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My February/March 2015 Mountain Astrologer article


How to Install AstroDatabank on current versions of Windows

When the phenomenal astrological research program, AstroDatabank, was discontinued many years ago, astrologers lost their best research tool. One of the reasons the program was discontinued was because it couldn't be installed on Windows Vista or later versions of Windows.

I recently came across a method for installing it on Windows 7 PCs, and have published a set of instructions for computer-adept astrologers who want to do so. On my PC, I've been able to get the program to run, show reports, and even update, and even get the filters working.

Important tip: if you install AstroDatabank and run it, windows will appear indicating a program crash. Just hit the Cancel button and the program will keep running.

With this program, you can explore all of the biographical and astrological information on tens of thousands of charts.

For those unfamiliar with AstroDatabank's data, it is the largest collection of accurately timed birth data of famous people and anonymous ones fitting into specific categories (like lottery winners) and event data (like earthquakes).

You can view any of the charts online at, complete with biographical information, but until now couldn't get the data into your astrology program.


How to get a set of AstroDatabank charts for free

You can get a free database of over 26,000 accurately timed charts for Solar Fire here.

And the same set in Quick*Chart format (which can be imported into any major astrology program) here.

I created both of these sets to help astrologers with their research projects.


Two Programs that already include AstroDatabank data

I just learned that two astrology companies have just incorporated the AstroDatabank data into their software (without the biographical material): Sirius 2.0 and the free research program Saptarishis Research Software.

Both programs can search the entire database or restrict searches to charts with superb (AA), fine (A) or good (B) birth time accuracy. And both allow you to see, for any chart on the search results page, the chart's page on, complete with biographies and much more.

In the Saptarishis Research Software, you can search for any planet or house lord in a specific house, sign, nakshatra, degree range, direction (direct or retrograde), conjunction with another planet, or in the nakshatra of a specific planet. You can also search for multiple conditions at once, e.g. Sun in Aries and Moon in the 12th house.

You can choose the Ayanamsha, true or mean node, and chart style. The results screen shows a list of the charts that meet the search criteria, and you can click on any name to see the chart or export it to Jagannatha Hora. Excellent!

As many of you might already know, Cosmic Patterns has released a major update to their flagship program called Sirius 2.0. Its enhanced database has over 84,000 people and events. As I mentioned in my review of Sirius 1.2 in the April/May 2012 issue of The Mountain Astrologer:

"These charts have been also been placed into categories (and sub-categories), such as famous people, businesses, countries, medical or psychological conditions, mundane events, and more, which is a boon for research. Version 1.2 makes it easy to select a category (and subcategories) of charts to explore or research, to switch categories, and to move charts from one category to another."

Sirius 2.0 has excellent research capabilities, which makes including the AstroDatabank charts all the more valuable. It is easy to do simple searches in Sirius, and I was surprised to learn from David Cochrane, the father of Sirius, that, with a bit of effort, you can actually conduct Boolean searches in Sirius (e.g. find people with Sun in Aries and Moon in the 12th house.).

Sirius can also do compatibility research of any category (like Musicians) or sub-category (like Singers) for relationship themes (like potential for partnership), connections and placements both within and between charts, make AstroSignatures (sets of conditions representing specific themes), find Midpoints and Harmonic Patterns, and much more.

This is a gold mine for astrologers wanting to learn more about what specific groups of people have in common. Bravo!

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