to become capable of deeper devotion, to the Highest.

On the other hand, when a person's devotion towards what they value the most in their life wavers, their physical and spiritual health suffers too.

In other words, devotion organizes and aligns your energy, and galvanizes it.

It allows your life to have meaning, and to blossom.

And in order to be devoted, you have to tap into a deeper part of yourself to begin with, and to stay in touch with that depth.

And so, this week, see the part that devotion has played in your life. And how it has changed you, and enriched your beingness.

And open to it even more, and in doing so, to yourself and God.

May all of your beingness open this week, in devotion and in love.


For the Week of Tuesday, January 02, 2001

Dear Souls,

We are continuing this series of weekly transformational exercises today.

Exercise Twenty-eight


We would like all souls on Earth to be truly happy.

And in order for this to happen, each soul needs to learn the difference between transitory pleasures and more eternal happiness.

The ego becomes happy when one of its needs or wants is met. This is not a bad thing, in general, but becomes problematic if only the ego's needs are attended.

The soul's needs can be quite different. There are times when the soul needs activity, while the ego wants to be indolent. At other times, the soul needs stillness, and the ego busy-ness.

In other words, one cannot state that one activity is consistently better for the soul than another, as times and needs vary.

Therefore, the key to true happiness is the attention to and fulfillment of the soul's needs, at each moment.

Most people need, first, to learn how to distinguish between the ego's promptings and the soul's.

This requires a certain degree of self-honesty and the willingness to look at what will bring you deeper into yourself instead of taking you away from yourself.

And life will provide you with a million distractions and as many opportunities for your soul.

So this week, and all weeks, tune in to the needs of your soul. What makes you more whole, more heart open, more alive, more conscious.

And let the soul's needs count, in your life.

And the Sun will shine.


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