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Here are the chocolate recipes I've developed. My chocolate recipes are a "labor of love". I share them freely with you, as I do the chocolates that I create and give to friends and family. Because I don't temper my chocolate, the truffles may not be shiny or professional looking, but because I don't use hardeners like wax, nor any preservatives, they are both scrumptious and healthful.

I'd like to start by presenting my views on chocolate itself. Cooking with chocolate is a great joy for me, and I hope that you enjoy my creations. There are many varieties available for cooking now, both in regular supermarkets and at fancy cooking stores. But the very best for baking are the bittersweet varieties from El Rey, Callebaut, Ghiradelli, and Guittard. I've found that it is usually better to blend the chocolates from several different companies, because the result is more balanced, flavorful, and well-rounded. Valrona, Sharfenburger, and Cocoa Barry chocolates blend very well with other chocolates, and are better (for recipes) this way.

A while ago, I was showing a friend how to make truffles, and realized that using a couverture chocolate (i.e. a type designed for melting to cover truffles) made the process of creating truffles much, much easier than just using ordinary bars as a covering. May I also point out that you can find a 1.25 inch scoop for creating truffle centers by clicking here.

You might also like my "The Best Chocolate" Review Page: To see what I consider to be the best, click here -- updated January 2012. Important note on using a microwave to melt chocolate. I use a powerful microwave (1300 watts). With a unit that heats quickly, I only heat the chocolate for one minute, stir well to melt what I can, and heat 1/2 a minute more. You have to break blocks and bars into small pieces before melting in a microwave or it can burn internally.

Finally, a quote from one of the readers of this page, "Hank, You are a chocolate magician. Thanks for sharing your alchemy! many blessings ~ Giza"

Two restaurants on Solano Avenue in Albany, CA have chosen to use my recipes for special occasions on their menus. 6 Degrees on Solano used my Tiramousse recipe, adding ground nuts and cinnamon on top (great additions!), and The Solano Grill's pastry chef created a variation of my recent Chocolate Polenta Cake. (And lucky me, both restaurants gave me a free portion to enjoy).


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And now on to the recipes By Category or Chronologically by Most Recent

Chocolate Recipes by Category:

Chocolate Truffles:

Chocolate Blueberry Cheesecake Truffles

Hall of Fame: Phenomenal Strawberry Truffles

Exquisite Caramel-Vanilla Chocolate Truffles

Chocolate Truffles Supreme

A Wonderful Bunch of Organically-Flavored Truffles   

Amazing Lemon Almond Butter Truffles   

Delicious Black CherryTruffles   

Scrumptious Candied Ginger Truffles   

Transcendental Pecan Truffles   

Two Raw Truffle Recipes   

Lovely Dried Apricot and Raspberry Puree Truffles   

Two Great Chocolate Passionfruit Truffle Recipes   

Wonderful Dried Apricot Truffles   

Great new Gianduja and Apricot Truffles   

Almond Honey Truffles   

Exquisite Chocolate Pistachio Truffles   

Sweet-Tart Pomegranate Chocolate Truffles   

Framboise Rose Chocolate Truffles   

Black Raspberry Jam Chocolate Truffles   

Apricot Jam Truffles   

Raspberry Jam Truffles   

Coconut Truffles   

Macadamia Nut Truffles   

Hazelnut Truffles   

Buttercream Walnut Truffles   

Halvah Truffles   

Tiramisu Truffles   

Raspberry Liqueur Truffles, Improved!   

Coconut Milk Truffles   

Strawberry Truffles   

Raspberry Liqueur Truffles   

The Ultimate & Universal Chocolate Truffle Recipe   

Four Star Chocolate Truffles   

Lavender Truffles   

Star Anise Truffles   

Spearmint Truffles   

Rum Chestnut/Plum butter truffle   

Jasmine Truffles   


Coconut Milk Chocolate Mousse   

Chocolate Frousse   

Chocolate Ecstacy Mousse   

Tiramousse -- A truly incredible chocolate mousse   


Hank's Chocolate Almond Cookies -- Perfected!!   

Hank's Chocolate Almond Marscapone Cookies   

Hank's Chocolate Almond Butter Cookies -- Revisited   

Super-Fudge Cookies   

Incredible Chocolate Almond Cookies   

Chocolate Shortbread   


A Wonderful Chocolate Whipped Cream Fruit Pie for All Seasons   

Hank's Chocolate Cream Fruit Pie   

White and Dark Mousse Pie Ecstacy   

Dipped Fruit:

Chocolate-Covered Fruit, Revisited   

Chocolate covered Cherries and Strawberries   


Hank's Cherry Brownies   

Brownies really worth eating   

Miscellaneous Chocolate Recipes:

Luscious Chocolate Polenta Cake with Chai-flavored Whipped Cream    

A Wonderful Dessert Sauce   

Exquisite Flourless Chocolate Cake    

Chocolate Shortbread   

Cocoa Halvah   

Ultimate Mini-Muffins   

Aderan's First Recipe: Raspberry Fudge   

An Incredible Chocolate Sandwich #2   

An Incredible Chocolate Sandwich   

Wonderful (Wonderful!) Hot Fudge Sauce   

Wonderful (Wonderful!) Hot Fudge Sauce -- Revisited   


I have received wonderful emails from visitors to this page thanking me for my work. I am very happy that so many people enjoy them. If you want to share any special recipes that you have created with me, I'd love to receive them. May all of your cooking go well, and bring you much joy.

By the way, for those who have not explored the rest of this website, please do so. I have almost 600 pages on this site, including articles on communicating effectively in relationships, transformational processes, over 150 psychic channelings, tutorials in both Western and Vedic astrology, and a comprehensive section on astrology software. I hope the rest of this website also becomes valuable to you.

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