The Electronic Astrologer Natal

by Maritha and Rique Pottenger

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ACS has long been respected for their superlative time change atlases. Now Maritha Pottenger has written the text, and Rique Pottenger the programming, for their new birth chart interpretation software. The Electronic Astrologer runs under Windows on PC compatibles, offers 9 house systems, and comes with the full ACS U.S. and World electronic atlases, automatically looking up the longitude, latitude, time zone, and time changes for over 250,000 cities and throughout the World, and the birth data for 46 famous people.

One can view and/or print out any sections of the chart interpretations either by using the pull down menu or clicking on a point in the displayed chart wheel. The readings include well-written introductions to each planet, sign, and house and chart-specific interpretations for each planet by sign, house, and aspect, and for the sign on each house cusp, and the sign and house of the ruler of each house. All of the delineations are excellent; this inexpensive report is at least as good as programs costing six times as much!

Unlike most report writers, the Electronic Astrologer divides aspects into three categories: unifying (conjunctions), cooperative (trines and sextiles), and challenging (squares, quincunxes, and oppositions). Nonetheless, the aspect readings are very well done and accurate.

You can search the text for any word, so that you can go to a specific factor instantly. The program also provides a "relative significance graph" which is a bar graph showing how often a particular factor's theme is repeated throughout the reading.

The Electronic Astrologer is the perfect choice for one's first astrology program, as it is effortless to learn and use, and teaches both basic principles and detailed delineations of each chart factor. At the same time, professional astrologers will enjoy selling the reports (contact ACS for royalty agreement), and will most likely learn quite a bit themselves from the superlative text.

The latest version, which was recently released, works with Vista and Windows 7, and has improved graphics, and includes delineations of the Nodes at no extra cost.

Here's a sample of the new graphics chart wheel:

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