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For the Week of Monday, December 20, 1999

Dear Souls,

May we leave you this year with the following wishes for the next:

May your beingness become whole

Your spirit shine through

Your soul depth increase

and your path be quite true.

May each of the lessons

That life has you take

Bring out your spirit

and help you awake.

May the coming years energies

help you through

each step of your journey

to come home to you.


This will be the last Wisdom of the Week for this year,

as I will be visiting my Mom in Florida for 9 days.

Happy holy days.

For the Week of Monday, December 13, 1999

Dear Souls,

As the holidays approach, we would like to explore what a holy day means.

In your modern culture, you see, not only have the words been joined (to form holiday) but the meaning is completely lost thereby.

Holy days are times of sacred alignment. Days when, if you take the time off from your normal daily activities, and instead go deeply into the awareness of the moment, you can align very powerfully to Spirit, and achieve both communion and renewal.

In many mystical traditions, people fast on the solstices, emptying their bodies so that their spirits may become even more greatly aligned. In emptying oneself both externally and internally, you set the stage for receiving much more from the spirit world.

Both gratitude and reverence are also part of the approach to holy days, because with a gentle, thankful, and devotional mind set, you can separate from everyday thinking patterns and join the spirit of the holy days more fully.

Each holy day is a time of greater communion for all sentient beings, not just humans. Your pets, the birds in the sky, even the insects under your feet are aware of the specialness of the time.

So take at least a moment out of the holiday revels this season to empty, align, and attune to the energies around you.

And know that blessings abound for those open to them.

May you be blessed this holiday season.


For the Week of Monday, December 06, 1999

Dear Souls,

The doors of your life.

People's lives are filled with opportunities, but none are greater than the opportunities to grow closer to spirit.

Each moment can be either be one that passes by, without notice, or one where you are fully present.

The greatest opportunity that every moment and every experience offers you is the chance to be aware.

And like all things, there are many ways to be aware.

The awareness we would like to talk about is uncluttered by thoughts, conscious association, interpretations, and reactions. It is simply the clear awareness of a mind open, alert, and receiving the flow of life.

This type of open mind allows you to move more and more deeply into the present around you.

It allows you to be, in a way that a lack of awareness does not.

In other words, being preoccupied actually takes you away from both yourself and life, while being empty and open draws you ever nearer to reality.

And to us.

Practice this week, by stopping your mind , opening, being , joining the flow, without any agenda, intention, or purpose.

And experience and receive that which you might not have even noticed otherwise.

Be with us this week, in this way.


For the Week of Monday, November 29, 1999

Dear Souls,

The path of wholeness requires certain things from each person.

These include healing from old wounds to the psyche and digesting the changes in the life that the person hasn't completed. It also requires accepting the fabric of ones life, making peace with ones place in the world.

For these, you need to take an active role.

In order to heal, as we have said before, one must face what has not been healed and be willing to do what is necessary to reach a greater wholeness.

To accept ones place in life is challenging to many people, because you live in a world with a lot of other people, many of who have or seem to have -- to you -- a better place in life.

The first teaching is to never compare your life with another's to your own detriment. While it is fine to be inspired by the successes of others, it can be paralyzing or depressing to compare yourself with someone else, if the way that you take it is to become disheartened.

Instead, see each person's life as a piece of music, or a play, with its own internal messages, purpose, flow, and unfoldment. And rightness.

Even the most difficult lives have important teachings for the souls journeying them, and each soul that looks for the wisdom of their own journey finds the right path to their own personal wholeness.

We are not asking you to stay in miserable situations nor to be blind to changes that you can make in your life.

We are simply encouraging you to adopt a frame of mind that knows, through a combination of surrender and insight, that your life is tailored to your goals, and has exactly the lessons that you need to become whole.

May you see this, clearly, this week.


For the Week of Monday, November 22, 1999

Dear Souls,

The path to wholeness, which we so often talk about, is the gradual unfolding of the inner self into the life.

In order for the inner self to emerge, the outer self must allow it to do so.

It is this process that humans often resist, because they are afraid of losing everything, that there will be no self underneath the outer one.

In fact, nothing could be further from the truth.

The inner self is the true self, and by letting it emerge, you will feel more "yourself" than any other way.

This is the path of which we speak, and which we encourage you to traverse.

Each day, tune in to yourself. Feel what lies on the surface for a while. And then dive more deeply into your heart, and experience the radiance and peace therein.

Realize that you embody an incredibly radiant being surrounded by a haze of thoughts, considerations, and emotional currents, and that the true self, deep within you, is very still.

Recapture your alignment, and your knowingness, by realizing who you really are. Inside.

Underneath the layers of your shell.

May your inner self come to Light.


For the Week of Monday, November 15, 1999

Dear Souls,

We are certain that many of you who read this column find yourselves in all sorts of dilemmas and choices in life.

Sometimes neither option seems really optimal, while other times you feel torn between two good alternatives.

The key here is to know how to align yourself before choosing. Because the state that you are in has as much to do with the success of a choice as any other factor.

In other words, who chooses -- "where you're at" -- is of vital importance as you navigate the decisions that life throws you.

When a person chooses out of haste, or pressure, or compulsion, or desperate need, the result is seldom what the person wants.

If, instead , the person takes the time to calm down, to let go of imbuing the choice with too much importance, and allows themselves to open to their deeper reality -- the truth that nothing matters as much as their eternal soul -- then they will shift into the place where the choice, which to choose, becomes apparent and very easy.

We are saying that you should carefully monitor your state. Are you worried, lost, or otherwise out of balance? If so, don't make a choice yet.


And find your self again, your center.

And from a peaceful state, choose.

And your life will unfold beautifully.

We want all of your lives' to unfold beautifully and in accordance with your eternal soul.

May you make your choices well , this week.


For the Week of Monday, November 08, 1999

Dear Souls,

We would like to share with you a teaching about love.

When human beings love each other, truly love each other, they open their hearts wide to both God and all other beings, too.

Love dissolves the boundaries of ego, and allows the individual to know what communion really means.

Because love is timeless, and enables one to be totally in the moment.

And to accept who/what you love completely, without reservations.

That is why mystical paths have often been called "the path of Love", because their goal is total dissolving into the Love of God.

And mundane love is the foretaste and the bridge to the Highest Love, and teaches us how to open up more deeply and go beyond our little selves.

By dissolving the boundaries between you and another, Love also shows you how to receive and join another.

And to let go of all of the narrownesses of ego fear and attachment.

A heart full of love is healthy, generous, and wise, and ready to share its love with others.

May your week be filled with love.


For the Week of Sunday, October 31, 1999

Dear Souls,

The path of light is a path of awareness, wherein the soul opens their eyes to both Truth and Beauty. In order to tread the path of light, one must be willing to give up misconceptions, rigid attitudes, and biases.

And that takes a certain honesty with oneself that needs cultivating.

For various reasons, including how you were treated as a child, humans have difficulty accepting criticism, and often feel deficient in themselves. They also feel reluctant to face aspects of themselves that will make them feel even more "blemished" or imperfect.

And yet, the joy one can experience by trusting oneself enough to see what's imperfect in oneself is deep and nourishing.

In other words, once you have gotten past the fear of imperfection, and the fear that if you see what is unclear within you, you'll feel even worse, you discover that it is actually liberating and rejuvenating to face oneself and thereby change.

What we are saying is that each person needs to cultivate enough self-esteem by treating yourself as a precious person to become able to face the aspects of self that need work.

And that regularly facing what needs improvement, in the end, builds self-respect, confidence, and even Spirit.

Because this work helps you become more aligned to your Higher Self, and therefore more vast, joyous, and alive.

You are not your imperfections, but you do need to give them up to become who you truly Are.

May you have many blessings this week in releasing the patterns that keep you away from Yourself and Us.


Note: For the time being, The Wisdom of the Week channelings will be posted by noon on Monday, instead of on Sundays.

For the Week of Sunday, October 24, 1999

Dear Souls,

The Way of Love.

For all of the methods of working on oneself and for getting closer to Spirit, the way of love is the path we encourage most of all.

To open your hearts, both wisely and widely, to the beauty all around you. To the gratitude that flows through you. To the gifts that constantly shower upon you. And to the love deep within your heart, for yourself and others, and for the Love that surrounds you.

The path of Love teaches us that everything we encounter in our lives will be improved by a loving attitude. That even our harshest lessons bear sweet fruit. And that Love is the highest state of all.

Upon the path, we need to love ourselves for our mistakes, for our losing the way, for our hatreds, fears, and other emotions, and for our lapses of awareness.

Forgiveness is the child of love, and flows easily towards ourselves and others when our hearts are open. When we can let go of all of the barriers to an open heart, we spontaneously heal and grow vaster.

And re-join our Selves. (Become more deeply connected to Who we really are.)

So please, this week, open your heart. Take in the beauty around yourself. Feel the love and respect of others. Let go of a grievance you have towards yourself or another.

And be in love with yourself.

May this be a wonderful week for you.


For the Week of Sunday, October 17, 1999

Dear Souls,

Why are you on Earth with other people? Because left to your own ego's nature, you could easily get lost in fantasies, illusions, narrow self-centered activities, and indulgences, otherwise.

Other people, and specifically wanting successful interactions with other people, forces you out of yourself, out of the confines of subjectivity, into a greater awareness.

What we've just said may seem obvious to most people, but it bears repeating.

People bring out the best and worst in you. In fact, that is the design. By getting to see yourself through how you interact, and through the eyes of others, you begin to wake up to your patterns, and face yourself.

This leads to an even greater awakening, of the urge to become someone who is more acceptable to others. On this path, the goal, you see, is to refine the ego self so that it is more aligned to the Essential self.

In other words, the more different the ego is from the Essence, the more work there needs to be done, and the more out of touch the person is to their Essence. But by purifying the ego, by learning to love, by learning to give, by learning to balance your needs with others needs, you become not only a better person, but one who can foster the emergence of their highest Self.

That is why so many religious texts encourage morality. Because simple moral traits like honesty, kindness, and generosity bring your into a closer vibration with your Essence.

And the true goal of every spiritual path is to make you Whole and Holy, at One with Spirit.

So relationships are a fundamental spiritual path. All relationships, not just primary ones.

Please let your relationships this week -- all of your interactions teach you how to be bigger.


For the Week of Sunday, October 10, 1999

Dear Souls,

Every soul that walks this planet wants to live the best that they can. They wish to have love, sustenance, shelter, and purpose. It is purpose that we would like to focus on this week.

Today, we are not talking about the purpose of enlightenment, but instead the life's purpose as quested for by most humans. The differences is this, that while every soul is on the journey of Return, each soul also has their own individual life purposes and missions.

For example, the purpose for one soul is to vanquish fear and develop courage, while for another soul is to learn to let go of struggle and learn the peace of surrender. For most souls, there are many lessons, some more immediate and others more long term.

We would like to explore the bigger purposes of your lives today.

How do you discover what you are here to do?

The answer is simple. Look at your life with open eyes. While it may seem like a mystery or incomprehensible that you are placed in the situations that you are, with the challenges or issues to deal with that are in front of you, in fact the Universe does not make mistakes, and what you are facing is exactly what you need to face.

But look deeper, at the threads of your life. See how they all connect to a larger, more thematic "fabric". What is your life calling upon you to do? And how do the "distractions" in your life actually guide you? And what are you not fulfilling in yourself, that is constantly crying for attention?

Last week we talked about tuning in to the deeper wisdom within you. Now we are asking you to direct your attention from a different vantage point. We want you to step back and begin to see the rhyme and reason of your life. The clues to your existence.

Open as widely as you can, in your mind, to your own life's journey. See what you have learned, what you have taught others, and what you have still to learn. And share.

And know that this journey is individual for everyone. And face, with courage and humor, what makes your journey yours.

May you see your life more clearly this week.


For the Week of Sunday, October 3, 1999

Dear Souls,

On your path, you will encounter many trials, many tests that force you to deal with issues and people, with situations that you would rather avoid. These very trials are gifts, sent to you to help you progress, to not stagnate or regress.

The right attitude towards all trials is an alert openness, so that you can remain deeply in touch with yourself during the journey, and make the choices you need to more consciously.

There is no one solution to all trials. Some require assertion, others surrender. Some tasks demand that you stretch a great deal, others that you learn when to stop or give up (which may be a different kind of stretch).

What does guide you, if you let it, is a deeper awareness from within. Below automatic response, below conscious thinking, below conscience, below all of the ego's ways of deciding, is a knowingness, a "barometer" of inordinate value.

The Pearl within is the place inside yourself that has no agenda, no biases, no habits, no inhibitions, and no impulses. Dropping deeply within, often enough, by getting very quiet which is why learning how to quiet both your thoughts and your feelings is so important on the journey allows you to listen to the source of wisdom at your core.

Eventually, one does not need Guides or Angels to guide you. And in fact you are not meant to "lean" on Us at the exclusion of your journey to your own inner knowingness. You only need to contact your own Soul, to receive the best guidance.

Doors open constantly, inviting you to change. If you don't know whether to "enter them" or not, again tune in to your depth. And realize that even life's trials are there, in part, to encourage you to find the Source of guidance within yourself, and hear what it has to tell you about what you're presently dealing with.

And remember. The Treasure lies within. Waiting for you to discover it.

May you this week get more in touch with the wisdom within.


For the Week of Sunday, September 26, 1999

Dear Souls,

The path of life which we so often talk about with you is a journey of many stages. All too often, souls try to be at one stage when they are really at another. This is simply another manifestation of the ego and it's impatience.

In the same manner that you first have to learn arithmetic, and then algebra, and then calculus, not because someone arbitrarily made up the rules, but because one builds on the other, so the path to wholeness requires that you learn your "lessons" in a specific sequence.

The sequence is not completely fixed, and in fact varies with each soul to some degree, but the general stages apply to most people.

Humans start off, for example, having to learn to acclimate to living in a body. If, from the start, you don't want to be alive or embodied, you won't progress until you accept being incarnate.

Next, souls must learn to interact successfully with those around them. Becoming a hermit is simply not an option for most souls at this stage. You have no idea how important it is to learn not only to "get along" with others, but to become able to perceive what your biases and mis-perceptions are about others (and theirs towards you). Separating the projections from the truth, in the interpersonal arena, is one of the most fertile areas of self growth for embodied souls. It's not to be missed.

It is also necessary for all souls to develop areas of proficiency. The experience of expressing yourself, and developing areas of mastery, are necessary on your journey. Areas of mastery are touchstones where you learn to express your highest self.

And also at this stage comes the necessary cultivating of the ability to acknowledge the masteries of others. Without that, one doesn't develop either the respect or gratitude towards others that must be cultivated on life's journey.

We started this discussion in order to emphasize one point, that you mustn't put "the cart before the horse". I.e. that you, like all other souls, must walk each step of the journey, be willing to learn what you need to at every stage, and not try to skip steps or abbreviate the journey.

Be thankful that you are alive and growing. We are.


For the Week of Sunday, September 19, 1999

Dear Souls,

Within each of you is a special flame. Each person's inner light is its own unique color, and has its own unique qualities.

What this means is that although there are many many commonalities between you and everyone else, it is also true that you have abilities and perceptions that other people lack. The biggest mistake an incarnate soul can make is to assume that they have nothing to contribute, or that whatever they can contribute can be better done by someone else.

In other words, each of you is on a mission. That mission, to be sure, is to learn certain lessons, to outgrow certain patterns, and to develop in specific ways, but more, you are here to contribute what only you can, to life, to humanity, and to the Heavens.

The Heavens, meaning Us, are also your audience, and if you think that we do not gain by watching you on your journey, you are mistaken. The earth plane is an excellent training ground, and both people around you and Angels learn a great deal from watching your voyage.

But what we want to emphasize in this teaching is primarily that every incarnate soul is unique. And that you should learn, please, to trust that you -- in your own way -- make a difference to all sentient beings. Just by being.

And that we are grateful that you exist.

Thank you.


For the Week of Sunday, September 12, 1999

Dear Souls,

The soul's journey through life is an unusual one. You are being asked to open yourselves to the physical realm, to take care of your body, interact with other people, and learn the lessons of the physical plane; all while learning not to get too lost in it.

Being pulled in two directions is difficult. The material part of you wants to hold on to what is solid, while the spiritual part of you wants to return Home.

To align these two parts is an essential aspect of the journey.

That is why you are being taught not to hate your body or its needs, but to meet them kindly, while at the same time not get lost or obsessed with them.

You need to face the body's mortality while not getting too afraid or convinced that when it dies, you die. And to see the body as your trusty steed, that will carry you forward on your return to Spirit.

To do this requires a healthy respect for both all things physical, and the compelling aspects of the Earth plane. To not get lost in the prevailing cultural winds of materialism and agnosticism, but instead to keep the flame of Knowingness alive. That you know where you are going and why.

To keep a single aim in your consciousness, that there is a goal much more important than money, acceptance, or even life itself, and that is the arrival at your destination.

And yet to remember that everything you do in this live either brings you closer to the goal or creates a temporary delay. Don't fear the delays, but remember that kindness, generosity, trust, and love bring you ever closer to your goal.

And that the Goal wants you to succeed, and will send you the lessons and choices you need to get you there.

In time, with commitment, the kingdom of Heaven awaits you.

As do we.


For the Week of Sunday, September 05, 1999

Dear Souls,

About the Way.

The Way, or Path of Life, is a journey of awakening from a state of unreflectiveness to a state of higher awareness. And like all journeys, there are many steps along the Way.

How many children are unaware of the impact of their actions? Similarly, even adults often avoid looking at their effect upon others and upon their own lives. And yet, by looking and seeing how and where they impact, they could change, grow, and become.

The reluctance to look runs very deep, because in your World guilt and shame are taught early. These feelings of guilt and shame are so uncomfortable, that most people will do anything not to feel them, including blinding their own eyes.

That is why it is necessary, on the path, to learn to not judge yourself for your behavior, and instead encourage and even applaud yourself for seeing what is unclear in you.

We wish that your society were better emotional teachers, but until the time when parents make it completely safe for every child to freely own up to their anger and other emotional reactions, selfishness, and such; people will have to recover from their upbringings.

We ask you, therefore, to monitor your self-judgements and the ways that you make yourself afraid to look at your blind spots. And know that we are always there, offering support and healing and encouragement about the true, wonderful quality of your soul.

And that this work, of both releasing the fears and then of facing the hurtful aspects of self, is implicit and necessary to the journey on Earth, for everyone.

And that you can not only do it, and succeed, but that you already are.

Every time you face an attitude, belief, or behavior, and therefore begin to release it, we cheer.

Make us cheer.


For the Week of Sunday, August 29, 1999

Dear Souls,

We are happy to be able to communicate to you in this way, because angels (Guides) have their purposes, too.

Our ability to serve you brings us joy, because we wish to bring all beings into the Light.

And into the awareness of the Eternal.

You see, living in a body, in a place that changes with time, convinces you that everything is transitory and that there is no Eternal. But in fact, only the souls who have learned to quiet their fear of change discover that the Eternal inhabits every moment.

Those driven by the fear of death and loss find their lives going by faster and faster, while people who relinquish their hold on the impermanent have all of the time they need and want.

What you value determines the course of your life. You will get what you value (what you truly value, not what you say you value), so value wisely. Wish to become free of attachments, so that you can soar into the heavens.

And know that you have a cheering team in us rooting for you every step of the way.

That is why we so often suggest that you slow down, tune in to the moment, and align to the joy around you. We are trying to teach you a new way of being, while you are surrounded by a million demands and distractions.

The wise soul never lets the external take precedence over the internal (and vertical). Try not to get lost in your journey, each day, by taking the time to remember where you came from and where you're going.

To Us.

We welcome your return.


For the Week of Sunday, August 22, 1999

Dear Souls,

We would like to give you many things. We know the path that you are on is challenging, and we would like to talk to you today about these challenges.

Human beings are torn between being selfish and being self-less. You are on a path of learning how to be secure, not just in your little selves, but in your bigger Selves.

People who identify with their little selves inevitably struggle in life. They are pulled by desires, reactions, emotions, fears, and need to "protect" what they believe themselves to be.

Living in the little self is filled with worries, strains, efforts, walls, distrust, and disturbing feelings, without realizing that all of these are the result of living in the little self.

That is why we so often urge you to place your attention elsewhere, towards the Light.

Because we don't want you to live in blindness, struggle, and pain. We want you to realize that you will never feel at home if you live in ego, only if you begin to live in Essence.

Whenever you feel challenged, and identify with the challenge, and feel that the challenge is greater than you, you are feeling little. Even imagining -- visualizing -- yourself much larger (physically) than the challenge makes a difference.

We have often shared that over-focusing on the negative and making issues larger than life and fearing them, is a negative form of worship. It makes the object of your concern larger than God, in your mind.

Return. Return to a sense of proportion. To an awareness that you are an eternal being in temporal garb. That you've lived through much worse times and challenges, and that the Light, and growth, always return.

And that you are being forged into a better, clearer, higher being who knows that the challenges of life are simply God's whetstone sharpening your soul.

May you have poise, perspective, and a willingness (and perhaps even thankfulness) for the challenges you meet this week.


For the Week of Sunday, August 15, 1999

Dear Souls,

We are happy to share our thoughts and energy with you each week, and this week is no exception.

The path of souls on earth is unique to each soul, and yet, at the same time, commonalities exist.

All souls have to journey through temptations, their blindnesses (and facing themselves), the captivation by life on earth and the return towards valuing Spirit, and learning to live in the physical realm.

The greatest task is to keep sight of the Goal. The Goal is the eternal, not the transitory. No one can "take with them" any of their earth plane attachments, but the wisdom they accrue -- that they can take with them.

This wisdom comes to souls in many ways: by extending ones self towards others more than is convenient or necessary, by learning how to live beyond impulses and reactions, by embodying goodness in so many ways, and by facing the Beauty that is the undercurrent of all life.

We want you all to remember your goal, and to free yourselves when you get caught up in short-sightedness. We want you to remember that being Aligned, Attuned, Vast, and Whole whatever you wish to call it is worth "all the tea in China".

Remember, remember, remember all that leads you to greater Light, and withdraw your attention from those thoughts and involvements that muddy the waters.

Keep the intention in your heart. To become closer and closer to becoming No One, a Self without bias, attitude, opinion, or rigidities. A Self that is truly the vehicle for the Divine Light.

May you shine brightly this week.


For the Week of Sunday, August 08, 1999

Dear Souls,

The path of heart on Earth is not a painless one. One's heart gets pulled in many directions, and at times lost in expectations, attachments, and disappointments. But it always revives, always heals, if you simply give yourself enough time to release what you are holding and open up again.

The path of the heart is like a flower that opens when the weather is good and closes when harshness appears. Yet with time, the flower of your heart will learn to open and stay open more than it did before.

You will learn to love, and not close off to love.

You will also learn to love with less and less thought of self, and yet love truly, from the core of your beingness.

And the act of loving, being in Love, will guide you, restore you, and enlighten and enliven you.

And you will not just love one person, but all beings that you encounter, perhaps even the sky, the stones, and the wind.

And God.

Eventually the love and remembrance of God becomes continuous. And love permanently flows through every fiber of your beingness.

Until then, pay attention to your heart. See what it needs to unload, receive, or let go of. And open to the reality that everything in your life is worth loving. Including every part of yourself.

May you have a loving week.


For the Week of Sunday, August 01, 1999

Dear Souls,

The path you are on is very deep. When you meet life halfway, it becomes an incredible adventure and learning experience. Many souls are waiting for their chance to be alive in a body.

The earth teaches you many things, and rewards you with its riches. We are not just talking about pleasure or material gain, but the melody of life, the sweetness of the touching events possible, like watching a baby's first breath, or the smile on a persons face.

To meet life fully requires that you stay awake. In modern society, the biggest obstacle to this is too much busy-ness. If you don't stop often enough, to take a breather, to step back and renew yourself, you can get lost in activity and be distracted for hours.

Now, we are not saying that activity is bad. In fact, when a soul is truly present in activity, it can be a symphony, a dance of wonderful grace and awareness. However, it is all-too-easy for one to become mechanical, rushed, and therefore asleep in the very activity they are doing. It is this that we want you to be aware of and prevent.

The pauses help you to wake up. The stops keep you from becoming mechanical. Even if the stops are very short. As long as they are conscious.

(You can also use stops to help you gain control and awareness of any other compulsive or unconscious behavior.)

Stay alive and awake in your life. Realize just how deeply you can go into the experience of the moment. And let yourself awaken to more and more depth, more and more presence, as the day unfolds.

May your week be much richer this week.


For the Week of Sunday, July 25, 1999

Dear Souls,

We wish to guide you towards a greater appreciation of your life on Earth. We know that life can be challenging, and that your role in life can seem exhausting, endless, or unrewarded, and yet never forget the times of beauty, the states of grace, the blessings that life offers and gives you all of the time.

The reason optimism is better for the soul than pessimism is that optimism aligns you to your essential knowingness. Your essence knows that everything is for a reason, that everything is orchestrated for the evolution of both the individual and the culture, and that the shadow places, the sufferings, the blind spots, all serve to help guide you, like bumpers or boundaries, on your journey.

This is especially true of losses. The death of John Kennedy junior is meant to remind souls that life is short and to be fully lived. In many ways, his loss is not a tragedy, because he did live his life as he wanted to, and fulfilled himself in the process. It is more the loss of those left behind when someone dies, not the loss to the soul itself.

After all, that soul is returning to Us, while embodied beings are still on Earth working things out.

In other words, much of the grief is the subconscious realization that "he or she has graduated" while we are still in school.

Let a well-lived life that ends be an inspiration to you, not depressing. Let yourself grasp your life joyously and passionately, and live fully alive.

Realize that time is limited, not as a threat or something to fear, but as an encouragement to make the most of yourself.

And know that in the end, every one will reach their goal.

May your voyage become richer this week.


For the Week of Sunday, July 18, 1999

Dear Souls,

We want you to know that we are continually watching and supporting each of you in your journey.

A life without "celestial support" would be an empty life indeed, and it is important for you to realize that you are never really alone. Lest you feel over-observed or scrutinized, we are not saying that we "watch your every move", we are saying that we are always here to meet your needs, to send you love and healing and guidance.

When you tune in, inside, to the core of your being, you hear us, and can feel our presence. Even when you cannot get any sense of us at all, we are always with you, and ready to smooth your way. You may call upon us any way that you like, by any name, and we will "appear".

We tell you this for several reasons: We would like you to let yourself receive our love and healing more consciously and more often. We want you to truly experience the continuity of the Higher Presence in your life. And we want you to call on us so that we may help you more.

You are never alone. Your feelings of aloneness are the illusion of a separated mind in a separate body. When you feel this way, stop, quiet down, go inside, and begin to allow yourself to feel the connectedness to All, which exists within you.

And know that you are important. That your journey is all journeys, and that your path is as important as anyone else's.

We await serving you more.


For the Week of Sunday, July 11, 1999

Dear Souls,

To move through life correctly, you must be willing to see beyond your own perspective. To admit into your consciousness the limitations of your own views, and open to what both life and others are trying to teach you. You always attract circumstances and people that can lead you further, but you have to be willing to learn from them.

In order to do this, your "energetic field" must be open. You need to be receptive to what is coming in, not in an obedient or blind manner, but simply wide awake.

By looking for echos or repeating themes, you begin to see beneath the surface of events to the underlying core, and come to know what you need to.

However, there are many layers to the same themes, and "peeling back" each of them, one at a time, is worthwhile. In other words, you do not have to learn everything at once. In fact, you can't. Some learnings build upon others, and you can't rush your progress.

Be patient with yourself in this journeying, because patience gets you better in touch with your Higher Self, and makes you more receptive to what's coming in.

And don't struggle to be endlessly learning without a break. Learn to allow the ebbs and flows of your process.

May you open, this week, to all that life has to teach you.


For the Week of Sunday, July 04, 1999

Dear Souls

The path to enlightenment is through life, not around life.

You do not have to be austere or celibate or separate from your fellow human beings to achieve the Goal.

In fact, the understanding that all of life is "grist for the mill", that each day you are offered teachings, experiences, and guidance that can help you along your journey, is the right attitude.

We want you to accept living. And to cherish not only the joys or sunny days of your life, but also the hardships, the challenges, the strong teachings that force you to change, grow, or pay attention.

We want you to mature in wisdom, and be ruled not by your impulses or desires for pleasure, but by your soul urges to become a finer being and to give more to others.

In other words, cherish the Light you bear. And know that on this journey, you will experience periods of brightening and of dimming of your Light. And that these alternations are natural and part of your journey.

Grow in your understanding that the fruits of your labors are not measured by external successes (e.g. money, prestige, accomplishments), but by the degree to which you are transparent to the Light the more you "vanish".

Open your mind and heart to having no opinions, no stake in "getting your way", no pride, and no agenda, and in that state allow the Higher Will to lead you. And experience the peace and gratitude and vastness that comes from "turning the steering wheel of your life" over to the Highest.

May your week be one of surrendered bliss.


For the Week of Sunday, June 27, 1999

Dear Souls,

We welcome you to the path of wholeness, the path of oneness.

On this path, you are learning to let go of all of the fears that you have carried all of your life.

The fear that you will be found unworthy, the fear of letting go, of losing yourself, and the fear that you will not succeed on this path.

You cannot not succeed. The path exists for you and will be there, encouraging you along, at whatever pace, and route, that you take.

And you are never judged (or rejected) by Us, as judgement is a quality of ego, of mankind, not of Higher Beings.

So open your heart to yourself. Let go of all of the reasons not to. And open your heart to Life. And dissolve all of the resentments, complaints, worries, and attachments that interfere with your flowing in Life. That get you stuck.

And realize that these changes will help you to Fly. Even literally.

May this week be one of lightening, releasing, opening, and cherishing.


For the Week of Sunday, June 20, 1999

Dear Souls,

We are happy to guide you on your path to wholeness. This path requires many things, among them self-honesty. Self-honesty, however, does not only mean being willing to face, and work on, your shadow, your failings. It also means being willing to own your uniqueness, your gifts, your unique contribution to the world.

It is all too easy to identify what is wrong with oneself and others, and in self-facing one must never be judgmental or rejecting. Instead, the light of awareness perceives one's weaknesses as places that need attention and support, not condemnation.

However, seeing ones Light, ones glory, that is a greater challenge.

Children are taught, in many ways in your culture, not to think too much of themselves. While this can be, on occasion, an appropriate teaching to a child who is self-inflated, it is usually detrimental instead of instructive.

What children need to be encouraged to discover and realize are themselves. Who they are. What their unique perspective and perceptions are.

And this can only happen in an environment where the parents themselves want to discover who the child is, as a separate individual.

All too often, children are over-taught to conform, and to fit it. To suppress their voice, their sight, their talents, their knowingness. And to fall asleep, instead.

So now, as adults, you have the task of reversing these teachings. Of learning, as if from scratch, exactly who you are and what makes you different. And this can only be done effectively by stepping back from the busyness of life and the clutters of attention, and taking time for inner awareness to emerge.

Open your eyes to yourself. Wider than you've ever done. With no agenda. Having surrendered the images of who you've thought you are. And see more of yourself than you have before.

And rejoice in the knowing, the getting to know you.

May you have an awakening week.


For the Week of Sunday, June 13, 1999

Dear Souls,

We would like each of you to know what it means to be at peace, at one with God. We are not talking about a state of mind or an attitude, but instead the full blown experience.

In fact, we are talking about forgetting who you are, forgetting your attachments, worries, desires, and identity, so that you can dissolve into a vaster state of Oneness.

The taste of this state enables one to have a greater sense of faith, and of what really is.

You see, the ego is self preserving and focuses on the differences between self and others, and the personal struggle to get ones needs met; while the surrendered state has relinquished fears and personality, and now embraces the Whole and knows that the rhythms and flows of life will sustain you. (And in fact keep you on your path.)

To put it another way , the very act of worrying (even about worrying) takes you out of the present, out of the awareness of Oneness.

That is why meditation, prayer, spiritual movement practices (like Tai Chi), chanting, and other awareness practices are so valuable, i.e. they train you to let go, to release self.

This week, empty your mind, cut the chords to your worries, clean your inner house, and turn yourself over to Spirit.

And luxuriate in the peace that comes with surrender and faith.

May you experience beyond yourself.


For the Week of Sunday, June 06, 1999

Dear Souls,

We are happy that each of you is reading this column. We wish to serve you as much as possible.

We are here to remind you of the presence of the Light. That at all times there are beings around you carrying the Wish that you be well, alive, bright, and shining. That each of you receive the love that you need, and the wisdom and guidance, too.

You have only to ask. That is one of the purposes of prayer: to open to receiving our help. And even after you've asked, if you don't notice any change, know that we've heard.

It is the embodied mind, the ego, that screens out the Light by paying too much attention to externals, mental preoccupations like anticipations and worries, and by being too oriented towards the mundane aspects of life instead of the vastness beyond.

We want each of you to open up to so much more than you regularly do. Open to the sky, open to your own self, open to the hearts and kindnesses of others, and open to us.

And in the opening discover the habits of keeping oneself separate, small, and undernourished, and open again compassionately to the small self within you that keeps huddled and walled off.

Life is beyond safety, it is the embracing of everything that comes you way. And knowing that in doing so you embark on a journey beyond imagining, and a Union beyond self.

May you have a week of opening.


For the Week of Sunday, May 30, 1999

Dear Souls,

The courage to face oneself is a necessary ability on the path to self realization.

Therefore, be kind enough and gentle enough with yourself to enable you to cultivate this virtue. The person who is constantly judging or belittling themselves (or others) or who continually withholds love from themselves (or others) is in a poor position to face themselves. Things are just too fragile or deprived.

The importance of facing oneself should be obvious. By looking within, and examining our shadows, we bring Light to them, and help them release.

Judgement doesn't do the job. It makes you closed, walled off, afraid to look deeper, for fear that you will find yourself unworthy or unlovable.

As we know all too well, all souls, all souls are lovable and worthy of this journey.

One should look inside with the spirit of openness, acceptance, and the understanding that all incarnate souls are in the process of healing, and therefore looking inside is your way to reach your goal.

So this week , take the time to face what you are afraid of about your self, about who you are, about your dark side, and attend lovingly to your darkest sides, bring them Light, and know that by knowing the aspects of self that you don't want to know, you attain freedom.

May you be free.


For the Week of Sunday, May 23, 1999

Dear Souls,

The path to wholeness is not meant to be a struggle, but instead a process of awakening, becoming, and returning to your true self.

The attitude, therefore, with which you approach life's journey, your journey, affects the entire process.

In fact, the journey itself is a continual process of refining your attitudes, beliefs, and approaches, so that you may truly receive what you are constantly being given, the signposts to lead you along the way, to your soul.

That is why we have been teaching, in this column, about attitude, about approach.

But today we want to emphasize that you should enjoy the journey. "Getting there" is not just "half the fun" but instead is the journey. And that means that how each person traverses their path is everything, the whole process.

In other words, who you are, who you pattern yourself to be, how you take things, how much you let yourself meet Life, these are what are important.

That is why it is said that the goal is not to be happy but instead to embody truth.

To allow yourself the gift of trusting that you are being guided, and that all of life's experiences will help you, if you let them, along the road.

Let life help you. See its wisdom. Respond to the call. And know that, in deepest point of fact, you are in good hands.

We wish you a good week, of listening.


For the Week of Sunday, May 16, 1999

Dear Souls,

Our time on Earth is very precious. To be born in a body is a gift rarely seen. Many more souls live existences in non-material realms than as embodied beings.

What this means is that everyone should cherish the gifts and possibilities of being incarnate. Bemoaning one's life is the ultimate rejection of that gift, while being thankful for each day of life is an opening path.

While incarnate, you have the chance to align to spirit and embrace all that is physical. And to experience the Divine in a unique way, in the objects and people around you.

We want you to see, to notice, all that has been given to you. To rejoice in the glory of life. And to let life penetrate you, rejuvenate you, enrich you, and allow you to forget all of the problems you think you have.

The ultimate method of getting away, therefore, is ironically getting closer to life itself. It is those most removed from the pulse of life that feel most isolated, and those closest to nature who often feel at one with the Divine.

So be good to yourselves this week. Take time to smell the fragrances on the breeze, to feel the Sun on your face, and hear the swaying of the trees in the wind. And know these are all gifts, that can restore your soul.


For the Week of Sunday, May 09, 1999

Dear Souls,

We are teaching the you, the readers of this column, many things about the approach to life and to Spirit that will bring you closer to your goal. It is our intention to assist as many souls as possible in this journey.

While all souls will eventually complete their journey, all beings need signposts along the way to help them find their way. And to learn from signposts requires a certain receptivity, a willingness to be guided.

And the faith that you are being guided in your life.

The saddest thing about materialism and disbelieve is that the person doesn't believe that there is any purpose to the journey. Then meaninglessness takes over and the person spends time adrift in life.

Opening to the help that the angels provide, that life provides, is a giant step towards your goal, towards finding your way. If you can, stay aware that you are not alone, that we are here with you always, that your path is one that matters to more than only you. That you have a "cheering team".

So this week, open consciously to asking for guidance, help, signs, and support in your journey. You will receive it.

With our love,


For the Week of Sunday, May 02, 1999

Dear Souls,

We understand that each of you wants and needs the love of others, and that for many of you, this can be somewhat hard to come by.

That is why we encourage you to align. When you align to the Divine Presence, whether through a physical practice, a devotional one, or just by being in nature, you connect to the ever-present flow of love and acceptance.

It's as if you are hungry and live in a banquet hall, and are not always aware that the tables are filled with food.

That is the problem with pessimism, and with focusing on the negative in general. It takes your attention away from what feeds you, what is your true source of fulfillment. That is also why we remind you, all too often, to withdraw some of your desire for external gratifications and receive instead from a more constant source.

When you fully align, you will be constantly fed. Until then, you will be tempted to look elsewhere, and to get lost in thinking you're alone.

You are never alone, and the food is always here.

May you know this always.


For the Week of Sunday, April 25, 1999

Dear Souls,

Each of you is on a journey, and that journey is what we are taking a great deal of time and detail to describe.

The journey is not "away from Earth", i.e. we are not advising either austerity or an "escape plan" from planet Earth, but instead we are attempting to foster in you a realization that the way that you approach life can lead you to greater and greater awareness.

In point of fact, we definitely do not want you to diminish, in any way, the importance and value of being incarnate. It is a great privilege to be alive in a body, like getting into a good college or excellent job. Be thankful you are alive, and make the most of your life.

But approach life with the awareness that it is both a short stopping place i.e. transitory and that none of your experiences here are purposeless. That who you meet, the situations you encounter, all of the gains and losses all are designed to bring you further along the path.

Neither bemoan your "fate" nor take undue pride in what blessings come to you. Know that you are not to be "snagged" in either way, but instead to cherish all that leads you along the path.

The truly wise already know this. That life on Earth is not a system of reward and punishment nor failure and success, but instead a greenhouse for growing souls.

Rise above such simple polarities as good and bad and see the completeness and rightness in every step of the journey.

May your wisdom grow.


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