Win*Star Pro 4.0

by Hank Friedman

[Note: In June of 2011, Win*Star Pro 4.0 is two years old, and I usually don't wait this long to review a program. I was waiting for the bugs in Win*Search to be addressed, but they still haven't been. As a result, I will be undertaking this review of Win*Star Pro 4.0 with the understanding that some small parts of it are still not fully functional.

New Note: I've been exploring the Win*Search problems further and the company let me know that the Win*Search feature hasn't been updated for years. However, much to my surprise, my diligence paid off and I managed to get the Zodiac range search to work, by clicking on the word Zodiac to select it, after I had entered the degree range to search for. ]

In this review, I will be focusing on the professional version of Win*Star Pro 4.0, because it is the version astrologers will want. It has the full Matrix programs Horizons and Day Watch included (just click on either of their names to read my full reviews of them).

The inclusion of these two programs is one of the greatest strengths of Win*Star Pro 4.0. The other enhancements of the program over earlier versions are worthwhile, but not earth-shaking. Day Watch is the best calendar program available, and Horizons is a fine astromapping program.

My favorite enhancement in Win*Star Pro 4.0 is its ability to depict the transits in a graphical format. In the newly updated Matrix Search module, transits and other predictive events can be shown graphically in an Entering-Exact-Leaving one-event-per-line graphic:

Graphs like this enable one to see when differ events overlap. Fortunately, Matrix provides a way to sort this graph too (so that you can see all of the transits to each natal planet adjacent to each other).

[Review to be continued...]

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