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by Hank Friedman

Note: I was asked to prepare this for my upcoming talking on an internet radio show, and decided that my website visitors might like reading it.

I was a science whiz, and participated in special science programs for 16 years of my life, starting at age 8 when I got my first chemistry set.

In middle school, I was invited to a chemistry course only offered to high-school students.

(Part of the program entailed mixing chemical solutions two at a time. My notes were so detailed that my fellow students scoffed, but in the end, I was the only student able to identify the precipitate correctly on the final exam.)

In high school I was accepted into the Science Honors Program at Columbia University, a weekend program of advanced lectures taught by university professors, that I participated in for four years.

As a freshman in high school, having never taken a chemistry course (but having studied it intensively on my own), I began giving free tutorials to seniors for the chemistry achievement test.

In college (1968-1972), I was in an accelerated 6-year-medical program, and got the top score on the MCAT, but decided to study psychology instead of proceeding on to med school.

In graduate school, I was accepted into one of the only two programs in the country that bridged hard science with behavioural science, the Bio-Behavioural program at the University of Connecticut. I began my doctorate research in neurochemistry there.

I purchased my first book on Sufi principles shortly after entering graduate school, and thus began an 18 year journey of intensive immersion in Sufi literature.

I joined Claudio Naranjo's SAT Group (Seekers After Truth) during this time. The group was a phenomenal transformation program synthesizing mystical and meditation practices with cutting-edge tools in psychology.

The final phase of SAT was going through a 13 week intensive psycho-spiritual process called "Fisher Hoffman" (it has since then had names like Pesci-Hoffman and the Quadrinity process).

In 1973, my girlfriend asked me "what's your sign" and I set about to disprove astrology. After extensive testing, I found myself stunned by its accuracy and began giving readings.

I left the East Coast to be trained in Oakland, California as a Fisher-Hoffman therapist, and completed my internship and received certification. During the training, I received an intensive training as a psychic, and was taken aside by the instructor and told, "you are the most gifted psychic I've ever met. You need to be giving psychic readings as part of your work."

I added psychic work to my astrology readings, and they took off. After six years, my Guides insisted that I charge for the sessions (I felt that they were such a profound gift to me that I hadn't been charging for them), and I began my life as a professional psychic.

In 1976, I began five years of training in Ericksonian Hypnotherapy at the META Institute with Stephen Gilligan and Paul Carter.

In 1978, a client was so grateful for the profound reading that I gave to his 13 year old daughter that he bought me an Apple II computer so that I could begin my journey with astrology software. Over time I donated thousands of hours to astrology software companies, helping them debug their programs and improve their software's design and functionality.

During the late-70's, I conducted two year-long training courses in Western astrology.

In 1984, I published my first book, "Astrology on Your Personal Computer" which covered all of the existing astrology programs comprehensively. Because of my deep understanding of astrology programs, I was asked by all of the major companies to distribute their software, and began to do so.

I began writing articles for several astrology magazines including American Astrology, the AFA Bulletin, and The Mountain Astrologer, and now have a regular column on astrology software news in every issue of TMA, and also contribute articles to several online websites.

In 1995, I met my Vedic astrology guru Hart deFouw and studied with him for 14 years. His mastery of Jyotish and unparalleled skill at presenting it in a systematic manner enabled me to gain a level of mastery that I could never have otherwise come close to.

In 1998, I started my website including in it hundreds of psychic channelings, scores of astrology software reviews, free tutorials in Western and Vedic astrology, and a weekly weblog on astrology software. Over time I added over 50 pages of gourmet chocolate recipes that I've created, an ongoing blog on the best teas in the world, and a new aromatherapy blog.

In 2007, I began creating a series of astrology software tutorials on YouTube for everyone to watch.

In 2011, I moved my Western and Vedic astrology tutorials to a new website called Learn Astrology Free and continue to add new free tutorials bimonthly.

I also have created websites for many of the top astrology programs, which include all of my reviews, written tutorials, and videos about each program.

In 2013, I offered a 44 week course integrating Western and Vedic astrology, and wrote many new articles in the process.

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