My Many Paths

by Hank Friedman

My life has been filled with several parallel streams, making it a unique and very interesting journey.

Life as a science whiz-kid

At the age of 8, I got my first chemistry set and became hooked on science. My Mom always supported my interests, and within a short time arranged for me to participate in a science program normally reserved for high school students.

I remember the other kids making polite fun of me when I took detailed notes during the class about the precipitates caused by mixing pairs of chemicals. But when we took the final test, because my notes were so detailed, I was the only one of the students able to discern the right pair of chemicals causing the white precipitate.

I went on to participate (during high school) in the Columbia University Science Honors Program (on weekends), entered an accelerated six-year-med program at Boston University, left it to get a degree in Psychology, and then studied Bio-Behavioral Sciences, with a focus on Neurochemistry, during my graduate work at University of Connecticut.

I have always loved science, and still collect minerals, mainly for their beauty.

The Psychic and Spiritual Voyage

As I have reviewed in my two-part "Autobiography of a Psychic" -- which you might want to read -- I began to have spiritual experiences at a very young age.

I also felt devotion to Spirit as a child, but during my early college years, I lost my way for a bit, only to return after a miraculous experience.

Thereafter, I was led to immerse myself in the teachings of the Sufi masters, and spent 18 years of my life learning from what I read. I also joined Claudio Naranjo's SAT group (Seekers after Truth), an ongoing transformation experience that integrated spiritual practices from many traditions with powerful psychological processes.

In the end, I received training as a psychic in my apprenticeship as a Fisher-Hoffman therapist (see below), and was encouraged by my teacher to start offering psychic readings to others.

These readings grew more and more potent as I learned how to "get out of the way" and now comprise the largest portion of my private practice.

P.S. For three years I posted online a weekly column, "Wisdom of the Week" containing my Guides channelings, and I invite you to explore them.

The Journey into Psychology

Not separate from my psychic unfoldment, my exploration of Sufi wisdom and Fisher-Hoffman training led me into offering transformative sessions with my clients too.

By the grace of God, I was then led to study with two protégés of the late, great Milton Erickson, hypnotherapist extraordinaire. This five-year training incredibly enhanced my understanding of change works, and my ability to facilitate growth in those who came to me.

I was particularly struck by Dr.Erickson's view that if a technique was effective, it was time to generate a new one, to endlessly develop new approaches.

I received my certification as a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, and went on to study other modalities, including, of late, the Internal Family Systems model of parts work.

The Study of the Stars

As those who have explored my flagship website,, already know, I got into astrology to disprove it.

As I mentioned earlier, I had been deeply invested in science, and wanted to show my girlfriend she was wasting her time. Much to my surprise, I discovered that astrology not only worked, but presented a way to communicate with others that was both accessible to them and impactful.

I deeply studied Western astrology for decades, and developed an ongoing astrological practice. Then about 20 years ago I was again blessed to be able to study with the Vedic astrology master Hart De Fouw.

As a result, I am now able to dance between both astrological approaches, to great effect.

Since astrology has become "generative" for me, i.e. new insights flow easily, I have given astrological presentations internationally, offer classes and trainings, and created this Learn Astrology Free website to share my insights with others.

Astrology Software

Having somehow absorbed the gifts of my Father -- an engineer who designed the first escalators, elevators, and airplanes (and who died when I was five months old) -- when I first saw an early personal computer calculating a birth chart, I was in awe, and envy.

At the time, PCs were way out of my financial reach, but again I was blessed when a client --who was stunned by the reading I gave his 12 year old daughter -- decided to give me a check for $2,500, so I could get my first computer.

Shortly thereafter I was asked to write my book "Astrology on Your Personal Computer" by Sybex.

Since I embraced computers like I embraced science, I was then approached by all of the major astrology software companies and asked to distribute their software (and to help them design and debug their programs); and by the magazine publisher of American Astrology, who asked me to write ongoing reviews of astrology programs.

When the owner of The Mountain Astrologer asked me to write astrology software reviews, I embraced the opportunity happily, and now write a SoftStar News column in every issue of TMA.

I created my website in 1998, writing many instructional articles and weekly blogs on astrology software, and recently built several additional specialized websites, each devoted to one of the top programs.

I also offer free guidance to those looking for astrology software, to help them find the best programs for them.


Another gift my Mother gave me was encouraging me to cook. As a teenager, I sometimes was less-than-satisfied with her overcooked meals. She handed me the Joy of Cooking and said, "pick a recipe and I'll buy the ingredients, help you cook, and clean up." The meal came out great!

By the time I went to college, I realized that I didn't have to follow recipes so closely, but could improvise and modify them. Before long, I started making desserts, specializing in chocolate.

After moving to California, my dessert-making developed in earnest. And once I created my website, I decided to post the recipes of all of my chocolate creations online, so others could use them.

Amazingly, a couple of local restaurants asked me if they could use my recipes, and one chose my Chocolate Polenta cake for their special New Years Eve dessert!

I have been asked innumerable times to make this a business and I've always replied, "this is my art, and making it commercial would ruin it for me." It's my creative joy, and that's how I want to keep it.


I hope that this brief recap of parts of my journey were enjoyable to you. Thanks for reading it.

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