Switching to the Mac for Astrology

by Hank Friedman

As Mac computers become more popular, more astrologers are using them. Even though there are perhaps 100 times more astrology programs for the PC than the Mac, and many features are not available at all in Mac-native programs, the Mac platform does offer some advantages:

1. The Mac can be configured to run Windows. With Boot Camp or Parallels and a version of Windows, all your PC software can run on a Mac.

2. Macs are safer. Even though Macs are just as vulnerable as PCs to viruses, spyware, hacker invasions, etc. they are presently much safer than PCs because there are so few Macs out there (less than 10% of personal computers worldwide*) that hackers and malware creators just don't bother with them.

Added note: In a recent interview, a top hacker said: "Hacking into Macs is so much easier. You don't have to jump through hoops and deal with all the anti-exploit mitigations you'd find in Windows." Therefore, if hackers ever decide to go after Mac owners, it will be very easy for them to accomplish.

3. Stability. Macs never crash, many Mac owners will tell you. This is basically true, but it is also true that most Mac owners don't push their Macs to the limit by using a wide variety of programs simultaneously, like PC owners are likely to. Macs are still probably a bit more stable than PCs, but not by much.

4. Ease of use. It is certainly true that in the early days, Macs were much easier to use than PCs, and it is still true that Mac programs share a more common interface. However, this has changed over the years, and Windows PCs are very close in ease-of-use to Macs in many categories now, and Macs have become more sophisticated and therefore a bit more complicated over time, too.

When I first started working on a Mac, I found it very difficult to use because I was accustomed to using PCs. Macs are easiest to learn for a person who has never used Windows. Therefore, any astrologer switching from Windows to a Mac will have to re-learn how to operate a computer.

PC Magazine recently offered a good article on what you have to learn to make the switch.

You can read it by clicking here.

* Postscript. I just read that in February 2009 Mac desktop sales have dropped much more than PC desktop sales, and Mac laptop sales have dropped while Windows laptop sales have had a significant increase. Because Macs cost more for what you get, during recessions their sales diminish.

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