The Electronic Astrologer Reveals Your Future

by Maritha and Rique Pottenger

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EA Future incorporates the full ACS U.S. and World electronic atlases, automatically looking up the longitude, latitude, time zone, and time changes for over 250,000 cities and throughout the World.

In addition to calculating birth charts, the program calculates and interprets transits and secondary progressions for any time period, time zone, and range of dates that you select. You can view transits and/or progressions for one day at a time, or view the interpretations for several days, months, or years. You can even prepare listings for several different people at once!

The program can search for and interpret transit-to-natal aspects and ingresses (entries into houses), progressed-to-natal aspects, lunations, and progressed-to-progressed aspects. You can also "filter" what events are shown onscreen, for example view only shorter transits (e.g. 1 to 7 days), longer events (e.g. over a year long), or medium events (1 to 12 months), and switch back and forth between these different ranges. This is an excellent feature. It is also very easy to visually separate the "hard" transits from "easy" transits and from the "easy" progressions and "hard" progressions as each are listed in their own color.

The program can also display (and print) both a triwheel with natal, transiting, and progressed positions, and a single wheel of all three sets of positions showing aspect lines between all of the points.

The interpretations, written by Mary Kay Sims and Maritha Pottenger, are very well done, and can be perused onscreen as well as printed out as well-formatted reports. Here's what the software says about Transiting Jupiter Trine Birth Venus:

From January 17, 1997 to January 26, 1997 Emphasized January 22, 1997

"This is a very harmonious transit, but one that may go by without anything happening other than a general feeling of pleasantness, unless you take some initiative. Love and romantic relationships are favored. You feel popular and attractive. Social occasions are enjoyable. You may be feeling languid and a little lazy, which could mean that this transit, if you're looking ahead, might be an excellent time to take your vacation. Your taste for beauty, luxury or food and drink may cause you to indulge more than you might at other times."

Note that the program not only gives the duration of the transits (from one degree applying to one degree separating) but also gives the date(s) of exact transit.

While most programs that interpret future events are priced at $200 and above, The Electronic Astrologer Reveals Your Future does an excellent job at a fraction of the cost. I highly recommend this program for everyone.

Postscript: the latest version of EA Future not only has the full ACS atlas, and works well with Windows 7, but also includes delineations to and from the Moon's node.

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