Discounts on Astrology Software

Because I love astrology, I also love "the tools of astrology", i.e. astrology software. That's why I have committed so much of my time to helping companies design and debug their programs, and to helping astrologers find the right tool for their interests.

As a result, many astrologers purchase their software through me. I offer the best prices, free shipping where allowed, can match most sale prices, and offer additional benefits when I can.

More importantly, I can guide you to the best software for your needs and help answer your questions after you receive your programs. To receive my help in finding the right program for you, please contact me via email.

When you order through me, the latest version of the software is sent to you directly from the company that produces it. You are fully registered, placed on their mailing list, and qualified for their support -- as well as mine -- and for upgrades. (And will even save money on upgrades by ordering through me.)

If you receive an offer from another company, contact me and you'll not only receive my expert guidance, but usually much more, too!

My Quick Guide to finding the best astrology software can help you determine what program to get.

To place astrology software orders securely using PayPal (or a credit card) , you can go to my secure astrology software order form.

For more information about any program, for guidance in selecting software, or to purchase many of the programs mentioned here at a discount, you can contact Hank Friedman via email

I hope that all of the resources on my website serve you well.

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