Why Astrology can never be systematic Part Two

by Hank Friedman

As I've pointed out in previous articles, all interpretations given in astrological software reports are simply the retrieval of delineations pre-written by the software creator. And each delineation involves at most a couple of factors (like a planet in a sign or a planet in a house or a planet aspecting another planet).

There is no such thing as artificial intelligence, where a report program might weigh factors in selecting paragraphs to include, in any existing software.

Because they take into account only a couple of factors present in a chart at a time, isolated from the rest of the chart, reports can be wildly inaccurate. E.g. some websites sell reports "written" by Liz Greene. These reports try to go beyond interpreting planets in signs to attempting to describe a person's mother, father, etc. Because such software cannot synthesize chart factors, the Liz Greene reports sometimes interpret correctly, but many times are completely off.

When one forays into predictive software, the problem worsens. Professional astrologers understand full well that nothing can happen in a person's life that is not promised in their birth chart. Yet there is not one predictive astrology program that takes into account the person's birth chart in creating reports.

That's also why it is absurd to think that financial astrology software, or astrology software used for gambling and finding lucky days, can perform in a trustworthy fashion. Looking at what is happening in the sky itself is simply not enough. If they don't take into account a person's chart nor the cycles they are going through, then they are bound to fail at crucial times.

Imagine, for example, that a person is going through a long-term cycle that indicates financial challenges for a year or more. Their "lucky days" software might interpret a Jupiter transit as a great time to buy stock, without considering that there won't be any such days for the entire period.

When it comes to software trying to delineate Vedic charts, the problems run even deeper. Vedic astrology is very sophisticated, and has sets of rules that over-ride other rules, or reverse them. Additionally, Vedic astrology demands a much greater level of synthesis than modern Western astrology does, to be at all accurate in its assessments. All of this makes delineations by Vedic software very tenuous at best, and greatly misleading more often than not.

Yes, astrology software can be useful, even report software, as long as both the purveyor and the reader realize its limitations, and trust their own inner authority more than what software presents.

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