Aromatherapy: A New Journey
Part Six

Revised July 2017

The Essential Oil Company
I didn't want to love

by Hank Friedman

In my exploration of a very wide range of essential oil companies and their oils, I had discovered that many of the most popular companies offered oils that just weren't very high quality.

As I've mentioned earlier, I bring two main discerning faculties to my assessment of oils: a deep immersion in and understanding of chemistry, and a very acute sense of smell (as I mentioned before, my Mom's sense of smell was the stuff of legends!).

As a result, I have been able to assess the quality of each oil I encounter very effectively.

Along the way, I've learned what it takes to extract a fine essential oil:

Carefully tended to plants

Artful extraction methods


The ethics to not "standardize" or otherwise dilute (with other oils) or chemically alter the oil.

And yes, as you probably read earlier, I was biased towards essential oils from wildcrafted plants because they are collected from nature and are therefore often the source of the best oils.

In addition, I'm not a fan of the Multi-Level Marketing approach, because it all too often results in rampant proselytizing, overpriced products, and poorer quality merchandise.

I was therefore initially biased against Young Living oils because they are pricey, from farm-raised plants, and the company is an MLM.

Young Living Essential Oils

Fortunately for me, my wonderful healer and body worker Michelle, who introduced me to essential oils, has let me sniff each of the Young Living oils as she acquires them, so that I can evaluate them myself.

We've even had a few "essential oil shootouts", where we compared the same oils from several companies side-by-side to see which are the best.

Much to my surprise, and initial disbelief, many of her oils won the competitions.

And so I felt it was important to "give credit where credit is due", and mention several of the truly outstanding Young Living oils.

The Best Ones

These are some of the winners, the best-of-breed oils from Young Living.

Lemon Myrtle. My eyes were first really opened during our comparison of many different Lemon Myrtle oils. Most of the Lemon Myrtle oils, including my precious CO2 extract, are one-dimensional. You get a lovely lemony scent, but little else.

But Michelle's Young Living Lemon Myrtle was a revelation. So spacious, with a complexity of constituents "singing in perfect harmony". Yes, the "loudest voice" was the same as the other oils, but it was supported by a "choir" of scents that rounded it out beautifully.

Neroli. I have purchased Neroli samples from several different companies and was disappointed in them all. I began to think that I just didn't like Neroli, until Michelle let me smell the Young Living Neroli.

It was a real awakening. The complexity of the oil and the harmony of its components was light years ahead of every other Neroli I had experienced, and truly wonderful.

Incan Melissa. Lippia alba is in the Verbena family and is quite similar to Melissa. It's scent is lemony and floral and really enveloping, and truly wonderful.

Balsam Fir. When we had the Balsam Fir shootout, I was confident that my collection of Balsam Firs would surpass her oil in quality, and was shocked that hers was much better than all of mine. The roundness, aliveness, and beauty of her Idaho Balsam Fir took me right into the virgin forest, in exaltation.

Black Spruce. Speaking of conifers, the arrival of the Young Living Black Spruce oil was heralded with much fanfare, so I was eager to compare it to the oils that I already owned. Again, their Northern Lights Black Spruce oil was superb, and clearly better than the ones that I had.

German Chamomile. I love chamomiles, and the German variety in particular, with its deep blue color and wonderful soothing and anti-inflammatory properties.

And my CO2 extract of German Chamomile was one of my prized oils and so much better than my steam-distilled ones. But when Michelle let me sniff her new German Chamomile, I was entranced by how truly perfect it was, deep, soft, and potent.

Sandalwood. I am very fussy about Indian Sandalwood, the best and hardest-to-obtain Sandalwood in the World. (I am not talking about Sandalwood from Australia, Indonesia, or Hawaii here.)

I have Mysore Sandalwood from several firms, and was surprised that the Young Living oil was smoother, clearer, and significantly more uplifting than many of the ones I own. Unfortunately, it is no longer sold, but hopefully that will change in the future.

Rose. I love exquisite rose oils, and have quite a collection of superb ones. And the one Michelle had me sniff was quite fine, not quite as good as my top ones, but still well done.

Lavender. I have a very large collection of top-quality lavenders, and the Young Living lavender is as fine as most of the other best ones. (Note: many of the lavender oils available in stores are of much poorer quality, really not even worth smelling or using.)

Jasmine. As any of those who follow my gourmet chocolate recipes already know, I am a big fan of Jasmine.

In fact, I have a very large collection of Jasmine oils and extracts, and while the Young Living Jasmine is not food-grade -- it's a solvent extracted absolute -- and therefore cannot be used to make desserts, it has a truly lovely scent, and is one of the best Grandifolium Jasmines that I've encountered.


So I've now come to realize that the methods used by Young Living (low pressure distilling, pesticide-free farming, etc.) result in many of the best essential oils that I've found.

I am both humbled and enlightened.


p.s. While I signed up with Young Living in order to get their oils at a better price, I am not active in their MLM.

If you'd like to get their oils either at retail prices, or sign up to get them at wholesale, you can do so via Michelle here. [I do not receive any perks if you do so.]


I look forward to continuing to discover and compare amazing essential oils.


End of Part Six

(Note: Unlike many websites that "review" essential oils but are actually making a profit by selling oils via affiliations, I have no financial relationship with any aromatherapy company.)

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