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I wanted to create a page where owners of various programs could easily go to each software company's website for free updates. Here it is! (Please remember to order your software through me, so that you can get my expert guidance and the best prices.)

One of the blessings of the Internet is that now most of the major astrology software companies are offering free updates and bug fixes via their websites.

For these two websites, you will need your User ID and Password:

For Matrix Software, go to http://http://astrologysoftware.com/misc/net/regarea/Login.aspx?orig=/

For Shri Jyoti Star, go to http://shrisource.dnsalias.net/sjslive/Login/login.asp

Copy the following links to your browser and you can immediately download updates:

for Astrolabe, go to: http://www.alabe.com/dlpage.htm

for Cosmic Patterns, go to: http://cosmic.patterns.com/updates.htm to learn how to update your software from them.

for Halloran Software, go to: http://www.halloran.com/updates.htm

and for other companies, call them and see if they have online updates available.

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