TMA SoftStar News: June - July 2015

by Hank Friedman

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Astrocalc 6.3

Joakim Schramm and Colin Miles
$45 - $150

(This is a review of the Astrocalc Pro -- $150)

Astrocalc is a European astrology program running under Windows, with the ability to have the user interface and the natal report shown in any of eight different languages: English, German, Swedish, Norwegian, Spanish, French, Dutch Italian, or Czech. This is a great boon to astrologers speaking foreign languages, as no other program offers as many choices.

The program has added built-in reports in a variety of languages. Its transit report currently is written in English, German, Swedish, Norwegian, and Spanish, its Synastry report in English, German, Swedish, and Norwegian, and its generic Midpoint report in English, German, and Swedish.

Astrocalc includes a time-change atlas for 220,000 places, an ephemeris range of 2500 BC to AD 2500, and can import charts from Solar Fire, Janus, AAF, Electric Ephemeris, Quick Charts, and more. You can also download a 30 day free trial version to try out before purchasing it.

As one might expect, the professional version of the program offers a full suite of functions for the practicing astrologer including eight house systems; Tropical, Sidereal, and Draconic Zodiacs; aspect lists and grids, Fixed Star and Arabic Part listings; single, bi-, and tri-wheels, graphic and tabular ephemeride, midpoint trees and listings, Solar & Lunar & planetary returns, horary features, planetary dignities and planetary hours tables, Astro*Carto*Graphy maps, and a table of houses.

The Synastry features include Composite charts, Davidson charts, a list of planets in each other's houses, , an interaspect listing and grid and a unique compatibility report that indicates the strength of each influence and delineates each aspect from both partner's perspective. Nicely done! It also introduces a compatibility analysis table introduced by two Spanish astrologers, called Metodo Salas/Trigo, that is quite insightful.

Astrocalc has surprisingly sophisticated aspect settings. One can set different aspect orbs and moieties, and specify the last planet used, for each technique (e.g. different orbs for Composite charts vs. Davidson charts, for each progression method, each type of return, etc.). This is of exceptional value and one I wish other programs offered.

It's harmonic functions are also quite useful. In addition to the expected harmonic listings, it offers a listing of the core harmonic contacts between planetary pairs, decimal/date harmonic charts, harmograms, John Greig's planetary harmonics, and progressed harmonic analysis.

You can view daily or monthly transits, and even search for when a specific transit will occur (and specify the orb and step through time for recurrences). I like the yearly transit graph, in part because, like the program's predictive wheels (progressed, return, etc.), you can easily step forward or backwards in time by clicking on previous or next. This makes it very easy to visually compare one year with another. The program even can calculate transits to midpoints.

The software's ephemeris generator offers, besides the standard choice of planets with their daily zodiacal longitude, monthly lists showing latitude and declination, distance values, or heliocentric positions. You can also view lists of Sun and Moon rise and set and ingresses, find the time of day when any degree of the Zodiac is rising,

While the included reports are brief, all are editable and new reports can easily be created too. Any reports, charts, tables, or graphs can be copied to the clipboard to insert into ones writings or saved for later review.

Astrocalc is a very capable astrology program, and will meet the needs of many astrologers, especially those who need a program in their native language, and ones interested in its unique features.

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