TMA SoftStar News: April - May 2015

by Hank Friedman

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Free Astrology Tools

Once again, it's time to explore free Windows programs and utilities available online for astrologers. It's amazing how productive and generous the astrological community is, and how many wonderful creations are made available to us on the Internet.

Free Astrological Icons

While an internet search for icons for astrology reveals a large number of results, I found a set of 207 bitmapped astrology icons on that are outstanding. They were created by an anonymous Russian author and you can download them.

A Freeware Astro Clock

AstroElite has a free astro clock with a surprising number of features. It can show the current sky or a biwheel with a natal chart, with continuous real-time updating as well as stepping forward and backwards in time by different intervals.

It also displays the planetary hours for the day, a table of fixed stars rising, and a listing of natal point longitude, latitude, declination, speed, and altitude. You can input the birth chart, select the aspects (and applying or separating or both) and your location, choose the points displayed, adjust the font size, and customize the colors of the planets, signs, aspects, and chart background. The main screen also shows the rise and set times of the Sun and Moon, and the Hour ruler. You can copy the image to an image file or too the clipboard to paste into other applications, too. Well done!

Zodiac Freeware

Zodiac is a free program for both Windows and Linux that uses the Swiss Ephemeris to calculate charts and additional astrological data. After entering or retrieving birth data, the program shows a window with a chart and a details section. The chart displays aspect lines for major and minor aspects to the planets, nodes, Chiron, Selena, Proserpina, and Lilith.

Clearly Zodiac was written with both modern and traditional astrologers in mind, as its aspect listing includes minor aspects, it gives detailed astronomical information, and also, for each planet, a listing of each of the factors contributing to the point's dignity. Aspects can also be filtered by a Cabalistic system (i.e. showing all or a subset of the aspects).

One added windows allows you to sort the data by planet, house, dignity or element. For a small and free astrology program, Zodiac has some unique and useful capabilities.

The number of astrology programs for those running Linux operating system are few and far between. is a surprisingly capable program offering natal, transit, return, progressed, and composite charts in single wheels and biwheels, plus a monthly timeline, online atlas, Swiss Ephemeris accuracy, aspects to cusps, asteroids, nodes, and Part of Fortune, and both importing and image saving.

Horary Helper

Allen Edwall is a very generous astrologer, and his website is packed with free software including free scripts to install on websites to generate charts and reports.

One of his programs has been updated many times, and can be a valuable tool for horary astrologers. The latest version of Horary Helper includes a glossary of horary terms, a tutorial, additional help files, and the ability to generate a data page of important astrological information for the moment a question is asked.

This page includes strictures and warnings, a dignity table, conjunctions to Fixed Stars, planetary strengths, six Arabic Parts, the Moon's aspects within orb, planets at critical degrees, and a table showing what planets are at each degree (of any sign).

Horary Helper, like most of Mr.Edwall's free astrology programs, uses the Swiss Ephemeris for accuracy, runs under Windows, and is a valuable addition to ones collection of astrology programs.

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