Choosing Astrological Report Software

by Hank Friedman

Note: throughout this article are links to web-pages of each of the mentioned programs or reports. Just click on the underlined links to learn more about them, and see samples and my recommendations .

Astrology report programs delineate charts based upon pre-written paragraphs of text that apply to the horoscope in question. There are many reasons why people like astrology report software, but the main ones are to learn astrology and to give away or sell reports to others.

There are a wide variety of types of reports, including natal, transit, progression, compatibility, health and medical, Fixed Stars, asteroid, Vedic, Chinese, relocation, child, vocational, past life and karmic, and many more.

The quality of the reports is completely contingent upon who wrote them, and how much time and effort they devoted to the writing. There are reports by famous authors that are surprisingly poor because the astrologer either didn't take enough time to produce a worthwhile report, or created a harmful one.

What makes a report harmful is content that is alarming and/or discouraging or that is simply inaccurate. It takes a special skill to write astrological interpretations that will apply to chart factors no matter what else is going on in the chart, and most writers lack this skill. I have personally evaluated virtually all of the astrological software reports available, and do not recommend the majority of them for these reasons.

The best reports fit into these categories:

1. Reports that cannot be sold.

Both the Electronic Astrologer Natal and the Electronic Astrologer Future reports are well-written and inexpensive, but are designed for home use and are not allowed to be created for resale. (The Electronic Astrologer series also has a compatibility report that is not on my recommended list.)

Astrograph sells TimePassages without a commercial license to those who want to save money and not sell reports. I recommend both the internal transit report and the add-on Relationship report.

2. Reports built into calculation programs that can be sold.

While most major astrology programs -- e.g. Solar Fire, Sirius, Kepler, ZET, Win*Star Express --offer built-in delineations, they are usually very short (and sometimes mediocre) and therefore not suitable for resale. (Among the few exceptions are the aforementioned TimePassages transit report, and the Sirius Fixed Stars report.)

The primary exception to this rule is the program Janus. Janus includes full natal, compatibility, and transit reports that are well-written and allowed to be resold. (The only issues with Janus are: 1. Some people have trouble installing or running it, so downloading the 30 day trial is highly recommended, and 2. There are no additional add-on reports for Janus.)

3. Reports that are add-ons and/or can run within calculation programs.

Many companies offer add-on reports or standalone reports that can work with their chart calculation programs.

There are a many fine quality add-ons for Kepler and Sirius that require owning Kepler or Sirius (or the stripped-down Pegasus software) to run.

AstrolDeluxe Report Writer offers a well-written collection of add-on reports too. I recommend all of them except the transit report, and can create report bundles for you.

Owners of Solar Fire can use the Solar Writer reports both as standalone reports and from within Solar Fire.

The Astrolabe Reports can also read Solar Fire files (and Nova files) and operate as standalone programs.

Matrix has a couple of report creation platforms: WinWriters and Blue*Star. The quality of the former varies a lot, but some truly fine reports are available in the WinWriter format. The new Blue*Star system, on the other hand, is a major departure from most astrological approaches and will not meet the needs of those expecting the kinds of in-depth reports produced by other programs.

I am happy to offer guidance to you, via email , if you wish to acquire a set of astrological reports.

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