Teachings in Western and Vedic Astrology

Astrology is one of my deepest passions. It challenges my mind, heart, and soul to ever grow. I hope to share many of my deepest understandings with you in these bi-monthly lessons. May they serve you.

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August 2010 Paramount Considerations in Chart Interpretation

July 2010 How do configurations in the current sky affect me?

May 2010 The Astrology of Relating

March 2010 The Applicability of the Signs in Western and Vedic Astrology

January 2010 Ending the War Between the Astrologers -- Newly Revised

November 2009 An improved version of my Mountain Astrologer article: The Ruler of the Chart

October 2009 How to determine the strongest planet(s) in a chart

September 2009 Who affects Who? Unilateral Aspects in Vedic Astrology.

July 2009 The Most Important Significators of Life Themes and their use in chart delineation and astrology software.

May 2009 Determining the planet that represents a theme in a chart.

March 2009 Why Astrology can never be systematic

January 2009 Divisional Charts - A Precis of the the Hart de Fouw/Sheshadri Iyer method

October 2008 Narcissism, Self-Effacement and Rahu and Ketu: An Important Article on the meanings of the nodes

June 2008 The ABCs of Vedic Chart Analysis and The Meanings of the Relative Distance between Dasa and Bhukti Lord

February 2008 The Unique Qualities of House Lords for Each Ascendant

October 2007 Visible Astrology -- The Importance of Observable Phenomena

July 2007 The Vedic Signs (my full Mountain Astrologer article)

June 2007 Differences Between Analyzing a Vedic Birth Chart and Analyzing Divisional Charts

April 2007 An Introduction to Dasas

February 2007 What's Unique about a Birth Chart?

October 2006 Visible Astrology -- The Importance of Observable Phenomena

August 2006 Conditional Delineations and the Deepening of Western Astrology

June 2006 The Fundamentals of Evaluating Dasa Effects

May 2006 A Problem with Modern Western Astrological Thinking    

April 2006   The Lagna and Planetary Significations -- A Very Useful Table

February 2006   Astrological Techniques and Uncertain Birth Times

November 2005   Important Dasas and Bhuktis

September 2005   Approaching Jyotish: The Differences between Western & Vedic Astrology

July 2005   The Ascendant: The Most Important Point in the Chart

May 2005   The Blindness of Astrologers

January 2005   The Art of Astrological Prediction

December 2004   Astrological Techniques and Uncertain Birth Times

September 2004   Finding Synergy: One of the Keys to Chart Interpretation

July 2004   The Importance of Reality in Learning Astrology

May 2004   The Deeper Meanings of the Moon's Nodes

March 2004   Ending the War Between the Astrologers: Revised

January 2004   Assessing Compatibility Between Charts: Part One

November 2003   Several Articles for both Western and Vedic astrologers including Western Chart Synthesis and The Interpretation of Dasas

September 2003   Ways to Explore a Vedic Chart, and a table of Lord of the First House by House

July 2003   An Introduction to Prasna

May 2003   Evaluating Yogas, the Types of Yogas, A Yoga Checklist

March 2003   Learning Vedic Astrology, Another Table of Western/Vedic Differences

January 2003   A Tutorial in Western Astrology: A step-by-step sequence of lessons, The Western Major Aspects

November 2002   Houses of the Horoscope; The Different Mindsets of Western and Vedic Astrologers

September 2002   Vedic Astrology: A Time-based System, Taking Western Charts in Context: When is a Scorpio not a Scorpio

July 2002   Aspect Orbs in Western Astrology, The Profound Teachings of S. Iyer - Part One

May 2002   Ending the War between the Astrologers

March 2002   What Every Student of Astrology Should Know; The Two Zodiacs

January 2002   Why Chart Readings Fail & how they can work; The Ascendant, revisited

November 2001   AND in Vedic Astrology; Bridge of Skies: My Mercury Direct Article

September 2001   A Gentler Approach to Chart Reading, Shri Pati Padhati

July 2001   The Element of the Moon, Understanding Divisional Charts - Part One

May 2001   Early Saturn Transits, Two Windows: Western & Vedic part 2

March 2001   The Modern, Horary, and Vedic Houses; Vaastu

January 2001   Understanding the Signs, through Exaltations and Falls

November 2000   Prioritizing - What to Look for in Western & Vedic Charts

September 2000   An Approach to Chart Readings, The Whole Chart II

August 2000   The Two Hemispheres; The Importance of the Ascendant

July 2000   How I got into Vedic Astrology, Blending Western & Vedic

June 2000   Passionate astrology, and the Yogas of Vedic Astrology

May 2000   The Temporary Amplification of Individual Planets

April 2000   The Two Windows: Using Vedic & Western Astrologies

March 2000   How to approach a Vedic chart, The strongest planet

February 2000    Supportive Astrology, A Proforma for Transits

January 2000   Wisdom in Astrology, Planetary Lessons

December 1999   Harmless Astrology, What Doesn't Happen

October 1999   The Nodes: Western and Vedic Perspectives

September 1999   The Art of Astrology, Combining the Lights

August 1999   And Astrology, The Whole Chart

July 1999   Fundamental Patterns, the Basics, Models of Astrology

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