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My February/March 2015 Mountain Astrologer article


How to Install AstroDatabank on current versions of Windows

When the phenomenal astrological research program, AstroDatabank, was discontinued many years ago, astrologers lost their best research tool. One of the reasons the program was discontinued was because it couldn't be installed on Windows Vista or later versions of Windows.

I recently came across a method for installing it on Windows 7 PCs, and have published a set of instructions for computer-adept astrologers who want to do so. On my PC, I've been able to get the program to run, show reports, and even update, and even get the filters working.

Important tip: if you install AstroDatabank and run it, windows will appear indicating a program crash. Just hit the Cancel button and the program will keep running.

With this program, you can explore all of the biographical and astrological information on tens of thousands of charts.

For those unfamiliar with AstroDatabank's data, it is the largest collection of accurately timed birth data of famous people and anonymous ones fitting into specific categories (like lottery winners) and event data (like earthquakes).

You can view any of the charts online at, complete with biographical information, but until now couldn't get the data into your astrology program.

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