Subscription-Based Astrology Apps
By Hank Friedman

In 2013, Microsoft began championing a new model of software sales: the subscription-based model. In this model, the consumer pays an ongoing fee for their software, year after year.

For companies, this was a great boon because it meant ongoing profits, locked in customers, and no issues with getting users to upgrade their programs (because in this model, upgrades are both free and ongoing).

For consumers, the model was quite enticing too, because they could use an expensive program like Adobe Photoshop or Word without paying a large initial price.

Over the past few years, a handful of astrology apps have started following this model too.

The advantages of subscription-based astrology apps

1. Web-based. Whether you go online via your phone, tablet, laptop, or desktop computer, anywhere there's an internet connection, you have access to your app and chart files. This is the biggest advantage, by far, of using an online service.

(Of course, there are many apps for phones and tablets that you can purchase and use wherever you are, too, and these don't have monthly fees, and also aren't dependent upon having internet access.)

2. Low initial cost. For a relatively low monthly fee, you can start using the subscription-based app.

3. Installation and updates. Astrology apps are online, so there are no install issues or needing to remember to check for updates.

The disadvantages of subscription-based astrology apps

1. No internet, no astrology. Since the apps reside in the cloud, they are only accessible if you have an internet connection.

2. Privacy. When companies started storing data in the cloud, I immediately knew it was a bad idea because there would be many breaches. In fact, billions of people's private data has been stolen and misused by criminals. Therefore, your client data is much more vulnerable to theft and exposure if you use an online app.

3. Cost. While the initial cost of the subscription app is low, within a couple of years you will have paid as much for the service as you would have for a desktop program, and thereafter will be paying much more than if you had purchased an astrology program for your computer.

4. Accuracy. The most accurate time-change atlas in the world is the ACS atlas, which is frequently updated and improved. None of the subscription-based astrology apps use the ACS atlas, and so some charts might be miscalculated.

5. Permanence. If you buy an astrology program, you own it forever. If you subscribe to an app, you only have access as long as you keep paying for it, and as long as the person hosting the app keeps it going. In addition, you can't transfer your data from an online app to astrology software on your PC, so if you switch, you'll have to enter all of the data over again.

6. Features and performance. Depending upon your internet speed, a cloud-based app can be much slower than a desktop program. Additionally, the best astrology programs for your computer are much more advanced than even the best online app.


If you want to be able to do charting and access your client files anywhere you go, and need features not available in apps that you can install on your mobile device, then subscription-based online astrology apps may be just what you need.

However, if you also use a desktop program, then you will have to enter each chart into both your computer program and the online account every time.

Also, check to be sure that your clients are ok with their birth information being stored in the cloud.

And explore the app thoroughly before subscribing, to ensure that it has the features that you need, and make sure that it works with your printer too.

P.s. Most astrologers use astrology programs installed on their computer, and for mobile purposes, apps installed on their phones, tablets, and laptops that are not subscription based.


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