Why buy Astrology Software through me

by Hank Friedman

Perhaps the best reason to come to me for astrology software guidance is that I am a professional astrologer first and foremost, and a software purveyor secondarily. Those who agree to buy their software through me will receive my personal guidance and help to find the best software for their needs. No one else is as familiar with such a wide range of programs, and can offer such in-depth advice. I truly want you to get the best software (at the best price), and to become fully empowered as an astrologer or student of astrology.

You should also know that:

A. I have the needs of a practicing astrologer at heart. I understand how important accuracy is, how valuable it is to have user-friendly software, and what astrologers really need in their programs.

B. I don't rely on my software income to survive, and therefore have the wherewithal to recommend free programs, less expensive programs, or even dissuade people from getting any program, if software really won't do the job.

C. I fully understand the limitations of astrology software, and extensively test each of the programs that I provide, to make sure they "make the grade". So you can count on the software that I recommend.

D. I am considered by many to be the foremost astrology software reviewer and expert. I have written dozens of articles and reviews of astrology programs for American Astrology, The AFA Journal, The Mountain Astrologer, and the ISAR Journal. During the reviewing process, all of my astrology software reviews are fact-checked by the companies that write the software.

Another reason to use my services: Support my contribution to astrologers and astrology software.

Most astrologers don't realize exactly what my role in the development of astrology software has been.

From the onset of astrological programming for personal computers, I have spent hundreds upon hundreds of hours helping all of the major astrology software companies, in a myriad of ways.

For some, I've helped their features become more user-friendly, i.e. understandable to novices. For most, I've found crucial bugs and design flaws, enabling the companies to release much more solid programs.

And I have helped virtually every company add features and functions to their programs of great value for astrologers.

A few examples might be in order:

Early on, I realized that astrology software would flourish and that many companies would release programs. I anticipated the need for astrologers to be able to transfer their chart files from one program to another (because re-entering every chart over again in a new program would be incredibly labor-intensive and prone to introducing errors).

And so every time I got in touch with a new company creating software, I encouraged them to offer importing of chart files (and exporting too, if they were willing) in a standard, universal format, by sharing with them the specs of the format to incorporate in their software. To this day, every major program and many minor programs will import Quick*Chart format files due to my efforts.

Similarly, accuracy is crucial in doing astrological work, and I've tested every program that I've reviewed for errors in calculation, and worked with each company to ensure that the problems were resolved. I even wrote and have continually revised my article "The Optimal Use of Astrology Software" which includes many accuracy tests for astrologers to use to verify their own software's trustworthiness. [For details on some of the major calculation errors that I've helped companies fix, go to this link: http://www.soulhealing.com/may04soft.htm to read my article "Why Astrology Software Users Benefit From My Many Roles" ]

Ease-of-use was another major issue in many astrology programs. One program was so difficult to use that I had to have the author of it walk me through each function before I could review it. I helped him completely redesign his program, and re-label all of the menu choices, and made what was an incomprehensible astrology program very useable. Similarly, it didn't enter the minds of some of the astrology programmers that interpretive reports needed page numbering until I pointed it out. Without page numbers, if a person accidently dropped a printed report, they'd never be able to put the pages back into their proper sequence.

Conceiving of and sharing my ideas of new features has been my favorite contribution to the field. There are literally hundreds of improvements and innovations in astrology programs that I have championed.

Finally, I am completely dedicated to the furthering of astrology and astrologers, and so every other month I add a new free tutorial to my website. I now have written over 100 tutorials, which you can read by clicking on the following link: http://soulhealing.com/tutorials.htm

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