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It is my dream to continue to add new features to my web site.

In order to do so, I need your help:

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3. If you ever need a reading (psychic or astrological), look over my channelings and/or astrological writings and see if my style works for you. I've done telephone readings across the U.S. and beyond, if you can't get in to see me. For more information, click here.

4. As one of the World experts on astrology software, I can help you find the very best program(s) for your needs, at a great price. Let me help you.

        You can read my published reviews and purchase astrology programs via my secure order form by clicking here.

5. The books from my three reading lists: books that have changed my life, the best Western astrology books, and the best Vedic astrology books can all now be ordered on my new online bookstore by clicking here.

6. I do accept donations, and they will give me more time to write and to add to this website. Just click on the icon below to donate to me via PayPal.

7. But most important of all, spread the Light. Share your wisdom, show your spirit, and make life worth living.

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