Archives of Wisdom of the Week

For the Week of Wednesday, December 27, 2000

Dear Souls,

We are continuing this series of weekly transformational exercises today.

Exercise Twenty-seven


Most people don't regularly think of Grace and what it means in human life.

They go through their lives without noticing the blessings that shower upon them, almost continuously.

And yet an awareness of Grace is a very good thing. It helps you to appreciate just how guided and protected and given to you are. All of the time.

When a being is conscious of living in a state of Grace, they are not only endlessly appreciative but truly conscious of the Divine orchestration of life.

That nothing happens that is outside of the supervision of Angels. And that every experience carries food for thought and for growth.

But even more importantly, the grace-conscious individual becomes part of the process of creating grace for others. Of making the World a more grace-ful place.

"The fastest way to tame a wild elephant is to place it with a tame elephant," the saying goes. It is the embodied masters of grace that enable grace to fully permeate life on Earth.

And therefore, if you wish to be truly of service to humankind, please open to the grace that surrounds you, and share it with others.

Grace is like a gentle, healing rain that, in falling upon you, washes away the injuries and negativities and replaces them with Light.

So this week Open. Open to the workings of grace in your life. And see its magic all around you.

God bless you.


For the Week of Tuesday, December 12, 2000

Dear Souls,

We are continuing this series of weekly transformational exercises today.

Exercise Twenty-six


On the path to God, each soul is learning to cultivate kindness, an open heart towards everyone and everything.

This is not easy to achieve, because life on Earth often is harsh, and the instinct to close up, to protect oneself, is strong. It is even taught to children, to "toughen them up", or to make boy children more "manly". And since so few parents are able to stay open themselves, they can't model for their children what they can't do.

That is why it is especially important to be kind. To realize that most cruelty is the product of cruelty, and most blindness towards others the result of not being seen by the most important people in your life.

Each soul needs to find their own way to the realization that it is safe to be kind. To love. And to share their hearts with others.

And to be kind to themselves, to begin with, so that they may become "an overflowing fountain" instead of an empty jar.

Kindness breaks the chain of cruelty, it can set free even the most contracted souls. We loved the movie "Dead Man Walking", because it showed how the nun's kindness towards the murderer reached him, changed him, healed him, and opened him up.

Who needs help (and compassion) more than those most cut off from God?

And so we ask that you cultivate kindness this week. Whether you smile at others, simply open your heart, or embody the spirit of generosity.

And know, and feel, how opening up in this way is a very sacred act.



For the Week of Monday, December 04, 2000

Dear Souls,

We are continuing this series of weekly transformational exercises today.

Exercise Twenty-five


People are more defined by their beliefs than most of them realize.

That is because beliefs can be inflexible walls in the mind that exclude further realizations.

So many wars and misunderstandings have come about because of people's adherence to their beliefs, and yet, mankind still doesn't question the whole process of having beliefs.

When a soul reaches enlightenment, it realizes that the beliefs it formerly carried were completely non-essential.

That the Truth is beyond belief.

And that the Highest Mind is clear and open, and has no walls at all.

Each soul, when they incarnate, belong to a family and culture that teaches them beliefs.

In the beginning of the journey, these beliefs serve a purpose. They set boundaries and guidelines, and help the person to become a part of their community.

But eventually, all souls must individuate. They must wake up and perceive the blindnesses that they have been taught, and move beyond blindly believing everything they were told.

And open to the awareness that it is only the Heart that matters, only the Soul. And that the culture, attitudes, and patterns around them are mostly transitory, not Eternal.

And to embrace the Eternal.

Try, this week, to notice your beliefs and how they color your reality. See if you can step out of them, even for a moment, into a vaster space. And realize, that you are not your beliefs.

Bless you.


For the Week of Monday, November 27, 2000

Dear Souls,

We are continuing this series of weekly transformational exercises today.

Exercise Twenty-four


Every soul has their own journey. A journey separate from that of others, their own path.

And yet so many forces from outside of oneself pull you to conform, to obey, to abandon your own path to get along better with others.


Realize that one of the most important reasons you have been placed upon the Earth is to find out who you are.

What makes you unique.

What you can do, and be, that no one else can.

We are not talking about being on an ego trip, or competing, or comparing yourself with others.

We are talking about finding your voice, your creativity, your medium, and your message.

And yes, there may be millions of "singers", but your voice and your song add their own special contribution.

It is all too easy to think, "I don't count" or "What I do won't make a difference."

Stop it.

Don't think this way.

Instead realize that you are heard. And seen. And counted. Always.

And that we cheer every time a soul leaves the flock and finds themselves.

Find yourself. Make it your top priority. And love what you find.

May your path, to yourself, become that much closer, this week.


For the Week of Tuesday, November 21, 2000

Dear Souls,

We are continuing this series of weekly transformational exercises today.

Exercise Twenty-three


The natural state for all beings is joy.

People forget that, unless they watch the innate joy of infants, animals, and plants.

We recommend that the degree of joy you are experiencing be a yardstick, a measure by which you ascertain how aligned you are to your true nature.

Most people don't realize that even their bodies sing. And that with proper care, one's mind, heart, body, and soul can be in continual harmony.

Yes, of course shocks to the system will create temporary discords, but when you life in joy, in musical health, these dis-alignments become quickly obvious, and you become very motivated to resolve them.

So please, look at your life.

See how natural you were and are at times of joy. And how true to self.

That joy is the opposite of exhaustion, depression, and rejection of life.

And that the return to joy is the return to Spirit.

So that you can become an overflowing fountain who shares their joy with everyone around them.

May you return, this week, to joy.


For the Week of Monday, November 13, 2000

Dear Souls,

We are continuing this series of weekly transformational exercises today.

Exercise Twenty-two


Humans are often surprised when both large and small changes enter their lives. They expect more consistency and permanence on the Earth plane than is possible.

The desire for continuity ignores the energetic nature of Reality. That, in fact, matter may be the most visible and "real" aspect of life, but it is hardly what makes you alive.

What makes you alive is your energy, and what makes for change is also energy.

Without energy, not only do things stay static, they die. Relationships, insights, even styles of music die without change.

Because they have removed themselves (or have been removed) from the flow of energy.

Therefore, we ask you to embrace the understanding that it is the awareness of, appreciation of, and surrender to the flow of energy, and of life's inevitable -- and essential changes, that keeps you alive and growing closer to Spirit.

This week, experience the twin urges consciously. The urge to keep everything static and comfortable, and the pull of life towards change.

And let go into the energetic flow.

And watch your spirit rise. Happily.


For the Week of Monday, November 06, 2000

Dear Souls,

We are continuing this series of weekly transformational exercises today.

Exercise Twenty-one


The only way to truly accept life, all of its ups and downs, all of the turns in the road, is to allow yourself to see beneath the surface to the depths beneath.

Under all of life's trials, and all of life's joys, is a river. A river that is taking you from where you are to where you need to be.

A river that is wise and just, and directs you exactly where you need to go next.

There are those who say, "Don't push the river" or "flow with the river" and they understand a part of what we are talking about here.

We are talking about entering into a conscious relationship with the intentionality of your life flow. To realize, truly become aware of, the wisdom guiding your journey.

And as a result of this awareness, grow in faith and in the willingness to learn from every turn in the road.

"The teachers are everywhere" one person said. And to be thankful, joyous, even humbled by the generosity of life is one of the most conscious approaches you can cultivate.

We are not asking you to develop blind faith. Nor the belief that even if you can't understand why, that there is a purpose to everything.

Because if you can't understand why, then the message hasn't gotten across, and faith alone won't do the job.

Keep your heart and mind open. Open to the possibility that you can learn from everything that happens to you. And that you are meant to. Really meant to.

That is our message of the week, to realize, and accept, that you are being guided every step of the way.

With our blessings.


For the Week of Tuesday, October 31, 2000

Dear Souls,

We are continuing this series of weekly transformational exercises today.

Exercise Twenty


Most people are very aware when they are "in good shape." When they have balanced their bodies, hearts, and minds and are "purring" like a contented cat or good engine.

And many people seek this balance, this state of well-functioning, and are contented when they achieve it.

Others are more drawn to emotional or sexual fulfillment, and feel they are fine once they have it.

We encourage you, nevertheless, to want even more.

To want spiritual fulfillment.

To feel your heart filled with a vast, even infinite joy and openness and truth and peace. To know, really experience, your oneness with everything around you, and the rightness (Divine Order) in everything.

We have often, in this column, encouraged you to set your sights higher. We are doing so again today.

Can you remember a time of spiritual unity in your life? A time when you felt completely attuned with Spirit? Can you see how, in that moment, you felt that life had more Meaning?

And can you see how embodied life is a dance between finding and losing and finding this attunement?

Instead of worrying at the moments when you feel spiritually adrift, simply remember that the process of disconnection and return is an inherent part of Earth plane life.

And perhaps even in the remembering how wonderful it feels to be spiritually whole will bring you back there.

Life provides you with many experiences that can draw you closer to Spirit again. Provide these for yourself. Literally stop and smell the roses. And give thanks.

If there is one thing we want you to do this week, it is to remember.

That your deepest fulfillment is of Spirit not of body or mind. And can come to you easily.

The door is already open.

Come in.


For the Week of Monday, October 23, 2000

Dear Souls,

We are continuing this series of weekly transformational exercises today.

Exercise Nineteen


Many souls feel isolated. Cut off from meaning in their lives.

In your world, it is so easy to bury yourself, in activity, television, sleep, intoxication, and all of the other myriad ways.

And yet, this only skirts the actual issue. That while you are in a body, you feel alone.

Everyone, and everything else, appears to be outside of you, and you are alone in your own thoughts.

In truth, in highest truth, you are never alone.

It is only in narrow embodied awareness that one can even think that they are.

But when you open your field of consciousness, when you truly open inside, you find that you feel just the opposite of being alone, you feel connected.

This process does not come easily for many, because the inner terrain may be filled with pain, tensions, and scars from the past. If so, it becomes necessary to first acclimate to the inner experience; to realize that it is safe to explore your internal landscape, and release the relics of the past.

And that all of the pain will move through you and out. Gone.

So that the inner experience gains more and more periods of quietude, of peace, after a while.

It is at this point that your inner experience begins to include the sense of growing connectedness to all life, to all beings.

And this feeling grows and grows, until you never feel alone again.

What a wonderful feeling to be a part of the whole, and to know it, really know it.

This week, extend your awareness inside, and see if you can reach the place where you feel one with life, as opposed to separate. And be made peaceful by this.

May this week be one where you gain this awareness.


For the Week of Monday, October 16, 2000

Dear Souls,

We are continuing this series of weekly transformational exercises today.

Exercise Eighteen

Aligning to Change.

One of the most paradoxical things about living in a body in a physical universe is that things appear to be very solid, when they are not.

Everything is in flux all of the time, and yet the appearance is one of constancy.

And so people fall into the illusion of permanency, that the world is the same as it was yesterday.

In fact, the world is in constant re-creation, with more changing every moment than most people could even imagine.

And therefore, in order to be truly aligned with life, one must be open to change.

A suitable analogy is that of the surfer. The adept at surfing pays attention to the fact that each wave coming in has its own direction, size, power, and duration, and gauges carefully before riding each wave.

Similarly, the energies both within you and around you are always changing, and if you are unconscious of the changes, you cannot adapt to them.

When you are conscious of the shifts within and without you, you can openly accept and meet these changes, and grow more and more open and alive.

Like the waves of the Ocean, some times are stormy and some times are mild, and so there are even changes in the intensity of the changes themselves.

And that is why it is so important to "wake free" of the illusion of constancy, and be consciously open to all that is, and is changing.

So this week, extend your field of consciousness to include note of the changes in the energy around you as well as within you, and blend and flow with these shifts, welcoming the never-ending newness of life.


For the Week of Monday, October 09, 2000

Dear Souls,

We are continuing this series of weekly transformational exercises today.

Exercise Seventeen

To be in the moment.

We talk about being in the moment a lot in this column, and it occurs to us that it would be valuable to focus on these words specifically this week.

The first word being is the most important. In a society filled with activity, being is a state not often achieved. People get so busy doing, that they forget to be.

But being is much more than simply stopping activity. It is unfolding the soul, stopping the inner chatter, letting go of the worries and tensions held in the body, and arriving at a state of mind, heart, and body that is fundamentally different than one' s common experience.

To be or not to be... we are restating the question.

To be is to stop time. To stop the endless flow of attention in all directions. To release layer upon layer of "self" (body held self images) and arrive at an undefined core.

To be, really be, is like reaching the top of a high mountain. The vista is vast, the presence of life around you is awe-some, and you are both alone and completely connected with everything.

To be is to let go into the well of your life force. To relinquish your hold on yourself, and allow yourself to dissolve into the energy within you.

And yet it is the opposite of being controlled by impulse. It is joining something higher, not lower.

So practice, this week, shedding all of your layers. Of busy-ness. Of identity. Of thoughts and feelings. Of agenda.

And pursue what is most important: To be.


For the Week of Monday, October 2, 2000

Dear Souls,

We are continuing this series of weekly transformational exercises today.

Exercise Sixteen

Emotions: Part 2 Keeping Them Clear

Last week, we stated that the body has emotional reactions to life that the mind embellishes and distorts.

One of the consequences of the mind's tampering is that the body's emotional charges do not get resolved, but instead build up, one upon the other.

As a result, many people are walking piles of unresolved feelings, all of which need to clear.

Some of the feelings are so old that the person doesn't even know they're there, much less where they came from.

Others are last week's (and therefore easier to access and eliminate).

Part of the process on the journey towards Wholeness, then, is the requirement of recovering inner clarity, in the body and mind.

To do this, each person needs to acknowledge the places in the heart that are still congested with old shocks and emotions, and begin (and maintain) the process of clearing these out.

There are many methods of doing so, but one of the simplest and most direct is meditation. Going inside, without any purpose other than keeping alert, allows the body and mind to show you what is tying up energy, what is preoccupying you, and what needs attention.

By witnessing each of the thoughts and feelings that arise, without getting lost in them or judging them, you participate in a profound clearing process.

To walk through life with no baggage is a wonderful thing. You become aware of the birds, the fragrances on the wind, everything in the moment, and the Divine Presence.

Give yourself the opportunity, this week, to look inside specifically to see what experiences you've had that still carry charge.

And set yourself free.


For the Week of Monday, September 25, 2000

Dear Souls,

We are continuing this series of weekly transformational exercises today.

Exercise Fifteen


Each person has their own set of emotional responses to life, to positive experiences and to negative ones.

Each of these reactions has two components: one from the body, and one from the mind.

The mind's reactions are much more complex than the body's. The mind can confuse, exaggerate, misinterpret, and perpetuate the body's initial responses. And give them both more meaning and different meanings than they actually have.

For example, when a person first sees a snake, their instinctive response is to become very alert, and perhaps cautious. If they learn, for instance by watching another, to actually fear the snake, then the experience takes on much greater charge and significance, and its effect is much longer lasting.

We are saying that you are largely taught what to fear, what to hate, what to distrust, and what to be envious of. That the incoming soul doesn't have this level of interpretation built-in.

And that all of these emotional interpretations actually interfere, disrupting the body's recovery process, and can even create chronic misalignments and worrying.

And so we want you to examine your emotional reactions, this week, in two parts: What is your body's genuine and initial response, and how does your mind embellish and distort the body's reaction.

If you can separate the two, you can then begin to let go of "believing your mind" and instead return your trust to where it belongs, to the body's felt sense.

And by staying with the body's stirrings, you can more easily listen to and dissipate them. And return to a centered state.

Remember, the body knows how to heal itself. It knows how to recover from shocks and emotional reactions. If only the mind will let it.

Let your mind see itself this week. And see how wise your body really is.


For the Week of Monday, September 18, 2000

Dear Souls,

We are continuing this series of weekly transformational exercises today.

Exercise Fourteen


When most people thing of renewing themselves, they think of rest, exercise, space, and nurturing.

And all of these things are good.

But how do you most directly renew your soul?

There are many answers to this question, and some are specific to each individual, but there are many that apply to all.

To renew your soul this week, we want you to stop all activity, external and internal, that takes you away from the present moment.

If, initially, you can't silence your thinking processes, then simply sit with them until they wind down. (Just don't feed them by using this time to direct your attention to everything that needs thinking through.)

And when you have achieved "presence", i.e. calm awareness of the moment without distractions, then open your field.

By this we mean, allow your "skin", i.e. personal boundaries, to dissolve, and feel the oneness with the moment. You may start feeling like a floating, unbounded consciousness, instead of circumscribed by a body.

Then imagine Light shining down from Above sending spiritual nourishment to (and through) you and all around you. Stay with this a while.

Let yourself really receive the Light. Soak in it, soak it up.

And know that it is feeding your soul.

Be nourished this week, in your soul.


For the Week of Tuesday, September 12, 2000

Dear Souls,

We are continuing this series of weekly transformational exercises today.

Exercise Thirteen

The Shining Light of Truth.

When people are young, they are often scolded for their mistakes, and for not admitting when they've done something wrong.

Yet if they do admit to their unaccepted actions, thoughts, or feelings, they are often still reprimanded. "How dare you look at me (or speak to me) that way!"

And so each child learns that it is not safe to tell the truth. Or even think it, sometimes.

This separates children from their own hearts and minds, and creates false roles, false words, and false feelings.

One the path back to wholeness, embodied beings need to recover from their fears of being labeled as bad, and see that honesty, especially with themselves, is the straightest path to Heaven.

We want each of you to feel safe to feel what you actually feel, to express your feelings (in non-destructive ways), and to let go of all of the games that hide you from others.

This week, pay attention to how you communicate, and censor, your feelings and thoughts to others (and to yourself).

Pay special heed to what makes you feel most uncomfortable and unsafe to express.

And notice the need, the deep need, to acknowledge these feelings.

Allow yourself to share these feelings a little more than you usually do, focusing specifically on what you need to ask for, and on how you can let others know about what you're sensitive to.

And realize that you are actually much safer than you realize. You're not six years old anymore, nor about to be scolded by your parents.

Trust that its safe, and open.

And find yourself in the Shining Light of Truth.


For the Week of Monday, September 04, 2000

Dear Souls,

We are continuing this series of weekly transformational exercises today.

Exercise Twelve


We cannot emphasize enough that people tend to focus too much on differences between them.

The Master, on the other hand, sees the Unity in all things, and naturally pays respect to the Divine in all of Its manifest forms.

While it is easy to see God in a rose, a lovely breeze, or the ocean, it is much harder for people to do so with other people.

And yet, this is one of the very reasons you have been placed on Earth.

To learn to see the holiness, magic, and perfection in everything and everyone around you.

We particularly want to focus on disagreements.

When two or more people disagree, it can be like singing different parts in a choir, instead of like waging war. All it takes is the recognition that, at the core, all humans are one.

And since most people don't hit their own hands, if they were completely connected to the truth, they won't hit anyone else either.

The journey to closeness, and to resolution, with another human being is indeed a holy journey, that teaches you more than most lessons in life. If you're willing to learn.

Be willing to learn.

Open your heart to the pain of another, their joy, their beliefs, the core of their soul.

And know that when you truly hear another, you hear much more.

May your hearing improve this week.


For the Week of Monday, August 28, 2000

Dear Souls,

We are continuing this series of weekly transformational exercises today.

Exercise Eleven


As human beings, you each know what it is to yearn for something or someone you do not have.

On the spiritual path, yearning is also appropriate.

Properly done, yearning is a kind of purification, a kind of prayer.

You see, from our point of view, yearning is quite different than grasping for, or lusting for, because it embodies at its highest both humility and surrender.

What we are saying is that the process of yearning for God, for enlightenment, for wholeness, can lead you farther along the Path.

All that is required is that you yearn purely, without comparing your spiritual state or station with another's, without competing, and without imagining you know what achieving the goal will be like.

To yearn, knowing that to yearn for This, the Highest, is in a way yearning for the annihilation of your ego, your small self.

To be delivered from self-preoccupation to true selflessness.

Love your little self, and still yearn for more.

This week, we would like you to see what Rumi meant by "listen to the plaintive sound of the reed pipe, singing of its separation from the bed of reeds." He was talking about how all yearning, even that which masquerades as most material or desirous, has its source, its true source, in the yearning to return Home.

Witness all of your yearnings this week, and see how they spring from the original yearning to return. Feel your yearnings. Surrender to them, without changing your outer behavior.

And let them cleanse you and lift you higher, towards the One.


For the Week of Monday, August 21, 2000

Dear Souls,

We are continuing this series of weekly transformational exercises today.

Exercise Ten

Commitment to self.

Imagine that in front of you, just within your grasp, is all that you've ever dreamed of. But that you are too afraid, and too preoccupied, to reach out for it. This is the status of most human beings.

What we mean by"all you've ever dreamed of", is of course not material, or even external. We are talking about being permeated with joy, Spirit, love, and light.

That is why so many of our talks here are about redirecting your attention from the busy-nesses of mundane life to your deepest self.

In order to do so, however, each of you first, and several times along the way, needs to make deeper commitments to yourself.

How many times do people say, "when I retire...", or "I'll get to that when I can...", or "but I have too many demands upon me right now..."? In this way, you put off what is most important to your soul's development and realization.

And nothing is more important.

So this week, we ask you to ask yourself, "how can I deepen my commitment to myself?"

Exercise your personal will to really look at your patterns of giving your attention away from yourself, from your soul's needs, from your heart's desire.

And turn back. Turn back to yourself. And give yourself the time, and the experiences, that you need.

For your soul.

May this week be deeper.


For the Week of Monday, August 14, 2000

Dear Souls,

We are continuing this series of weekly transformational exercises today.

Exercise Nine

Unmasking the soul.

Everyday, most people unconsciously put on and take off many masks.

A mask is a stance you take, a costume you wear, out of habit and reaction to life around you. You wear masks when you "go unconscious" and are no longer completely aware of the present moment.

Masks of concern, masks of anger, masks of superiority, masks of guilt. So many masks, worn and worn again, believed in, identified with, lost in.

You are not any of your masks.

And yet you often are so close to the masks that you habitually wear, that you don't even notice the process of putting them on and exchanging one for another.

And when people cannot separate themselves from the masks that they wear, they lose sight of the Soul beneath the masks.

People first learn what masks to wear, sculptured out of facial muscles, emotional tones, and thought patterns, from those around them. How many of your masks did you adopt from your parents, siblings, teachers, friends?

And what masks are you most attached to? What roles?

And what masks do you wear when you are least self aware? When you are "losing it"?

Learning about one's masks, bringing both them and the process of wearing them to consciousness, is an important and vital part of self-discovery.

Of moving towards liberation from all masks. To deeply inhabiting your mask-less Soul.

So this week, look in the mirror. See what mask you are wearing. Feel it. See its associated thoughts and emotions. And know that it is not you.

See what happens how gloriously you feel when you let yourself be unmasked. And how trapped you are otherwise.

May the true you shine through.

Many blessings.


For the Week of Monday, August 07, 2000

Dear Souls,

We are continuing this series of weekly transformational exercises today.

Exercise Eight

The Spiritual Life.

Every soul, even those who are least conscious of it, are part of a Cosmic Dance in the journey of their lives.

So many people see their lives as random, or without purpose, and don't realize that even these feelings are very much a part of the Celestial voyage on Earth.

After all, don't many mythical stories talk about periods of being "lost in the wilderness."

What we want you to realize is that everything that you do is part of an incredible whole, and a deep unfolding.

That there are no "bit players". No "throw out lines". And that everything you say and do contributes to your eventual arrival.

And that the journey itself is sacred, even when one is completely absorbed in the mundane.

Therefore, this week, we want you to attune your awareness towards the specialness of your life. See the attitudes that tell you you're not doing enough, or you haven't found your way, or your life is not important enough, and then go beneath them to the truth:

That your life is surrounded and infused by spirit. That you are a sacred player in life's journey. And that everything you do counts, positively, towards your goal.

Feel, underneath the fear, doubts, and judgements, a deep current of purpose, carrying you along with it. And even if you can't know the reasons for everything in your life, act and feel, this week as if you can at least sense the beckoning and the magic.

May this week awaken you to the reality of your voyage.


For the Week of Monday, July 31, 2000

Dear Souls,

We are continuing this series of weekly transformational exercises today.

Exercise Seven

Opening to God.

Most people, in the modern Western world, believe that God exists, but go through life never having any Divine Contact.

We would like to change your mind, about this.

The Divine Presence permeates everything, and you are completely worthy to receive it, to be aware of it throughout your life.

At the same time, those around you are living their lives as if only what you see, feel, and hear in the external world exists, and nothing else.

Therefore, to experience God in your everyday life, you have to remove yourself a bit from the collective mindset and return to your own personal, direct experience.

This week, we want you to first notice how much attention you place on the external realm (concrete reality). Spend a few days really seeing how much of your awareness is captivated by externals.

Then begin to let yourself feel "behind" the externals, as if they were just props in a play. Experience first the life force permeating everything, even rocks and buildings. (It's like tuning in to a different frequency than you usually do.)

And then let yourself begin to realize that there is a Presence behind all of this. An incredibly vast, loving, and wonderful Presence. And spend the rest of the week practicing receiving this contact.

As you do so, you will begin to feel more secure, more seen, and more loved than you ever imagined.

Have a wonderful week.


For the Week of Tuesday, July 25, 2000

Dear Souls,

We are continuing this series of weekly transformational exercises today.

Exercise Six

Opening doors.

We would like each of you to realize that life is a series of opportunities. Chances to grow, face yourself, and deepen your awareness, if you are willing to look clearly and openly at what is in front of you.

Many of life's experiences are difficult. It is these that hold the potential for the most growth. If we can understand the purposes of each experience, we can move progressively forward towards our Goal.

This understanding does not come just from the mind. It comes from opening a heart that would rather close or run away. It comes from staying with your reactions, thoughts, and feelings until perspective comes.

It comes from having the faith that all will be made clear, and that you will reach your destination.

This week, we want you to monitor yourself carefully. See where (on what) you get snagged. Notice whether you stay with experiences, especially unpleasant ones, until they are complete.

Or whether you let things pile up and need to give yourself more time.

And begin to cultivate the habit of giving yourself more time to digest, understand, and discharge what you go through.

To return to clarity.

Because living in clarity is priceless, joyous, and home.

May this week you stay crystal clear in your heart and soul.


For the Week of Tuesday, July 18, 2000

Dear Souls,

We are continuing this series of weekly transformational exercises today.

Exercise Five

Taking flight.

Each soul is on a journey, and part of that journey requires the forgetting of and disengaging from the captivating influences in your life.

Your everyday projects, responsibilities, and even relationships can lull you into a set of roles that you come to believe are you.

Only by breaking away, out of the ordinary mind sets, can you let yourself explore a much vaster and freer self.

Note that you don't actually have to get up and go anywhere to do this. Inner journeys, like meditation or chanting, are as effective as outer ones.

Additionally, you can bring your preconceptions and mindsets with you wherever you go, inside or outside. So the important aspect of the following exercise is disengaging, not journeying.

Place yourself in a time and space where you will have no interruptions.

Then watch your mind do its usual dance. As you watch it, it will gradually wind down, and become quieter.

Then experience the absence of thoughts and of self that comes with inner quietude, and dwell there awhile. Enjoy the sensation of being nobody doing nothing.

And then experience the Aliveness around you, not the busy-ness and noise of the humans scurrying outside, but the Presence of nature, of consciousness that is not limited to any one body. And dwell therein for a while.

Become a part of this consciousness, instead of just its witness, and your soul will indeed take joyous flight.

God bless.


For the Week of Monday, July 10, 2000

Dear Souls,

We are continuing this series of weekly transformational exercises today.

Exercise Four

Welcome back.

We would like to continue to assist you in your journey towards wholeness with a new exercise.

We want you to go inside and explore what makes you different from other people.

We particularly want you to focus upon where you are rigid, strongly attached, defended, and identified.

Because these define you, and prevent you from becoming more whole.

Look at what "pushes your buttons", i.e. what triggers you, what you most strongly disagree with, and what you hold on tight to.

And realize that, at the deepest level, none of this is you.

It is your false shell, your ego, and it keeps you from Vastness.

If you can be really honest with yourself this week, and really see these aspects of yourself clearly, yet without judgement or blame, you will liberate yourself, at least a bit, from them.

The sad thing about self-judgement is that it keeps in place exactly what you wish to change just as effectively as self-blindness does.

So open your heart to yourself while you do this exercise, and love yourself all the more for your courage to face yourself, "warts and all."

God bless you.


For the Week of Tuesday, July 04, 2000

Dear Souls,

We are continuing this series of weekly transformational exercises today.

Exercise Three:

The Embodiment of Radiance.

One of the most common pitfalls of living in a body is the mis-perception that you are only a body.

Humans get easily lost in the experience of physical embodiment, and lose sight of their eternal souls.

That is why people meditate, to dis-engage from their identifications, and reconnect with their true consciousness.

So this week we would like you to do the following exercise:

At the beginning of each day, declare "I am a being of Light" and visualize yourself shining, literally radiating light from your core.

Then, throughout the day, picture yourself in the same way, as a Light Being who is illuminating everything around them, effortlessly, with spiritual light.

Feel how this envisioning changes your perceptions, of yourself, of the world, of others.

And remind yourself throughout each day to return to this imaging.

By the end of the week, you will find it easier and easier to spend time being light.

And smiling more, too.

Thank you.


For the Week of Monday, June 26, 2000

Dear Souls,

We are continuing this series of weekly transformational exercises today.

Exercise Two:

This week, we would like you to do a gratefulness exercise.

We want you to look at every aspect in your life, one at a time, and see what you have to be thankful for, in each.

As you find things to be thankful for, stop and give thanks.

Be sure to give thanks even for the littlest things, without belittling either them or the process of giving thanks.

Do this process as deeply as you can.

You can give thanks for material things, people, space, time, nature, successes, and even, if you are advanced enough, adversities and what they offer you.

The most advanced souls can truly see the blessings that come with hardship. Try to do this at least a few times this week: to find ways of (or reasons for) giving thanks authentically for some aspects of your life you usually complain about or dread.

Practice this every day.

By the end of the week, you will find yourself changed.

And more open to receiving even more blessings in life.

As the great Sufi master Attar said, "Gratitude is necessary at every step on the path to Enlightenment".

Be on your way.


For the Week of Tuesday, June 20, 2000

Dear Souls,

We would like to guide you, in the next several weeks, on a series of transformational exercises.

We ask you to choose a time and place where you can be uninterrupted and relaxed, and then undertake these practices.

We call the first exercise: Vertical Alignment.

Sit comfortably in a straight-backed chair, and watch your breathing for a few minutes.

Then allow all of your thoughts to empty, so your mind quiets down.

Then picture the top of your head (crown) opening to and receiving Light shining down from Above.

As you let yourself receive this Light, allow it to travel down your whole spine, and align you vertically with Heaven.

After bathing in the Light for several minutes, give thanks and rejoin your life.

You can do this practice every day, if you wish, to establish a more permanent vertical connection.

Human beings are used to connecting horizontally, mostly with other people. This method will allow you to deepen your Higher connection, and reduce the impact your horizontal connections have upon you.

You will walk more lightly on the Earth.

May you be filled with Light.


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