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For the Week of Monday, June 12, 2000

Dear Souls,

We are very happy to work with you each week.

Your journey is very important to us.

On the path, make sure there is time for reflection, because in reflecting upon your life, you come to see yourself, and your journey, more clearly.

Your greatest gifts flow from you, you know, without struggle. When you are really letting yourself be who you are, your ability to shine becomes effortless.

So please be generous with yourself in the most important way:

Let yourself Be.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 

By now, you've learned a lot about the "book of" you. What things are good for you to do, what things muddy the waters or lead you astray.

Read your book and observe its teachings. After all, no one can know your book as well as you.

And make entries frequently, which requires that you provide for yourself new opportunities to enrich your life. Try new things, explore and experiment, open your mind, heart, and voice, and both express and receive.

And know that you are guided in everything you do. The more you let Spirit into your heart, the more sure your way back to Us.   And to yourself.

Celebrate your life.

And we will, too.


For the Week of Monday, June 05, 2000

Dear Souls,

When we talk to you each week, we are working to hasten your quickening.

By quickening, we mean the transforming you into a being constantly infused by Light. A consciousness that is no longer moored to the material realm, nor the social realm, but instead has realized (made real) their awareness of their Eternity.

There are some who think that becoming Holy is boring, some kind of pastel, vapid, homogeneous existence. Nothing could be further from the truth.

The person who is Freed is actually freer than others to be truly passionate, completely creative, and totally alive.

How do you become aware of your Eternity, besides removing your attachments and investments in the transitory?

By aligning Vertically, by seeing the beauty, spirit, and meaning to everything around you. By letting yourself be almost overwhelmed with gratitude for all of the gifts you receive. By relinquishing all attitudes, and directing your attention to the true Vastness of life.

Sometimes, when you stop and really experience the Moment -- whether it be the sound of birds chirping, the wind on your face, the beating of your heart, or the presence of Life around you you find yourself in a different place.

Like Dorothy (in the Wizard of Oz) tapping together her crimson shoes and saying, "There is no place like Home", you allow the magic to transform you and bring you back to yourself.

And each time you get there, you make it that much easier to get there again. And that much more familiar to you to Be in the moment.

Give yourself this Gift. A thousand times or more. And eventually, you'll reside in the perfect place instead of just visiting it.

We await your next visit.


For the Week of Monday, May 29, 2000

Dear Souls,

Clearing the way.

Much of what we speak about to you, in this column, concerns creating the space for the Soul to shine through.

It is the freedom from obscuring patterns that allows one to shine brightly, and so we wish to assist you on your path to this goal.

We talked about facing oneself last week, and now we wish to talk about the importance of higher emptiness.

Whenever human beings become lost in attitudes, negativity, earth plane concerns, or roaring emotions, they need to realize that returning to emptiness is the answer.

That worrying or justifying or defending oneself only makes things worse, because you are propping up the false self, instead of letting go of it.

We have said before, and will repeat, it is in stillness that you find wisdom, not in storms.

And your attachments, to being right, to feeling superior, to indulgences, to self-martyring patterns, also keeps you away, separate from your Truth.

The Essence has nothing to prove, nothing to measure, no one to be, no one to defend. When you embody Essence, you aren't filled with thoughts or feelings, you are filled with emptiness.

That is why it is so important for people to meditate, explore silence, solitude, and not-doing-ness.

Modern people keep so busy that they fear stopping, and feel guilty and judgmental about "off" times. This is very sad, because it is these very times off that lead you to the Eternal.

So stop, this week. Take time to explore and find the wisdom in emptiness. And bring it with you when you return to busy-ness.


For the Week of Tuesday, May 23, 2000

Dear Souls,

With an open heart, we can face the aspects of ourselves that deny us grace.

With such willingness to perceive, we can achieve complete release.

We began today, with this two line poem, to bring a particular lesson home.

The each of you has, throughout your life, had responses to difficulty and strife.

And these reactions have shaped you, in ways you really never knew.

The blind-spots, biases, and shame, the hardened views, the buried pain.

And in your journey to the Light, you must see all that gave you fright.

Everything that closed the doors, that locked your soul, kept you from soar.

Because, my friends, this path is true, and out of straightness, Spirit grew.

So find your way, through darkest night, see all the causes of your plight.

We promise you, you will succeed, if you have courage to proceed.

Every pain and shame you heal, will bring you closer to the Real.

And in the end, you will re-new, and blossom forth in Heaven, too.


For the Week of Tuesday, May 16, 2000

Dear Souls,

The Highest Place.

The highest place is one you know.

Where your heart swells with love and grows.

Where every thought is kind and fair.

And every sense alive and aware.

You get there by forgetting self.

By putting worries on the shelf.

By being one with everything.

And everyone, with heart that sings.

So this week

O reader true

Return on High

to what you Knew.

To what you were

before you are

a shining spirit

from Afar.


For the Week of Monday, May 08, 2000

Dear Souls,

How to become whole.

Every person has their own path to wholeness, and for this reason no one can blindly follow another's path. Each soul has to find the rhythm, paths, and relinquishments that will get them to their goal.

To do this, each soul must face what they're avoiding, and muster up the energy to move towards the experiences that enrich them even when it's uncomfortable to do so.

Learn how you escape from or interrupt your journey, how you go unconscious, the methods of stagnation. Don't judge them, or yourself. Simply know them, so that you may move away from them.

And know that for every effort you make to move more steadily on your path, you will be met more than halfway (and rewarded).

You don't need to be afraid to face your stopping patterns, in fact, the real thing to fear is not facing them.

For the knowledge, of what keeps you from embracing your Light, is the most precious knowledge of all.

This week, look deeply at the past few months, and see what has held you back. What has distracted you (whether it be thoughts, external patterns, or habits) from clarity.

You will return to yourself much more quickly by eliminating old patterns than by trying to become someone you're not.

May you free yourself this week from your anchors, and rise to the sky.


For the Week of Monday, May 01, 2000

Dear Souls,

Looking inward.

We are asking you today to consider diving deeply into your own soul. So many aspects of your life pull you outside of yourself, and there is a spiritual need to compensate for this by going inwards.

In looking within, we do not only mean watching your thoughts and feelings, but going deeper still.

Navigating the inner terrain, past the material you first encounter, to what lies beneath.

And what you'll find, once you've achieved an inner quietness that allows you to, is a deeper awareness, aliveness, consciousness.

It is hard to describe this in words, especially to those who have not experienced It.

It is the presence of your Higher Self, your vast, solid, wise beingness that otherwise gets overlooked.

But don't just glimpse this Presence, sit with it.

Allow it to permeate your entire field of consciousness, and to clear out the debris of your smaller concerns.

For it is Eternal, and understands your life and life purpose far better that you could ever imagine.

It is there to heal you, ground you, awaken you, and align you.

Let it. And let yourself know, truly know, what is available to you.

Many Blessings.


For the Week of Monday, April 24, 2000

Dear Souls,

The path of healing is in intimately entwined with the path to Spirit.

Each person needs to both heal the disfunctions in their beingness and to embrace their Soul.

By this, we mean become able to see where they are blind, feel where they are unfeeling, know where they are ignorant, and love where they are loveless.

All of the spiritual saints have been marked by their receptivity, compassion, humility, and knowingness.

Because they have taken the journey, and understand just how much work they needed to do, and are fully compassionate towards all others on the path.

In other words, there is no shame or diminishment in facing one's obscurities, in recognizing the need for work.

And then getting on with the work.

In this process, of "getting the kinks out", you become more and more alive, more conscious, more passionate, and more whole.

In other words, you have a lot to look forward to.

So keep on going, towards the full ripening of yourself.

And be filled with ever-growing joy.


For the Week of Monday, April 17, 2000

Dear Souls,


It is necessary for each soul to pay attention to their wellbeingness at all levels: attitude, spirit, feelings, and body. Otherwise, the "vehicle for their soul", their embodied state, can become muddy and off balance and distort the expression of their spirit.

In other words, we ask you to pay heed to the state of your health. It is more difficult, by far, to be truly aligned with your spirit if you are hung over, sleep-deprived, in reaction to sugar, filled with anger, pessimistic, or otherwise dis-eased.

On the other hand, when you are in the habit of taking care of yourself, it becomes much more natural and easy to keep the connection with Spirit alive.

Since life also is unpredictable, and in contemporary times very busy and complicated, it becomes all the more necessary to pay heed to your needs.

A life of balance, as we have mentioned before, allows your heart to stay open, your viewpoints flexible, and your energies high.

Therefore, we ask each of you to aim towards a life that is like a symphony. With each part well-coordinated with every other. With slow times, quiet times, rapid movements, and moments of intensity all in perfect balance.

And know that if you are properly prepared, new and better opportunities will come into your life.

So be well this week. Make it so.


For the Week of Monday, April 10, 2000

Dear Souls,

Each of you is in the Divine Presence at all times.

Each of you is a reflection of that Presence, too.

You may feel small, or deficient, or obscured by doubts or other feelings at times, but the truth is that you are truly part of something Vast.

And an essential part of that Vastness.

Each day this week, please take a moment to shrug off your daily concerns, preoccupations, and roles, and see yourself as Pure Beingness. Even if only for a moment.

Remind yourself, in this way, that you are totally connected to the Source at all times. And like a muscle that gets stronger with exercise, you will find your connection to the Source more easily felt, the more you practice.

Please understand that everyone has this connection, and treat others with respect.

As you go in and feel the Light within, notice how differently you feel. How easy everything becomes. How light.

And know that it can always be this way. With practice.


For the Week of Monday, April 03, 2000

Dear Souls,

We would like you to understand the importance of your journey.

You are finding your way to both greater wholeness and to Unity with the Divine.

The path that each of you is taking is unique to yourselves, and yet everyone's journey also is alike.

In sports, they say, "keep your eye on the ball." In Heaven, we say, "keep your eye on the Light."

The reason it is so vital that you keep your attention on where you are heading (towards wholeness and Unity), is that it is so easy to get distracted and to "fall asleep at the wheel."

But an even more important reason is that the Light meets you halfway. You can usher the Light into your life more fully, or you can ignore it and even push it away.

And opening to the Light regularly in your everyday lives keeps you open in general, to love, to truth, to all that you encounter.

It is continuity that we are speaking of today. The continual presence of Spirit in your life is the most precious gift you can receive.

And the one that ensures that your path will be true.

Nothing is more important.

And so, this week, keep your connection to the Light alive. And flourish.


For the Week of Monday, March 27, 2000

Dear Souls,


Life is a journey. It is a passing through many states, many learnings, many interactions, and many lessons.

Like any other journey, it is important to remember certain travel rules:

1. You are headed somewhere. Don't stop short of your goal. Keep in mind that both each moment is important and the goal is important.

2. Everyone you meet along the way is there for a purpose. There are no "random" meetings. Everyone is your teacher, to some capacity or another. Meet each "face of God" openly.

3. You have choice. You can "stay in one place" as long as you like, but be careful about stagnating. Make sure you stay awake wherever you are.

4. Among the fellow travelers you meet will be very special contacts. Those that you have known before, those that you are to pay very special attention to. All contacts are not equal, but neither gloss over the less important ones, nor make the most important ones your final goal.

5. We called those you meet each "face of God" to remind you to see God in each person you meet.

6. The most important provisions you can take on your journey are internal. These include good attitudes, compassion, reverence, and faith. Inner provisions will serve you much better than any outer ones can.

7. The weather changes. So does the "amplitude" of your journey. Sometimes the road will seem easy, sometimes very hard. Try to take each step of the road in stride. And with a sense of humor, gratitude, and respect.

8. You will get There. It is inevitable. Some journeys are long, some short, but all roads lead, eventually, to your Home.

May you travel on your road of life well this week.


For the Week of Tuesday, March 21, 2000

Dear Souls,

Much of what we speak of is about flow. Like the waves of the ocean, human beings are much more fluid than they realize. In fact, the whole idea of a single "person" is quite flawed. You are more aptly described as moving consciousness than as an identity.

We focus upon this today in order to help you to banish the illusions that interfere with expressing all of you. Every concept a person has about themselves limits them far more than they understand.

What if you have literally thousands of abilities you don't know about and don't identify with. What if in fact your greatest talents lie in areas of yourself that you haven't even explored yet. And what if most of what you think you are (and are not) is false?

The path to discovering the "truth" about yourself begins with letting go of who you've become attached to thinking you are. And entertaining the possibility that you are much more than what you've been.

When we speak, therefore, of your vastness, we are speaking seriously and sincerely about your true nature, a nature that is without bounds, that is capable of so much more than most humans let themselves be.

It's time to free yourself. It's time to stop recreating the same limiting thoughts, feelings, and expressions.

It's time to throw your armor away and let the deepest parts of you shine.

And to enjoy the flow that is you.


For the Week of Monday, March 13, 2000

Dear Souls,


How many of you have felt spaciousness around you, lately?

Space to breathe, to laugh, to dance, to leap with joy, to do whatever your heart desires, to be.

Souls on the Path need space in the same way that they need air to breathe.

Because without space, the Soul dwindles, feels diminished and left out.

And your world is such that spaciousness has become an all-too-scarce commodity.

And that needn't be.

Because, with the right attention, you can find spaciousness in a moment, in a few minutes, in a brief interlude. And become filled with peace, rejuvenation, and a rekindling of the Light of your Spirit very quickly.

But you need to, as we've said before, stop and enter spaciousness for this to occur.

Please, please do not be tyrannized or driven by time, by external demands, by responsibilities to the exclusion of your Soul.

Please give yourself the Space you need.

And rejoice in it.


For the Week of Monday, March 06, 2000

Dear Souls,

When you encounter difficulties.

When you encounter difficulties in life, we want you to remember several things.

We want you to keep in mind, and heart, that you are an immortal soul, and that whatever you are encountering is transitory and of less importance than you are.

That your peace of mind, your attunement, will carry you through all difficulties, so please recover your alignment first, before trying to deal with the problems that present themselves to you.

Know your Vastness.

Knowing your vastness means experiencing it. Experience that you are giant, peaceful, and wise at the core of your Being.

And that you can tap into that Vastness at any time, and especially need to during moments of challenge or stress.

In other words, take the time to connect to the deepest part of yourself whenever you feel you've been "thrown a curve ball" by life.

And know that your soul can handle anything. And already has -- in the past.

And that therefore you can grow and thrive and become even more deeply connected to Spirit no matter what turns your journey takes.

Ride well through life this week.


For the Week of Tuesday, February 29, 2000

Dear Souls,

The Way to God.

The Way to God is many-fold, from giving kindnesses to others, to really listening to feedback, to appreciating the beauty in life, to revering the love you are able to give and to receive.

But perhaps one of the most important things that people in modern society forget is to make space for God in their lives.

To make space for thankfulness, for merging with the Divine Presence, for relinquishing one's tight hold on the personal life to let in everything Outside.

To lose the small focus on everyday concerns for a wider brow, a bigger smile, and a happier heart.

And most of all, to remember eternity. That there is so much more to your soul's life than just this temporary existence.

That if you stop completely being lost in your transitory identity, you become aware of yourself before and after this life, of a continuity and a grace beyond imagining.

Of a vastness that your soul truly occupies, without the concerns of the little self.

So please, this week, leave time. Leave the hustle and bustle and hurry and scurry that life sweeps you into, and enter the timeless moment and return to who you really are.


May we meet there this week.


For the Week of Monday, February 21, 2000

Dear Souls,

To know oneself means being willing to gently and lovingly see your own deficiencies and blindnesses.

It is a myth that people are to pursue perfection, a very harmful myth. To attempt to be perfect drives people to judge themselves, to reject themselves, and to withhold approval and acceptance from themselves.

Please do not do this.

Instead, realize that you are human. An embodied soul who cannot help but "lose the way" some of the time.

And that that is a natural part of the journey. It is not possible to never get lost, but it is possible to have a sense of humor and compassion about your journey and the journeys of others.

And to accept, gladly and willingly, the curves in the road, the times that you miss the mark, and continue to love yourself and stay open to life.

In this way, you will be able to learn from your mistakes, and practice loving yourself flaws and all.

As we do.

You see, we see how valiant is your journey, how challenging it is to live in a body and attempt to be clear and good and spiritual. And we praise you in your odyssey.

And see it, and you, as a success.

So remember this week to accept all of yourself and be able to face and love every aspect of your beingness.

Again, as we do.


For the Week of Monday, February 14, 2000

Dear Souls,

Our favorite topic, as you know, is the path towards wholeness.

We wish to be a "Lighthouse" guiding you to the right shore.

Today we would like to talk about humility, what it means to be truly open to God without pride or shame.

Your culture has confused humility with humiliation, when the first is a state of deep openness, and the latter is a snarl of ego confusion.

What we mean by humility is the ability to set aside one's ego, one's position, beliefs, attachments, and protections, and to recognize Teachings and the Spirit when They approach you.

It is the state of humility that opens the doors to the greatest insights and blessings, indeed, to actual Visitations by Spirit.

So prepare yourself, by listening to those around you knowing that -- in part -- they are your teachers. By revering all that you receive, both good and bad. And by trusting that all that you experience is for a Purpose guided by the One.

Let all of life guide your way, listen to everything, from your body and your inner voice to the birds in the trees and the driver next to you.

And cherish every moment of your life, for none repeat.

And with this Spirit, this practice, grow ever closer to Us.

Thank you.


For the Week of Monday, February 07, 2000

Dear Souls,

We would like to talk today about opening to pain.

Most of you have many experiences in your life that cause you pain on various levels: emotional, physical, etc.

And most of you wish to have relief from the pain as soon as possible.

What we would like to invite you to do, however, is to meet the pain more directly, where it is.

Instead of running away , or assuming that the pain is to be eliminated as quickly as possible, with a minimum of attention, we are encouraging you to understand that pain is a call.

A call to go inward, to tune in to yourself at a deeper level, and to feel the pain instead of avoiding it.

When you do so, your mind clears, and you often become more aware of both the messages the pain has to offer, and the deepening it affords you.

Pain is a doorway deep into your soul.

Take it.

And see what lies within.

Thank you.


For the Week of Monday, January 31, 2000

Dear Souls,

Doors open every day of your lives.

The Light always beckons you, to See it, Feel it, Become it.

When your life is so full that taking a pause becomes forgotten, so does your Soul.

That is why we repeatedly remind you of the inner Light.

You don't have to go out in Nature to feel the Presence of the Spirit (although Nature is wonderful at helping people open up), but you do have to at least take a breath (or a breather) and let yourself quiet down.

The mystery of silence, true inner silence, is that it helps you to forget yourself, not just your cares and worries but your actual self concept, and in this forgetting, you become alive and fluid again.

We want you to realize that you are not an object or immutable identity but instead a Divine flow of consciousness that takes flight once it is unbridled.

Set yourself free this week, as many times as you can, and fly Home beyond yourself.


For the Week of Monday, January 24, 2000

Dear Souls,

We delight in being able to talk with you each week.

That's because just like the Sun wants to shine, we want to be able to share our wisdom with you.

This week we would like to focus on knowing, in a different way.

Humans are capable of great knowingness, provided they are willing to see without bias.

To see without bias means to be willing to see everything, what hurts, what praises, what confronts, what disillusions, what inspires, and what shocks you into new awarenesses and realizations.

It is too easy to develop a complacent mind, where you only let in that which confirms what you already believe, both about yourself and others and about life.

Instead, we ask you to strive towards a greater openness. The openness of seeing when you are wrong and the urge to always be right and when you are prejudiced, and why.

The openness to know that when you are being given feedback it is because you need it, and that the person or experience giving you the feedback is actually your ally, helping you to awaken.

Try to relinquish the urges to defend yourself, to attach yourself to any fixed beliefs or positions, and instead work to stay as open and flexible and listening to life as possible.

Know that life is your teacher, and that if you are an attentive student, it will give you wonderful and uplifting lessons.

See what life is teaching you this week, with as much receptivity and objectivity as you can.

May your mind, and heart, be open this week.


For the Week of Monday, January 17, 2000

Dear Souls,

Every soul wants love in their lives.

They are willing to do all kinds of things to get it.

But what most souls don't realize is what kind of love can really "quench" the soul's "thirst".

While the love that two or more human beings share with one another can be truly wonderful, if it is received by the ego, and depended upon like food and water, its very wavering can cause distress.

Any real or imagined loss of the love, or even diminishment, can trigger fear, anger, or withdrawal in people.

And that is because they don't realize that what they are counting on is transitory and variable, and that the love that is eternal, and that is received by the eternal part of oneself, is the deepest sustenance.

That the highest love, whether it is shared between people, or with nature, or animals, or beauty, or God, has a level of permanence, in that it indelibly changes your soul, removes all doubt and attachment, and all need.

Few humans can sustain this level of love, but most taste it in their lives, in their relationships.

It comes at moments when there is no "I" to grasp, or fear, or demand, or judge. It comes with pure being.

That is why we so often ask that you empty yourselves of the ego's concerns and busy-nesses and find the place within you where true love may be given and received.

May you find this love in your heart, this week.


For the Week of Tuesday, January 11, 2000

Dear Souls,

How you handle the stresses and disalignments that life brings to you is vital in your journey towards the Light.

Each soul needs to find the ways to address each kind of stress most suitably for themselves. Stressful thoughts, feelings, or events that recur in your life are some of your best teachers, as they have layers and layers of meaning, and can help you to meet yourself and your inner barriers more deeply.

In other words, we ask you to greet them like old friends. Instead of saying, "Oh no! Not that again." See that each recurrence is another chance to return to the fundamental issues and themes in your life, and to realize understandings and solutions at a new level.

Humans are being asked to learn to cultivate a wise and graceful approach to life's challenges, and to see the wisdom instead of the "punishment" of their returning.

To see, feel, and know that exactly what you don't want in your life to return over and over will stop returning at the perfect time, and until then is a very valuable visitor.

May you befriend, and deeply understand, your frequent guests.


For the Week of Monday, January 03, 2000

Dear Souls,

This new year brings with it many possibilities.

Each soul may find themselves ready, upon reflection, to venture forth upon their paths with new dedication, new insight, and renewed energy.

To do so, it becomes valuable to reflect first on exactly what your own personal journey is about. Just why you're on Earth. What you're here to learn, to do.

And in order to do this, you must first be willing to step back and see what the journey so far in your life has taught you, and is still trying to teach you.

So please, each of you, take the time, at this pivotal shift in energy, to stop your headlong pursuit of activity and experience and look at the entire life journey thus far.

And understand that by doing so, you are fulfilling one of your life purposes: to learn where you are headed.

Your review does not need to be terribly insightful or new in order to serve your soul's purpose, the act itself is enough.

Because by doing so, you open many doors, and invite a greater flow into your life.

May this be so.


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