The Virtue Process

During one of the many classes my Guides have taught, they shared this process. They guaranteed that if a person does this practice three times a day for one month, it will permanently change them for the better.

This process was taught to us while I was going through the pain of a major separation, and it helped me greatly to have much better self-esteem than I ever imagined I could have at the time.

The process:

Sit comfortably with your eyes closed, and your hands placed gently and caringly over your heart. Direct your attention to where your hands are, so that your awareness decends to that area.

Then tell yourself: "I am _________ filling in the blank with a virtue.

It can be a virtue that you've always had, or a virtue that you've been working hard to embody and are only about halfway there.

For example, you might say, "I am patient." You then open your heart and receive the truth of your statement.

Then you say it again, "I am. I am patient" opening your heart even more to the truth of this statement.

Finally you say it one more time "I am patient" and completely receive it.

Then you pick a second virtue, and repeat it 3 times as you did above.

And finally do the same with a third virtue.

In order to gain full benefit from this process, the Guides say to repeat it three times a day for a month. To try not to use the same virtues each time, and to be really present as you do it.

When you're done you realize that you've given yourself a wonderful gift.

And an affirmation that is deeper than just repeating words over and over.

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