Archives of Wisdom of the Week

For the Week of Sunday, April 18, 1999

Each soul is on a journey to find itself. Along the way, it comes to believe that it is what it is not, and has qualities that it doesn't actually have. In other words, because people become identified with their parents, culture, religion, peers, and environs, they lose sight of their essential nature.

Whether you call it "erasing your personal history" as Carlos Castaneda did, or simply polishing your rough edges, you path is to free yourself from biases, blindnesses, and attachments; who you were taught to be, and who you think you are.

Self concept may be very important at specific stages of personal development, but eventually the soul must relinquish all conception of self, in order to achieve pure beingness.

When you forget who you are (or think you are) you totally enter the present. You become able to feel the Unity with all. And see that the differences between you and others are trivial, and that the Pulse is One.

The height of Ego is proclaiming one's specialness. This represents the soul most separated from others and from the Light. The Unified Soul, on the other hand, becomes incapable of comparison, for (s)he sees everything as a reflections of the divine.

Strive to feel the unity this week. The music that pervades life, the symphony of existence. And know that opening oneself to this true oneness helps you return to the state of being that you are meant to inhabit.

May this week be one of wholeness.


For the Week of Sunday, April 11, 1999

Dear Souls,

We would like you to understand the rhythms of life more fully. The changing of light in the day, the seasons, the turn of the years, all of these have many levels of significance.

When an embodied soul awakens in the morning, they become oriented, very quickly, to the energies of the new day. Each soul, however, brings to the day their own energies unless the soul is very clear and so the morning energy becomes a combination of the day's energy and the individual's.

That is why it is important to clear each night before you go to sleep. To empty and/or balance the influence of the day's events. That way, you can sleep in a deeper way, fully digested, and able to rejuvenate very fully.

Otherwise, the next morning you will feel "hung over" and incomplete, and it will take longer to align with the energies of the day, perhaps even all day.

And since each day brings its own promise, the truly aligned soul enjoys the unique qualities of every day.

On a larger scale, the seasons bring the same challenges. Humans do not only have daily impacts, but also as you well know longer themes and issues arising. Each of the seasons can provide times of transition and moving on, if one can leave behind the patterns of the previous season.

But the last thing we would want you to do is rush things to completion. We would much rather things take longer to resolve than that they are left behind incomplete. We are only encouraging you, today, to open more consciously to the rhythms of each day, each week, each month, and each season, and realize how you are and can be born anew at each of these beginnings.

"It's a new day" are not just the words of a song, but an important reminder that each moment is full of new possibilities.

May you awaken to many new possibilities today, and every day.

We wish you many blessings,


For the Week of Sunday, April 04, 1999

Dear Souls,

We want to teach you the distinction between earthly love and Heavenly Love, i.e. the love of another person in the more ordinary way, and the Experience of Love that shatters the ego and transforms the soul into an enlightened being.

We wish to share this truth because there is much confusion on the earth plane between pleasure and truth.

The goal of the Journey is not to be happy. It is to become the embodiment of the Light.

This is a very different goal than most earthlings have, and a goal that is more eternal instead of transitory. In other words, you can have great momentary pleasure and comfort, but it will definitely go away. But the achievement of the embodiment of the Light is a permanent breakthrough.

Look at it this way: you have fallen in love with another, and for a while it is blissful, perhaps all consuming, and exalting. But inevitably "reality" sets in, and you begin to see the things about the other person that "bug" you, and you are no longer in the state of Love. Now you may have been transformed by the experience, and you may not have been, but in either case, many of the feelings and realizations will fade, if you don't have the foundation in yourself to build on them.

The soul shattering Love we talk about, like Rumi's love for Shams Tabriz, is of a whole different nature. It is much larger than human love, because it is provoked by God, not another human.

When you love another person (as a person, and not as an image of God), you actually exclude God from your consciousness. (You also often exclude other people, like friends, from your awareness during your infatuation period.) This is what might be called an exclusive (or excluding) love, that brings you towards pleasure and away from others. (Even when you feel happy for everyone else because you feel so happy inside, still it is often a kind of blindness, and not a real happiness for others.)

The shattering Love, which is rarely attained, obliterates one's self. It forces upon you a connectedness that cannot be ignored. By eliminating the boundaries between self and the Light, it also Opens the Heart and dissolves the boundaries between self and the world. And unlike drug-induced states, this experience stays and changes your every perception of the world permanently.

You live in a society that glorifies romantic love. We are telling you here that there is something much "higher". Beyond simple pleasures and joy lies a realm of awareness that will lead you to the Truth. To the total transformation of your beingness.

And we wish you grace on your journey to this new place.


For the Week of Sunday, March 28, 1999

Dear Souls,

We will speak today of clarity. It is all too common for embodied beings to think that they're clear, as if there is only two states: clear and unclear.

Clarity is a continuum, an evolution. One cannot say that they are clear accurately because the true state of clarity is beyond what most people have ever experienced.

And so a word that could be used to inspire one towards greater and greater understanding has become used to describe a much lesser state.

What we want you to see is that to be clear certain conditions must be met:

You must be free of ego bias (towards or against).

You must be calm in your body, not agitated or otherwise imbalanced.

There must be both a sense of connectedness with all life, and a receptivity to being Led.

And all preconceptions must be absent.

The individual who is truly clear can See What Truly Is.

All other levels of clarity are useful, but only steps towards this greater clarity.

As we have said before, we want you to notice your degree of clarity and realize that one cannot speak truly, think clearly, or see objectively unless a certain level of clarity has been achieved at the moment.

Begin to explore what tilts or slants you give to reality at each level of clarity &unclarity. And know, thereby, with even more certainty, the differences in the various degrees of clarity, so that you may truly aspire to be clear.

We send you our love.


For the Week of Sunday, March 21, 1999

Dear Souls,

We welcome you to open your hearts to Life.

We understand that life can throw you many "curve balls", surprises and shocks that unsettle you, but we want you to look deeper into why this is so, and learn to "ride the waves" of life and appreciate, instead of dread, its changes.

When souls begin their journeys of incarnation, stability is important for the development of trust in life. However, too much stability, throughout a life, can lead to a kind of contentment that is "ensleepening", i.e. narrowing one's world and dimming one's awareness. (It takes a rare soul to live in sameness and stay truly awake.)

So life sends you changes, unexpected occurrences that enliven or awaken the beingness.

The resistance to life's unpredictability is a quality of ego, a quality of the part of oneself that wants to control everything and everyone. That is why people try to control their partners, their children, their friends -- to keep things predictable.

We are saying that one of the tasks of incarnation is to learn to release the grip on life, to allow life to teach you by opening to and welcoming the changes as enriching experiences.

We are asking you to give life a chance to teach you how to flow.

So this week, listen. Listen and notice the part of you that wants control and predictability, and notice, too, how letting go of this urge opens you up, in a very special way.

May your week go unexpectedly.


Sunday, March 14, 1999

Dear Souls,

The soul on its journey wants different things at different times, and we want you to be careful not to judge souls who are at a different part of their journey than you are. Notice we did not say behind or ahead of, because this is impossible for you to assess.

Too many people think that the person who is kind, untroubled, and selfless is far advanced of the soul that is struggling with addiction, lust, greed, or anger. This is not true.

Each soul is on their own journey, and is attempting to master the lessons of the particular lifetime. The soul that looks lost could as easily have taken on far more challenges in this life than you, or be simply stuck, or whatever.

It is not your task to measure and compare. Please abandon words like "old soul" and "young soul" because they can dangerously feed spiritual arrogance. As a great Master once said, "the soul who thinks they are advanced of another soul is only at the very start of the spiritual path."

That is why judgement is to be avoided. It traps one in feelings of superiority and blinds one to deeper understanding, compassion, and true knowingness.

Open your heart to everyone, especially those who are struggling the most, and it will be easier to see your own patterns clearly, and to progress.

This week stay clear, in this way. Avoid all comparisons with others, and know that everyone has chosen the right path for their journey.

Go in peace.


For the Week of Sunday, March 07, 1999

There are many paths to enlightenment. Some are quick and some are slow, but everyone is on their way Home.

The journey through life on Earth is one of deep teaching, the learning of wisdom. Not every soul wants to learn, some would rather "stay a while".

But in the end, the physical plane teaches embodied souls to let go. To let go of the material, of the transitory, and of the self.

Humans are initially very ego centered. Over time, they learn to extend their caring towards others, towards all life, and eventually towards the Highest.

Along the way , they may get lost many times, in all sorts of distractions, attachments, and investments.

But in the end, at the closing of the life, they come to realize that the only thing important is what is Eternal.

In the quote "the manifest is the bridge to the Real" the teaching is that the embodied life is an excellent method of learning to value what is Real by allowing your soul to gravitate towards what is most essential, and to leave what is not.

This week, observe your involvements. What do you imbue with the most importance or value, the transitory or the Real? Look for the Real in everything in front of you. And let go of the preoccupations that blind you.

May your week go well.


For the Week of Sunday, February 28, 1999

Dear Readers,

We are here today to focus on the complexities of Ego, its impulsive/dominant nature and its mechanical/asleep nature.

Let us deal with the impulses first. When the collection of parts we're calling the ego encounters an external or even internal (e.g. as in memory) stimulus, it reacts. It reacts blindly. It doesn't see its reaction, it doesn't own that it is reacting, it just reacts. And it often blames the external "source" of the reaction for the reaction itself. "You made me react like this."

This is, of course, untrue. Our reactions are OUR reactions, not another's. And yet the ego is always ready to attribute causality outside of itself, unless of course it is taking credit for something great that it's claiming to have done.

This compulsive and unconscious disclaiming of response-ability for its reactions is the hallmark of the unhealthy ego. It is magnified in serial killers and minimized in saints. And for every incarnate soul, therefore, one of the primary needs is for the right kind of humility. The ability to accept ones own nature as the source of the reactions, without descending into an equally useless self-tromping session.

One must cultivate the courage to face oneself, the honesty to do so, and the security of knowing that one is much more than just a collection of ego parts.

The other shadow of ego is equally deadly in its blindness. That is the predisposition to abandon one's own knowingness and internal authority for the approval of others. Woe to the soul whose entire life revolves around the dictates of another person's ego and beliefs and control trips.

Each of us must grasp, firmly, their own destiny, their own ability to choose and to act. Otherwise, life can be lost or wasted away.

So we ask you this week to know not fear these two themes of ego: neither react without claiming your reactions, nor respond mechanically in obedience to and belief in the will of another.

And in staying conscious instead, enjoy your life, your own presence, and your own depth.

With love,


For the Week of Sunday, February 21, 1999

Dear Souls,

We would like to talk to you today about Heaven. About the state of "Heaven on Earth", for this is a goal of incarnate beings that is useful to describe.

There are some of you who have at times equated Heaven on Earth with pleasure. With everything being happy and bright.

However, the true Heaven on Earth is the higher state of serenity, of the acceptance of all things, the ability to completely and fluidly roll with the punches.

To achieve that state, humans must stop identifying "misfortune" as bad. And allow themselves to open to everything, not just the pleasurable.

So many people who have gone through hard times have spoken deeply about the depth of enrichment these times have given them.

Enrichment from adversity only occurs if the soul is willing to open to and learn with the experience.

We are saying that the state of continual openness, where life's changes are blended with artistically, is Heaven on Earth. May you know such a heaven.



For the Week of Sunday, February 14, 1999


We welcome you again to our discourses.

Each week, we endeavor to instill in you a new (yet old) teaching, that you may find Light and truth more easily in your lives.

Perhaps the most important virtue that we have been encouraging is Presence. To rise above routines and habits, and be truly in the moment.

What many people forget is that the most difficult routines and habits to remove oneself from are the mental ones. Patterns of thinking, inner conversations with oneself and others, mental stances, opinions, and narrownesses -- all serve to perpetuate asleepness and the small self.

We therefore wish you to notice, recognize, and witness the patterns (or may we say ruts) of your thinking.

What do you obsess about? What hooks you? What do you yearn for? And what do you avoid or fear?

But most of all, how do you turn off your awareness and presence?

This week, watch your mind. Without judging it. Simply see your self think. And perceive the biases, and habits, of mind.

It will set you free.



For the Week of Sunday, January 31, 1999

Dear Souls, We are happy that you are following this column.

We are gently guiding you to new awarenesses, one step at a time, and your presence is appreciated.

Today, we want to focus on life, what it means to be alive.

As you know, we would not limit aliveness to simply being a breathing, functioning organism. What we want you to look at is how to be more alive, because the soul that is alive to life is alive to Spirit also.

Being alive is to be cherished, not avoided, as the Earth plane -- the realm of embodiment -- offers many joys and many ways to experience Spirit that are unique to the physical realm.

After all, for all of our vast perspective and High vibrations, we Guides can't smell a rose without the presence of an embodied channel like Hank, nor truly appreciate the beauty of a sunset, the way that you can.

What we're trying to get across to you, today, is that there is glory in life. That the thankfulness for all that life offers you is a profound attitude. And that we angels see your embodied lives as rich and fulfilling, not just problematic.

So learn to live. Learn to appreciate every moment that presents itself. See the beauty, feel the incredibly wide ranges of sensations embodied life offers you. And grow and learn and get closer to spirit by being in a body.

What a concept.

We wish you love, light , and embodied joy.


For the Week of Sunday, January 24, 1999

There are many way towards Oneness, but the most powerful way is the path of Love.

The term Love as we are using it here is not a love based on hormones, need, self interest, nor attachment, but instead an ever refining and transformative experience. The Sufis have often said that Love is a purifying fire, and that mundane love is a bridge to real Love.

Real Love does not include sentimentality, or emotional drama. These are part of the ego not the Soul.

What we are talking about is making the transition from a more personal selfish (including self martyring) love to a more clear, Light, transpersonal Love.

In order to make this transition, one must relinquish the notion of possessing the loved one, of impressing or attracting the loved one, or any proof of love. One must let go, and then let go, and then let go again.

It is fortunate, albeit at times painful , that Earthly love demands letting go also, not only because things are guaranteed to change in a temporal realm, but because when two egos interact, mutual surrender is necessary if true harmony is to exist.

Both types of love teach this. And guide you to a Higher Place.

So this week, examine your love. Is there enough love flowing through your veins, to the trees, animals, and humans around you. And are you attached to the objects of your affection, do you demand particular behaviors from them to maintain your love for them, or are you truly surrendered.

We send you our Love.


For the Week of Sunday, January 17, 1999

We have often spoken about the Light, and we would like to elucidate why we use this word so often. True Spirit is without form, without weight, and without location, and in your world, light comes closest to fitting this description.

At the same time, Spirit is alive, energetic, and conscious, and those of you with enough sensitivity know that mundane light has a profound effect on both your consciousness and your embodied state.

In fact, one of the deficiencies of your practitioners of science is that they are by and large material scientists, instead of spiritual ones. Can you imagine the advancement of the species if consciousness were the main focus of your science?

Even the word enlightened has the word light in it. That is because enlightenment is an unbounded state, where the consciousness embodies many of the qualities of light.

Perhaps this week, you will focus on light and Light. Upon how mundane light affects you. About what behavior makes you feel closer to the Light. And perhaps specifically work, this week, to experience the Light of Spirit more. Imagine yourself bathed in Heavenly Light, blessed by it, renewed and restored by it, and uplifted by it.

We wish you many blessings.


For the Week of Sunday, January 10, 1999

There are many things we would like to talk to you about, but today we will focus on aim.

Many souls drift through life without the perspective or aim that they need. A sense of direction is vital if you are to fulfill your life's goal(s). To this end, we would like to introduce you to the concept of life aim, and how to achieve it.

First, it is important to separate the aims of the ego (or conditioned self) from the aims of the Soul. The ego wants money, security, personal love, relationships, etc. but does not care about the larger picture, the Purpose of your life.

Achieving ego aims takes far too much of a person's time, and worse, just obsessing on how to achieve these aims often takes up even more time.

Therefore, we would first advise you to contain (control and abridge) the amount of time you allow yourself to think and plan about your mundane life goals. Don't let yourself spend precious time thinking about these goals whenever the impulse to do so strikes you. Instead set up specific time slots to plan for (and to achieve) your earth plane fulfillment.

Next, focus on the goals that transcend time and place. What we are calling the Soul's goals. What attributes and virtues would you like to cultivate in this lifetime. Or more pointedly, what virtues are you meant to cultivate this time around. And what changes in your character are needed so that you continue to evolve and grow?

To learn what these are -- the patterns to be eliminated or developed -- is actually simpler than you think. All it takes is to listen carefully (consciously) to the feedback you get from others and from life. If you keep getting the same messages, then you should deeply listen to them and begin to adjust who you are, accordingly.

For example, if a person is frequently told, both by those who know them best as well as by acquaintances, that they are acting too extremely in a certain way (too arrogant, too timid, to self-effacing, too selfishly, etc.), then the person should take this feedback deeply to heart, not judging or clobbering themselves for being "flawed", but instead to resolve to compensate for and stay aware of this pattern, and seek help from others if they can't change the pattern by themselves.

However, the most important Soul work is not how you change yourself, but how you align to the Divine Will. We ask (frequently) that you pay attention to the Eternal and not just the transitory. Please listen to us. Go inside regularly, stop your thoughts, and place yourself in the presence of the Eternal. How? By opening up to the Vastness that exists and has always existed Inside.

We wish you many blessings this week.


For the Week of Sunday, January 03, 1999

Dear Souls, I have often been asked why the journey on Earth is so hard, and at times so painful or seemingly cruel. This is perhaps one of the most important questions that I can answer.

In fact, there is a tremendous desire in embodied beings to settle down on Earth. To become lost in the material or physical life. And one of the reasons for life's traumas is to remind you that all physical existence is transitory and to the extent that you try to make it permanent, you will suffer more.

In other words, don't hold on to things, people, or "stable" situations too strongly. Remember your Source, the Place from which you truly originate. And remember to include Remembrance of that Place in your daily life.

Additionally, the Earth plane is a teaching environment. Embodied souls are learning many many lessons on Earth, including what causes yourself and others pain, and why the Golden Rule exists. Therefore, if life on Earth was painless, people wouldn't learn proper boundaries, nor see the outcomes of their mistakes.

Thirdly, as we have mentioned before, the "impact" of negative events often wakes people up, helps one realize what the true priorities are, what is really important.

There are many other reasons why the pain of Earth is merciful instead of cruel. More reasons than we can go into today.

But this week, we ask you to look back at the times in your life that were most painful, and see how they were gifts, what they helped you to learn, let go of, or wake up to. Remember, life is merciful, but the embodied soul often loses sight of the long journey, and in the moment, forgets to open up to the value even of pain.

We wish you many blessings.


For the Week of Sunday, December 20, 1998

The alignment of the soul with Heaven is a topic we will often discuss with you, because one of the primary aims of Our work is to assist "embodied ones" with their journeys, and with their understanding of the way back.

Each soul is on his or her own voyage and is learning to notice the signs and clues that bring them closer to their goal, (or farther from Reality). For example, whenever you encounter difficulty -- especially seemingly random or meaningless obstacles -- in your path towards an aim, stop a moment and ask yourself Why?

Is it because you are not supposed to be headed in that direction, or -- more likely -- do you need to align yourself and clarify your intentions before continuing to embark?

Listen. Please listen to the messages life sends you, every moment. See the wisdom in both your trials and your rewards. And learn from both.

Try not to gloat at perceived successes, nor moan at what you see as failures. Instead simply ask your self what you are being taught, learn, and move on.

The wisdom and message is everywhere around you. We are continually sharing Light with you. And your Soul is guiding you along the way, calling obstacles to you, easing certain paths, and in general guiding you to wake up.

So this week, don't presume any event is without meaning. Look deeper than the surface. And learn how rich the moment, and the message, is. God bless you,


For the Week of Sunday, December 13, 1998

We are again happy to talk to you and share our perspective with incarnate beings.

It is important to realize that when we attempt to communicate with you , that we are engaged in a translation process. Even thoughts can be formulated into words, but for our messages to come through to you , a much greater act of translation is necessary.

That is why you need to get very quiet internally in order to hear or channel us. Your own inner dialogue or activity can easily drown us out and so it is only by "getting out of the way" that true channeling can begin.

It is also necessary for ego-embodied beings to be alert to the input from ego. In other words, to realize that your ego wants to put in its own "two cents" and distort or change what we have to say both to you and thorough you.

Staying clear is absolutely necessary for clear reception.

That said, remember that what we want to "communicate" to you is not just words, but energy, love, and acceptance. That is why we can give so much more when you interact with us directly. Just reading a book of our wisdom , or a web page, misses a great deal of what we are actually sharing with you.

So please take time, this week and all weeks, to really quiet down, and open up, and receive our presences, our wisdom, and our love. Picture yourself enveloped with light, love,and healing from us or your own personal angels, and know we will be there.


With Love,


for the week of Sunday, December 06, 1998

Dear Souls, we would like to show you how to let yourself grow in light and love, and how to realize the expression of your true selves in this lifetime. In order to do so, we will have to teach you certain principles, and how to overcome the limitations of the Earth plane.

The soul who wishes to take this journey need understand that one cannot get to the goal out of ambition , desire, or fear. That these three must be conquered or better still relinquished if the soul is to truly succeed.

You see, you all think that the methods that lead to success in the outer world, or that are at least culturally promoted and condoned, are effective in inner work. They are not.

In fact, the types of methods that work best in the short run in the business world, such as cutthroat competition, deceit, and adversarial relationships, are exactly wrong for inner achievement.

That is why it was said that the meek shall inherit the Earth. (and Heaven, too). Because only the meek know that all Grace comes from God, and that all efforts are only effective with the proper gratitude and openness towards Divine assistance.

We therefore want you to know that while we encourage you to strive towards a wholer clearer Beingness, the style of striving must be different, tailored to the inner goal involved.

And that means the proper proportion of patience, care, compassion for yourself and others, and willingness to follow the signs.

This week, keep your eyes open. Ask to be guided. Give thanks often. And try to discern when your efforts are too harsh for inner success.

We thank you.


for the week of Sunday, November 29, 1998

We are all one. You have heard these words spoken many times. And yet, you still cannot fully understand them. The shell of individuality, the identification of self as a separate being, is a mask that obscures a Truer reality.

Every mystic talks about cosmic union, becoming one with All, but ordinary human beings do not see the value in pursuing this awareness --- this state of consciousness.

It is said that the ego divides and the spirit unites. What is meant is that you find it easy to focus on differences, instead of listening to similarities, or what we would call joinings (how you are joined, connected, and like everyone around you).

What comes from being more conscious of the similarities, that every thing is a mirror, by not disowning or rejecting those around you who embody your shadow, but instead seeing the interconnected whole.

Yes, the murderer and the rapist and the bigot lie within everyone, as do the Saint, the teacher, and the Enlightened one. Masters know this, and have neither the pride nor blindness to say certain things are "not me".

This teaching is particularly hard for those with low self esteem, i.e. those who withold love from themselves. That is why you need to love yourself fully, so that you may then learn to love, and unify , with everyone.

There is no greater state than Unity. And the way there is to see everyone around you as one of your faces, your teachers, and your selves. Try embracing this awareness this week, if only for a little while. It will expand your Soul.

Thank you.


for the week of Sunday, November 22, 1998

We are happy to have this forum with which to speak to you. After all, one of our purposes is to serve those living in bodies, to help you navigate the waters of life. And to share the perspective available to us from "up here".

We have often said that living in a body can be obscuring, but we need to clarify this statement. A more accurate one is that it is more challenging to stay aligned with Heaven, i.e. the Light, while living in a body because there are a million impulses, needs, and distractions from inside and outside of you to captivate your attention. However, on another level, we also want to point out that the body is wise, and an excellent teacher, and so the journey of incarnation is an excellent way to learn many things.

For instance, the metaphor of a child playing with matches is apropo, in that the body teaches us what makes us truly feel better, and what -- in the end -- depletes us. It teaches beings the middle path, and the consequences of overdoing and austerity. Rigid attitudes often translate into stiff body parts, while weak intentions can translate as weak knees.

(But please don't run home and tell your partner that their stiffness is a result of this. That would be misinformation, as the meanings behind dis-ease vary with each individual, as do the messages the body is trying to communicate.)

More importantly, embodiment teaches us the rewards of living a life of respect. When we have respected both our own makeup and the world around us, we become filled with joy, the joy that comes from great alignment. This joy transcends many altered states, because it is the natural state of embodied beings, much like a purring cat.

So this week, observe (and correct if it's misaligned) the pace at which you act (walk, eat, sit, stand) and the consciousness and grace you bring to everything you think , feel, and do. And notice how much better you feel paying attention, how big the "payoff" is. If humans would only continue to maintain this gentle vigilance, they would meet all of the obstacles that life sends them with humor and skill.

May you have a good week.


for the week of 11/15/98

The path of Light demands many things of people, but amongst the most important is kindness. To be kind to all beings, including yourself, is vital, if you are to grow in heart, soul, and wisdom. However, many people confuse accommodation with kindness when in fact at times the kindest thing you can do for a person is tell them no.

It takes care and wisdom and empathy to know the right path at any moment, in any situation, but with a willingness to see the truth, all else will follow. In other words, we want you to cultivate a heart that is both open and wise. That can as easily be generous as set firm boundaries. And that can help you to navigate human relationships with courage, understanding, and knowingness.

This week , look at your closest relationships. Ask yourself if you can truly see through the others' eyes, and know the others' heart. Ask if you are balanced in give-and-take, and if there is honesty and communication between the two of you. If you have given up on any of your close relationships, think again, and try a new way of reaching the other person. If you've been trying too hard, stop doing more than your share of the relationship work. Above all, get clear and centered before interacting, whenever possible, especially if you wish to have a breakthrough in the interaction.

We wish you well.


for the week of 11/08/98

Each soul , in their journey, is aware of the passage of time. What they don't realize is that time is not linear, at least not the way scientists "know" it, in the inner realm. The more open you are to the moment, the more fully you are in the present, the more time you have. Too many people get lost in anticipation of future deadlines, tasks to be achieved next, etc. and lose time thereby. By living in the future, with your attention ahead of the time that you're in, you miss the moment, and time literally passes you by.

We are reminded of the story of the founder of Aikido, who was asked how it was possible for him to easily dodge bullets shot at him, which he was able to do. He said, essentially, that in the right state of mind, a bullet moves incredibly slowly. He understood time, and the moment.

So in your weekly journey, allow yourself some time. Simply stop, extend your awareness into the moment, and notice that by doing so, you suddenly have much more time. Let go of the "time pressures" and the anxieties that you are carrying, perhaps by taking some good deep breaths and exhaling your tension, and enjoy the preciousness of the Now.

God bless you.


for the week of 11/01/98

We have several things to tell you this week. First, we would like to thank you for reading this material. We hope it serves you.

We have come to realize how difficult it is living on Earth, to stay present. You not only have a million distractions, but all of the demands of your body, heart and mind (not to mention other people).

Therefore we'd like you to focus each day this week on one theme: vertical alignment. What we mean by this is simple. Stop what you are doing, regularly throughout the day, empty your mind and heart to the best of your ability, and simply direct your attention to receiving, to aligning vertically, i.e. with the Divine. Human beings are all too horizontal: everything in front of you is what counts. By doing this exercise, and focusing your attention vertically, you withdraw energy momentarily from your external life, and give yourself the chance to align in a way that is much more nourishing to your soul.

If our words seem obscure, if you don't know what is "supposed" to happen, Good! Just empty and receive, even if it seems intangible or pointless. After all, just stopping the complete involvement in life will be worthwhile all by itself.

We also want you to realize that the gratitude you feel for the beauty and grace and goodness around you is a very powerful force. As we said to a client this week: There is only one prayer. It has two words. "Thank you."

Know that you are blessed, and your life will be even more blessed. Complain, instead, and you miss all that is being given to you.

We are not asking you to ignore the problems and pain of daily existence, just know that there is also good and beauty and love available to you every second of every day, if you open to receiving it.

God bless you.


for the week of 10/25/98

There are many things that we wish to share with you , but foremost is the need, for all humans , to remember their Home. On Earth, you get so lost in what is in front of you that you completely forget your Origin , where you really came from. All souls originate in Light and are of the Light, and while humans can do a good job of obscuring their awareness and expression of that Light, that is what you all truly are and yearn for.

In fact, realizing -- making real -- the awareness of your light nature is very important, vital, if you are to succeed in your remembrance, and in your journey.

At least once a day, go inside, and see the radiance that flows from the deepest part of you out into the World. See yourself as a radiant being. And know that that is who you truly are. Once you've shifted your identity from believing you are your physical and temporal self to knowing that you are your light body every second of the day, you will have Arrived.

Thank you.


for the week of 10/18/98

We are happy to have the opportunity to share with you this wisdom, every Sunday morning, so that we may assist you on your journey. We understand that life on earth is difficult, that the body (embodiment) is obscuring, and we hope to bring you light and clarity and encouragement.

Please understand that you are never truly alone, that there are always angels with you, whispering in your ears, guiding your footsteps, working to help you along the way. Please call on Us for help, as we truly wish to serve you. If you feel we are not serving you in some way, please ask yourself why the situation you are in is not changing, i.e. why you need it to stay the same, (what you need to learn from it still).

In this way, by listening carefully to life, you can continue to grow, to face yourself, see your contribution to life's travails, and to become able to move on.

We offer you our blessings.

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